[Showcase] Remake FluxCP using NextJS

Started by iamlexivale, Sep 25, 2023, 03:31 AM

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Hi, i'm working on PSRO it called Battle For Prontera.

What i have do is create Design Launcher using Thor Patcher and Remake FluxCP using NextJS. At this thread i'am gonna showcase my Remake FluxCP using NextJS, and please leave a good feedback

Website https://battleforprontera.arknesia.com

What i have to do:
  • Create Login and Register Pages - Login and Register sync with in-game
  • Create Account Page - Show all data in your accounts include all chars and some logs
  • Create Characters Page - Show all data in your characters, at this moments only details chars and stats with radar chart
  • Create Download Page - Show all download link
  • Create Home Page - Show server information
  • Create Shop Page - Buy donation items using website integrated with some payments gateway
  • Create Leaderboard Page - Show top kills, streak, and top guild war
  • Create Stats Page - Show all stats chars like in Characters Page but in public so everyone can see but user need to checked show equip on in-game

Technology i'm using:
  • NextJS
  • ChartJS
  • TailwindCSS
  • etc


Characters Page

Download Page

Register Page

Login Page

Account Page


Interesting project!

Did FluxCP have any limitations that encouraged you to embark on this journey, or is it just a for fun hobby ?

Feels a lot like re-inventing the wheel unless you are planning to introduce some features that Flux doesn't have.. or tackle a performance limitation that Flux may have, but you didn't mention either of those.

Good luck
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