Sharing some good equips on other SERVER!!

Started by GarmSter, Aug 31, 2008, 05:24 AM

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1.) Green Garm Helmet

Since for some reason I like Garm (Ice Wolf) and skoll (fire looking garm), I came up and idea of a legendary green Garm helmet. The green garm helmet came from a green garm that existed way before skoll and garm came to the RO world. It is a very average green helmet that can be obtain through a very HARD quest. I also suggest that Fang of Garms, Garm helmets and Skoll drops should be included to this quest. The stats is up to the administrator and scripters to decide, but I think adding 15% resistance to fire and water would sound okay if you guys add Garm / Skoll drops to make the helmet. Also, no skills or status effect, like freeze or burn effect, for this top green gram headgear because no one really knows what the green garm skills are since no one lived to tell the story when they ran into this legendary Garm.

2.) Wingless Lower Headgears

I have seen many winged lower headgear. I was thinking of a few lower headgears that is not a winged like a belt, a big scroll, book bag, big jug, or a weapon case. The belt, weapon case, book bag, and big jug can lighten the overall weight like a gym pass, but in lower gear form. The scroll can just be for SP buffs for ninjas, scholars, wizards, or champions. Of course these gears are not as good as the gym pass. These can be quest items or drops... up to the administrator to decide.

3.) The 3 immortals

Well no idea where this came from but I though since so many hard mobs put in this sever, I came up with the 3 immortals. The 3 immortals are 3 extremely hard mvps that look like regular characters. Since there names are "immortals" I suggest they have very high HP.. I mean very High. Its basically 3 gods that walk among the void world. For Example:

Immortal #1 (Keale character): A strong immortal that walks the realm of void. He only wishes to be alone while traveling the world looking for his long lost wife. If you get to close to him he will unleash his rather on you. This immortal has the power of amazing speed. Although his powers weak he can slaughter you faster then any mvp in existences.

Immortal #2 (Gazza character): An evil immortal that dwells in the dark parts of void. He only seek destruction to each kingdom, the death of immortal Keale and obtain the power of goddess Aroo. His powers will cause a slow painful death. Rumors say he drains the power out of Demi humans when encountering this immortal. So, don't try to get on his good side because this immortal don't care what side you are on.. he will kill you for seeing him and knowing hes there. No one has return to tell how painful it was to take him out.

Immortal#3 (Aroo character): A some what of a kind immortal goddess that wounder the lost holy lands of void. She obtain her goddess power after killing the Godporing's master. People said she was with her husband that fought with her against the "Master", but for some reason when she obtain the power she can no longer walk on the realm of void. Instead she has the power to travel from only with in the holy lands. Anyone who ran into her fell in a deep freeze of love. She has the power to charm, stone,and even strip you of your gear. Beware of her love... it can kill you.

As I said before these immortals are an example. The "evil realm" are like graveyards or spooky places (Ex: nefhelim, Glast heim, etc), The "realm of void" is like the fields or non spooky dungeons (Ex: mjolnir fields, payon fields, etc), and last of all the "realm of holy" is like holy place or church(Ex: Rachel Sanctuary, Odin, etc)

4.) Path of Bravery

I took this from another sever I use to play in. It starts out by making a party of 3 people or just your self. Then talking to the npc and each player pay him 1mil zeny or so to enter this dangerous maze like dungeon. In this dungeon lies hard mobs, not mvps, and 5 ghost npc. These "ghost npcs" are npc that will teleport you to a room to fight a hard mvp. Each npc has its own different mvp. (For example, a satan morroc monster). First, you or party leader find one of the npc hidden in this maze. Second, the party or yourself can enter the room once he/she finish talking. so, clear the area before you talk to it.. or you might get killed while chatting with it. :tongue: Once warp in the room the mvp will spawn in 5 second. After beating the mvp, your party are warped back next to the npc and you will receive a seal from the npc for each player. So basically, survive the maze, find all 5 npc and obtain all the seals. when you get all the seals you can warp out or go suicidal in there. Then talk to the npc that you had to pay 1mil zeny to again and he will reward you with 2 random tokens in exchange of all 5 seals. I also say you can only do this path once per week on one account so players won't be over flow with tokens. If you accidentally warp out or die... you do have to pay another mil to get back in, but if you got a seal, you will not lost it once you obtain it. Just that you can't go back to the same npc you fought to get the same seal.

