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Author Topic: Trying to find out 2 effects' names related to Hiding and Blessing  (Read 3951 times)

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Offline tnznt

Hello, I'm editing a GRF and can't find the name of these 2 "aura-like" effects appearing when I use Hiding and Blessing:

It seems the hiding one is the same used by Double Strafing. Is there any way to find out the filenames?


Offline BaphometRag

Even if its portuguese client search for the names in english in the grf

Offline misterj

don't think you can with just a grf edit. it's just a basic 3d circle drawn over the player. you could try f*** with effect\alpha_down.tga and effect\alpha_center.tga but it'll interfere with too much other stuff. the effect youre seeing is EF_BASH and it's used by a lot of skills, and as a default skill use effect

Offline BaphometRag

You have to replace file

Offline BaphometRag

I found this animation its al_bressing.act and al_bressing.apr