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Started by Yukino, Sep 17, 2012, 02:39 PM

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Hey there~

I was just wondering if there are people out there who have wonderful websites (possibly Flux or Ceres integrated) but are no longer using them because their websites are old versions or that the server is no longer in play. Are you willing to sell them? Or, are you willing to give them to the public for free?

I know there are a lot of websites out there that are only used in weeks (with costs over $100), and I just think it's a shame to do nothing with them. Maybe there can be a thread on used website designs, and people can post their stuff with prices. Prices are to be discussed over PM and not in that thread. Don't know if RMS allows this kind of service, but I would be one of those willing people to re-use designs + codes. Are there people who are interested in this kind of thing as well?

I don't really know where I should put this thread, so if it's not in the proper section, this thread can be moved, thanks~
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I'll treat this as a suggestion, but under the paid service rules you can't sell work that is not made by you.  Previously some were allowed due to oversight on my part.

Even if you bought a website, used it, and then sells it, that would be selling work of someone else.  It should be prohibited because the buyer wouldn't know how many people the site/design is sold to (meaning the seller can sell it multiple times in different places etc) and it doesn't hurt the seller's reputation when he/she isn't the original creator.  It isn't as "warranted" as when you are buying from the original creator.  When you buy it first hand you know where to go to for dispute.


Ah okay, thanks for clearing things up, yC!

So, I guess this kind of thread can't be possible? Or perhaps put it in this section or another where it is up to the buyer's discretion and nobody else holds accountability?

I understand where you are coming from, and I have bought re-used designs because they are cheaper and supposedly not in use. I can see the pros and cons, and I would like it if the designs are not re-sold. However, I also understand that it may be possible that the seller may not keep his or her promises, so hence I keep that in mind and aim for lower prices. Most website designers/coders these days don't mind if their customers re-sell their designs--they keep telling me that once their works are purchased, it's up to the buyers to do whatever they want with them (except those selling pre-made websites with coding).

So difficult in reaching these kinds of people XD, and there are some really nice designs that are just wasted aw.
But yeah, if it's not allowed on RMS, I guess I'll turn this thread into a discussion one: Who else has this in mind? Know any good people others can refer to? Interested people can contact them personally without using RMS posts xD I suppose.
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I have 3 unused websites at the moment.


All were coded by Jigs GFX and coded by Jing Cleovil, Flux integrated.

All these websites costed $450+ in costs for the flash/design/flux integration

I would like to sell em really cheap if I could, it really does feel like a waste Yukino.

Maybe some new server owners can step up to the plate and are looking for an affordable design for a premium website to get started off.

I see a lot of people who don't invest much money into websites and I think it really hurts the potential of the server. I'd be more then happy to give a new server owner a better start to success.

That's my opinion


If too much funding is allocated to the server website, it will be a waste when the server isn't lasting long enough to utilize it.  For those low in funding, the cost might eat up the fund that is to keep the server up and running. 

I have a more practical view, if a server can't pay its bill it doesn't matter how nice its website is.  So the priority should be having a few months of funding set aside to be able to pay bill before deciding how much to invest in the website.  Often a server population don't take off until people see your server isn't just another "2 months server".  Imo potential of a server can't just be depend on the website, the human work inside the server more important.


^ That I agree with, though first impressions are important for some cases, especially with players like me XD. Just like the thread about worst first impressions haha~

I like websites D<, and good ones at that! Same with well-managed forums <3. Probably because I'm more of a talkative and collector-like player, so I'm more versatile when it comes to server features. Perhaps that is the case for similar players? So yeah, graphics-side of the server is quite important to me, and I'm captivated that way.

Of course, staff members make a huge difference as well -- need to have dedicated, friendly, and easy-to-contact ones!

By the way, thanks for replying, Jasc <3!
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