A Ragnarok Love Story (Watch in HD)

Started by bleu, Feb 06, 2009, 11:46 PM

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What's it about?
Gazing through the Eye of Odin (a great telescope), a young prince from the Hall of Valhalla was enchanted by the beauty of a young girl from another world. His burning passion sent him flying down to the world of Ragnarok risking all in search of a love that will last forever.

On that very moment, Glissando, a maiden from the small town of Izulde looked up into the sky and noticed a brilliant streak of light across the sky. She was instantly attracted and drawn to its beauty and journeys across of the world of Ragnarok in search of it.


lol I love watching these things! xD It likes bringing RO to life....>o!


Aww I thought that video was cute.   :D  I like the back story too, so sweet~



I am left speechless. Nice though, I cant look at RO ever the same, nice song though.