(Obtional mvp recommended): Godporing and satan morroc

5.) Valkyrie Randgris Spear

Spear that looks like Valkyrie Randgris right hand. Many people say it's impossible to control the power of the spear, if it ever can be captured before the hand vanish to dust. One day a daring creator some how was able to contain the decaying arm from disappearing. With a famous scholar help the weapon is now possible for warriors to use. The creator and scholar was at the verge of death when it was complete. (Some reason I like adding stories to each idea I put up :huh:) Now its up to the administrator to add whats necessary the item to be balanced :happy:

6.) Barrett M107B Rifle

A light full automatic rifle that was
ought from another world by a military personal. It was said that the weapon made the bullet do more critical damage then any other gun. With it's wired shape scope it gave this weapon a more weapon range then any gun in void. Due to its blow back recoil the weapon decrease the users speed. when he died, he gave it to his best friend he made in void realm. His friend then then lock away the original rifle and made a 2nd version of the rifle. The rifle was similar to the Long Barrel gun, but with dexterity +2, Hit +5, critical damage +30, Attack speed -7% and Range +4. unfortunately, the he was killed delivering these new weapons by a group of mobs which stole them.

(optional: maybe give it a boost to GS with elite shooter set)

7.) Pharaoh staff

A staff that holds amazing powers against anti magic users. Pharaoh enemies has fallen one by one trying to avoid his magic. It was also told the staff will lower the magic attacks of the elemental bolts. It even makes golden thief bug card useless against some magic who ever hold this staff. As ages pass the Pharaoh became weaker and weaker in vitality. Basically, a staff that will lower your max HP by alot and allows users to use ONLY fire bolt, ice bolt and thunder bolt if the enemies has a gtb. Rather then just using magic crusher :happy: (seems this is only good in pvp :dry:)

8.) Book of Souls

A book that was made by many soulinkers, who had sacrifice them selfs to make this book.This book allow soullinkers to use "ka" lvl 1 skills on other people. Since this book was made by many soulinkers, it has a chance of .01% auto cast lvl 1 kyrie Elison when receiving physical damage. But the fact that the book was just made up of souls, it does not give any attack bonus and has barely any weight.

9.) Book of Magical Skills

This book has the record of every magic skill in history of void. It was said this book allows priest to use other magic skills then those they know already.
1%chance of auto casting cast random lvl 2 earth spike, Frost nova, fire ball, or soul strike when attacking.

10.) Neo's coat set

A coat that was once worn by "the one",Neo. For some technological reason this coat was cursed with some of Neo's power or whats left of his power. It can give the ability to improve dodge and give strength to the users. Due to its massive dodge rate it lowers the wearers defense. The boots give him the power to improve agility. His shirt he use to wear gives the user massive flexibility. If worn with the who set it gives the wear only 10% of what neo's original power hes used in the Matrix. This set can be use by any job

Neo's Trench coat:
+35 Flee
+15 str
-5% def

Neo's shirt:
+5 Dex
+5 flee

Neo's boots:
1% auto cast lvl 5 agility on user when receiving damage
+1 dex

Neo's set buff: +5% more damage to demi-humans, +1% resistance to status effect, +1% resistance to fire, water,wind, earth,shadow, and holy damage

11.) Master Cheif armor set (void version)

It once said that this armor set is a copy off version of the master chief armor from another world. It said that it gives the user amazing def, but low in attack and speed. The armor gives it the most defense boost and the most decrease in attack. The wired looking garment that looks like the Goibne's Spaulders said to protect the arms. The last set is the boots that is so heavy.. it gave the user a slower movement. this is for all classes excpet for ninjas, soulinker and magic classes

Master Chief Armor:
+35 def
+.01% atuo cast lvl 5 kyrie Elison
-2% attack

Master Chief Garment:
+20 def
-10 attack

Master Chief boots:
+20 def
-5% movement

Master Chief set buff: +10 more Def, reflect 10% physical damage back, +10% more damage from magic. +5% resistance from fire, water, wind, and earth property attacks / magic

12.) Gandalf's set

It was told that Gandalf gave away his powerful set of silk armor out. He had told people before he disappeared that he has scattered the set of armor around the world of void. His shinny looking silk armor gave magic users more elemental resistance. while his garment gave user better spell power. The sandals how ever gives of a special aura to defend its user. with all the gear combine its give amazing magic power and magic def.

Gandalf's silk armor:
+10% resistance against all elements
+15 intel
+20 sp

Gandalf's garment:
+500 sp
+10 intel

c boots:
1% auto cast katie on user when receiving magic damage
+20 sp
+5 intel

Gandalf set: +10% more damage with magic, +20 magic defense, + 10 more intel

13.) Warper NPC need money!

