Where can I find the Thief Bug "eeeek" sound? It´s not in data.grf [solved]

Started by pROgrammer, Sep 10, 2020, 02:47 PM

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Hello :)

I´m a just4fun programmer and made some small games. Since the release of Ragnarok Online Mobile (which is a total scam... ) I had some nice flashbacks to my old, beloved Ragnarok and my childhood.

That´s why I created a tiny Ro game but I´m missing the Thief Bug Sound (when it steals stuff or attacks). I have access to many Ro sounds with the GRF Tool but there is only one thief bug related data called: thief_bug_damage and that´t not want I want.

Do anyone have an idea where I can find this sound (any Thief Bug sound... male, female...). It´s not in: data.grf or event.grf. And there ist no "data\wav\thief_bug... file

Please help me  /wah


I believe all the sound files are in the client, maybe it shares this sound with another NPC or mob so it could be under a different name?




It is under a different name namely hornet_damage. Thank you!  /no1

Thx for the link aswell, it´s quite helpfull  /lv