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Started by Yukino, Aug 30, 2012, 02:22 PM

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I have been on RMS for a while, and I would like to give back to the community =D.

In the WinRAR file, it contains several images, files, and PSDs. I bought a design from ShiJu a while back with the intent of giving it to the community after some modifications (EmberRO design). EmberRO isn't a server--just a placeholder name. Feel free to use any images and edit them if PSDs are provided. I do not mind if my credits are not there, but it would be nice of you if you do mention me somewhere. I ask that for the website, keep ShiJu's credit image at least.

The patcher is my first attempt at designing a patcher, so I do not know if I made it in the proper format for the PSD file, but you guys can correct it or use the images separately if wanted.

In the additional images folder, most images are designed by me and a few are designed by others which I have purchased with my own money. There are images like a few forum ranks, loading screens, logos, emblems, etc. Some images I did not provide PSDs to out of whim or that I do not have them. Let me know if you want some edits or additional stuff, but I may not make them depending on my schedule. I hope to add more files later when I have more spare time!

The website was supposed to be coded, but the coder got far too busy recently, so I can only offer PSDs (was waiting for the coding so that I can release it to the public later, but I guess I'm releasing the PSDs now due to the mentioned circumstances). As for the patcher, I can code it, but it would take some time to do so and that I only know how to code it with Jikari. I made a simple splash page, and the coding isn't perfected. It's simple, but it gets the job done XD. Use it however you like (the coding, images, etc). I am not that good with Photoshop, but this is just a token of appreciation from me to the community, so don't have high expectations or criticize me too much haha!

If you do not have some of the fonts, I suggest you go to http://dafont.com/ to download them. In fact, you can pretty much make so many images with just the pretty fonts there =D! (And use blending options through Photoshop.) I have posted some preview images in this post (within the spoiler). Have fun! If people want to make mirrors of it, go ahead~

Mediafire Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?k1ylrg4gihof2fc


Patcher Design

Patcher Hover

Splash Page + Simple Coding

Main Site Page

Main Site Hover

Custom Page

Once again, thanks to the RMS community after all these years! Kept things interesting for me at times <3.

Edit: I would like to say that I do not claim to own any images ^^.
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Hi everyone,

To vent out my stress, I just made up some random and simple patcher designs that I want to release for free. I know my Photoshop skills aren't the best, but sometimes simplicity is good enough? I'm used to Neoncube patchers, so I am not sure about all the features of Thor and what additional features/designs I can add. Hence, these designs can be used for both types of patchers I suppose. Yes, I basically spammed the round rectangle shape art tool haha. All designs come with 2 PSDs (one for the original looks and one with hover over looks; screenshots are provided as well in the individual folders). Some screenshots are shown in the spoiler below.

They are not coded (though when I have more time, I can try to learn and code them, kind of already got the gist but not the motivation).

It'll be awesome if someone gets to use these designs and have them coded (let me know if you have them coded as well)! Use these as you please in any way. I do not claim any of the images, and if there are any concerns with the use of any of the background images, let me know and I'll remove them.

If there are any requests, just shoot a PM, and I can try when I have time. Remember, I can only make simple designs... like these. When I have more time, I'll look into Photoshop techniques, etc (perhaps over winter break).



Heavy images below!

Patcher Design 1

Patcher Design 1 Hoverover

Patcher Design 2

Patcher Design 2 Hoverover

All designs have 2 PSDs - one original and one hover over
I will just show the original designs for the other patcher designs now (too lazy to upload all images):

Patcher Design 3

Patcher Design 4

Patcher Design 5

Patcher Design 6

Patcher Design 7
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Free Designs by Me: Here!