Universal Monster : Poring

Started by Scribbles, Sep 28, 2008, 10:35 PM

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There Are too Many....


lol very cutie picture
you should see the custom servers, XD with like cowring, and rainbowring, and sapling, and aquaring and all those XDD


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You forgot PoriPori ;___;

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don't forget any custom porings like mummyring, zombiering, etc ;_;

but yes porings are cute <3

I really want to hug them <3

*Thank You very much for Azurene*

The world is getting more and more broken everyday...

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i know Scythe RO has the Heavy Metalring
as for custom Porings... nah...
I just did the Normal set ....  But i forgot Stapo T.T
other than that Pori Pori would look like the poring...Maybe i could haaaavve...Ebil Eyes!

ZOMG Cowring!! I remember that from ValkyrieRO :D
It looked like a little Cow :3
*Slaps self on fore head*