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Started by Naruto, Apr 21, 2019, 09:02 AM

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Top of the page?

Right so ill have another video uploaded tonight but lets get my first set of patch notes out lol

Added melee system, mostly finished could use another combo slot
Gun system pretty much ready could use more fire modes and variables + crosshair rip
stagger system needs some improvement

Also reorganized everything... need to delete a few things after we migrate a few more functions

Also got a bunch of zombie animations to deal with

So all in all its looks pretty good.... gonna add as much stuff as i can tonight

seeyou soon



wtf does any of this have to do with RO?  /hmm


Quote from: Sysq0 on Jun 20, 2021, 02:28 PM
wtf does any of this have to do with RO?  /hmm

Nothing anymore but ill probably come back and launch a server since ive learnt how to program alot better someday

Ive also watched a dozen servers burn down and seen admin corruption if your interested

I think my favorite is killing the people at seals when they wont let you leech  /heh

Also finishing my interface probably wont be showing anything off until it gets on steam though hmmm



so basically a super custom zombie server?


Quote from: Eiponpon on Jun 23, 2021, 01:43 PM
so basically a super custom zombie server?

well before it was a north american apocalypse ... but i started making "Fantasy" ish biomes right like adding giant worms and bugs, and slime to the undergroud train tunnles and it looked great really.

So no not just zombies but everything horror

Inspired by Dark Eden

But something i originally wanted to do with the REAL ragnarok assests was expand on the world adding more fields and changing the maps around for example:

Payon Island was shrouded in darkness and overgrowth, and it became harder to navigate through Payon Island right so sometimes when you CHANGE maps your character COULD GET LOST in a random exagerated overgrown forest area...  ontop of the darker maps and even more poisonous monsters... some special MvPs only come out at night...

I say this because honestly think lots of this game goes to waste now with renewal instance being the main thing.. but ragnarok already ran its course.... and its not mine

but i also tried .hack// things and that looked sweet so were in a predicament ...


Im taking my Horror Game to Unreal Engine because i really need my own effects... and database but... I wouldnt mind making a custom ragnarok server

This topic is like 3 years old btw and the reason the first few pages are missing cause I kept getting trolled but realized i was just being overdramatic because either way id just continue but enjoyed typing things out.. and here we are 3 years later and im sitting on something really good and trolled alot less frequently  /no1





dungeon generator

actually kinda funny along time ago i asked for some help with a script from dot hack

still dont think you could generate anything with that beyond what we remade with the keyword system where it just took chunks of map names


so its kinda nice also its 3D



So ive been working on the logic for my dungeons and its going well but not posting to talk about that but actually another thing

Ive been working on a runescape account because this old game called Domain of Heroes doesnt exist anymore

And so i sit here in the New modern version with a real particle system and the game is fun but i was trying to figure out WHY i couldnt remake it with my current assests

Then i noticed the burnt trees of the wilderness and thought NAH that cant be it

So i teleported to lumbridge to find the (second) largest trees in the game the massic oak and willow trees

they are a bit tiny? I guess its just un realistic but still looks the part... it think thats it


DoH was this old donkey web game where you could send your dude out in dungeons and hed fight until he ran out of HP with pretty nice mechanics... dead now tho

and thats reletive to me cause I think i wanna remake dark eden in a runescape engine



So i finished putting everything together and im ready to build my game + resources all set and prepared to be used

but im kinda bored? not really but i felt like screwing around on the emulator

we'll see what i can do meanwhile ill be thinking about stuff and heres the last clip from my game

Still alot to do but the template is prepared and ready to be expanded on with assests and stuff

Im not sure what i was gonna do with ragnarok but i was gonna write a few scripts and make some procedural stuff its just kinda sucks how limited we are with the mapping and everything pretty well client side but... I thought it might be a nice little break while I think about how i wanna continue my game

I really need to release a beta though SO maybe ill think of a BETA release and then ya.

Seeya later  /no1



So i added my first developer joke today

So Sub quests will be found in all hubs right

These npcs will be the most beautiful and cool looking characters i can create at the time of my skill level

Your probably wondering how good I am so far well, lets keep that a secret BUT i will show you the first of my monster icons that will be used in the  " Current Target" interface normally found at the top along with other targets in moderate range...

