Stone Tiles Map GRF

Started by bascud, Jul 17, 2020, 01:57 AM

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Anyone knows how to make a stone tile map grf?

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This is done using grf editor.

Assuming you have grf editor installed:
1. Open a clean up-to-date data.grf in grf editor. It should happen automatically if your file associations are set when installing grf editor.
2. Then go to Tools -> Flat Maps Maker.
3. When in Flat Maps Maker go to Options and make sure Make the Ground Flat, Remove Light and Shadow Maps, & Change the Ground Textures for Custom Ones are all checked.
In your screenshot they have also ticked the Show Gutter Lines box, but it's up to you if you want those visible or not for bowling bash implications.

Now comes the more time consuming part. While in Flat Maps Maker move from 'Options' to the 'Cell Types' tab. You'll see 11 cell types labeled Cell Type 0 (Walkable), Cell Type 1 (Not Walkable) and so on. At the bottom of the Cell Types tab, there'll be an option called 'Change textures'. Click it and it'll take you to the folder where you'll be able to edit each of these cell types to look the way you want using whatever image editing software you're comfortable with.

If you have no idea what each of these cell types is, I recommend going to the Generate Maps tab in Flat Maps Maker and just making a default greymaps with the default settings and then comparing the cell colors in-game to those found in grf editor.