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Started by Zinovia, Mar 30, 2008, 07:53 PM

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I've been playing Ragnarok Online for about three years now, and I've grown rather fond for things such as loading screens, login screens, interfaces, patchers and websites, and I've beern making them for people for quite some time now. And it's just because I love art, mostly~

I've recently been doing work for someone who's been a friend for awhile, but the thing is, he's closing his server. (He gave it about two to three months... Barely enough time to develop and get players, in my opinion.)
So, yes. I'm asking someone to hire me. ((Well, Not really hire, because that would sound like I'd want to get paid, and I don't))
But I'd want to do it for a small price. As much work as you would want will be done.
I will not announce this here in the public forums, but via e-mail.
SO!! e-mail me or post here for any questions ^,^. My e-mail address is [email protected]

Thanks. =]]]

And, here is some of my work.
(Of course, the theme/style of the server you are wishing for will be portrayed. Note that these are just quickly done examples.)

Sorry, they're kind of large. Enjoy =]~

Posted on: Mar 30, 2008, 11:26 am
I do signatures, too.
(Simple Examples)


I really like the first one, the idea of that is just amazing... The others aren't so great imo.


It would be nice if the 1st one had more pictures :) The last one was nice too for me :D
The fonts are really great :D
I would hire you, but I don't own a server :<


mmmm well i've seen all those pictures before but u did a nice lil editing job on them ^^
they look much cuter now