Back in the pass the Warper Cooperation didn't minded warping people to other places. Then on one day the Warper President check the companies bank, and was surprise that the company is loosing money. It was because the company was not making profit. So the Warper Cooperation has plan to charge people to warp. If the warps do not charge the people the warper workers might have to quit or be laid off. Then there families will go poor and have no food for the children. So, think of the children and support Warper Cooperation! Here are the list of charges the Cooperation wanted. (Maybe change by Void administrator)

lvl 0 = 5k zeny
lvl 1 = 10k zeny
lvl 2 = 20k zeny
lvl 3 = 30k zeny
lvl 4 = 40k zeny
lvl 5 = 50k zeny
lvl 6 = 60k zeny

and so on....

14.) Sephiroth's katana

A very long katana that was once wield by the famous 1st class Solider, Sephiroth. Sadly he studied more about "Project S" and went mad. To know more about what happen to him just play FF7 Crisis Core, and FF7. Because his katana so long, it can give the user to use lvl 1 bowling bash. ( up to the administrator on there stats)

15.)The Dancing Assassin's Katars

These katars were said to be once wield by a famous dancing assassin. Since the assassin like dancing more then assassinating, she hid these katars and became a dancer instead. Ever since she became a dancer, other greedy assassins wanted those katars. One group of assassin were so greedy, they raided her house and accidentally killed the dancer. Rumors goes around that she gave those katars to another person before the day she died. These katars enables the user "prepare whirlwind" once equiped. It also has a 1% chance of casting lvl 5 whirlwind on the enemy when attacking. It also have a 10% immunity to Frost Joker and Wink of Charm. With its sharp spikes, blade and thorns it can give the enemy external bleeding (1% chance)

Attack,weight,weapon lvl, etc: (up to admin)

16.) Helmet of Skoll

A helmet known to look like the head of a Skoll. This helmet can only found by killing skoll. The chance of getting one is as hard as getting helmet of Garm.
Not many has survive the burning attacks of the skoll. It said that once obtain the helmet, it gives an amazing fire resistance and increase any fire attacks or magic.

17.) Travelers Hat
A traveler that had high intelligence was able to make a powerful straw hat in his travel to a faraway place. At first the hat was made with average magic defense. He but when he finished he hand no one to try it out, so he sold it to a merchant to mass produce them. The merchant then add a few adjustment to the hat, giving it a low resistance to all elements. When the merchant sold the copy hats he got very rich and want to pay back the traveler for his item he mass produced. Sadly he found out the traveler died in his journey on the way back.

18.) Thinking Arby's Anyone?

A great idea was
ought up in void! Arby fans were passing by and hopping to advertise there company here! It seems when this red sign is worn it will give you an extra Recovery when you use meat recovery items.

19.)VoidRO God Armors

A god that arose from the depths of ViodRO was defeated by an unknown force, bur before it died, it summon one of its servants. The little fairy was ordered to grant people a little of its god power to fight against his enemies who had defeated him. The one issue is that the fairy has no clue who the enemy is or where abouts of it. So the fairy blindly only grant people these armor only if the person gather some rare items. Most of you know what the god items are. As you know this is ViodRO too, so why not have Void version of God items?

Armor: Void Brynhildr [1]
MDEF + 5, MATK +5%, Perfect Dodge +5, Critical DEF rate + 5%, HP +10%, SP +10%, Increase Physical Damage by 5%
The player wearing this cannot be knocked back.
Cannot be refined, cannot be destroyed.

Garment: Void Aesprika

  • Wings created with the combination of the God's power and light.
    Adds resistance to All elements by 15%.
    Perfect Dodge +10, MDEF +5
    .5% chance of auto cast lvl 1 Earthquake when receiving physical or magic damage
    Cannot be refined, cannot be destroyed.

    Boots: Void God Sleipnir [1]
    Boots that grant amazing speed from the God.
    Increase Movement Speed.
    Maximum HP and SP + 10%
    SP Recovery + 20%, MDEF + 10, Flee +20
    Impossible to refine this item, cannot be destroyed.

    Viod God Set:Adds a 15% resistance to All status aliments, +5 all stats, 5% resistance to neutral

    Okay, so far this is all I can think of now... but I can bet you I have more ideas in my head somewhere.Please say what you guys think of it and leave comments.