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Started by Descent, Nov 01, 2009, 12:51 AM

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Was screwing around with the "Creation" system on Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny(PSP). After about an hour of tinkering with it and some goofy looking characters, I figured I would go through the entire equipment roster and see what I could come up with...this was the result.

My old F Sin X, Reia, back in the FaithRO days of yore:

And the Soul Calibur equivalent:

Used Taki's moveset as a base, since it's about as close to a duel-wield Sin X as it'll get:

Close up on the scarf detailing. Unfortunately, I couldn't find an accurate enough upper body equip that could be perfect, but this is close enough for a female Sin X:

Took about an hour in creation mode to get the look alone.

Reia in action in 1P Quick Match:

Mind you, I am absolutely TERRIBLE at Soul Calibur(since I play Tekken 6, and the two games are complete opposites of the spectrum).

Might poke around with the creation system and see what other designs I can come up with. I might be able to make a MasterSmith based upon an axe-wielding character.

*EDIT: YouTube video reuploaded.*


Wow now thats an interesting fusion.  You should try to create it the other way around.  Soul Calibur into RO.  That would be cool to see some character off of Soul Calibur (any version) fighting in RO.  SERVER DEDICATED TO SOUL CALIBUR!!! Now that would be interesting.

Ah, fun times on RMS~   (Added more~)
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