Whats the joke?
The joke is that only side quest NPCs will have lewd girls... Which is coincidently a side quest of mine ( No time to draw just like someone may have no time for side quests )

He turned out great actually could see myself turning 3d models in 2d sprites some day, just some slime.. the bars are supposed to be tentacles but being avoided

And the sprites , one of the less impressive ones will generally be showed next to the scrolling text (more complicated then youd think)

Once i get the npc system updated ill move into the game a bit but this needs to be perfect

Actually while im here. .
I really wish i could draw like the pros at gravity but i litterally have no idea how. Im pretty good at photoshop though so results can be pretty good

so this morning i spent like 2 hours on "a chest template"

Theres a few games that I really like but it sucks that you know,, Oh heres the 10$ for your game that id totally give you more for right? Anyways this Vampire Bloodlines the Masquerade... this game has some of the most beautiful girls ever and if youve ever played through it you wonder whats up with the deformed model that have placed somewhere? Why the hell isnt she like the others I will never know... neither can i find a picture to show you....



Its really weird i just cant post videos or gifs anymore unless its uploaded directly too youtube....

Whatever.... Its just related to my blogging for some reason....

Anyways were gonna go back a few years and combine my games and see how that goes...

So as far as character quality goes im a potato and cant spend more then 30-60 minutes on a model :(

Textures are another thing i love photoshop

Looks pretty good.. could be a bit more optimized

Finished the map outlines too

Probably look alot better later just testing things

Actually managed to post this gif the other day ...

and were going back to the streets

tbh we didnt think much while we were designing the city streets a week after cyber punk was made but thats what inspired me at the time

I gotta figure out a gimmick for myself though not sure what were gonna do though but im sure ill figure something out



Going back a few years, and a few more rules to follow...

Im going with this abstract distorted city... something silly maybe but im kinda stupid so its subject to many builds BUT were gonna try and do it on my first try

Something like this shot from the roof, normally hidden behind glass.. actually looks alot better

but ya.. were gonna step it up since i know how to fit a s*** load into the game without lagging ( theoretically )

and were gonna change my dungeon generator into a street generator ...

In case your wondering the only thing ive come up with was spawning bosses in parking lots... changed the general size of everything but still following real life streets... sorta cross roads upon cross roads? Maybe I should considering changing it ... good thing i thought of that now....



So hypothetically if we take everything we know, and just stick in a bunch of streets and builds ( BLOCKS ) we could make a randomly generated city

the actual impact of it shouldnt be too much and be easily fixxed later

still gotta make my movement system a little more like Mario and higher gravity.. should be fine lol

stretch and snap op op

I was thinking about how to deal with elevations but idk im thinking fifth element sort of thing...

So after finishing the first set of tiles, I mean i could throw them in game now just to test my frames... probably should

There was an issue with keeping it generating properly cause the street entrance wasnt centered on the warped tiles rip

fixxed it just a matter of adding s*** to them now

also added my first grass patch ... hopefully everything scales well, not sure how much bigger we can go without screwing up plans we had for the "filler"


So it would look like this with no holes... 

i mean taking everything into consideration i can stiill fly at 70FPS with a bunch of models... and these only add up to a few thousand, still should be goooooooood

it becomes and issue once you start packing everything on top of each other but... further testing will be done

even after adding 10 times more we still hit 70 FPS 50-70..

so ya the MAPPING will be good except im not sure if i will be able to procedurally generate everything cause u cant rebuild everything AFTER you package the game...... SOOOOOOOO.... 30Frames vs procedural EVERYTHING is possibly debatable BUT nothing necessarally stopping you from generating a street, and just setting it as a map...

Actually 80fps up close.. 0 impact.. but... my machine isnt that bad...

then we go and slice some holes in a building and build some walls...

so in case someone is wondering if you could do it without blender you could if you want there is wall building tools but i only used it for navigation pathing for my cutscene

you can rewrap UVs in unreal blueprint except if your not a robot modeler the cube map probably will rotate.. idk i probably couldnt get it to work if i tried it lol

So ive decided that were going to avoid anything not too important but working.. takes a little longer then i want but whatever lol...

once i get 1 set of tiles done we can think about finishing it... want to say it will be done tonight but idk

oh right the purpose of this edit was to mention Modular Walls, lol.. 1 ) could be useful to save a bit of performance but the main use 2) just adding walls in without torturing the already pitiful mesh

... Not sure why but every time i use a boolean to delete door and windows this s*** happens... sometimes..



So trying to make subtle changes to buildings got aroud.. 20 so far after I finish a few more ill probably just start copy pasting them and changing sides walls are on i guess

I was like well i need to test defence so i made a 3 story scene...

Looks way better in my head, purple lights in the red district corner of a random place in the city... but I thought about making this tarp you could also jump through from another tile but in some weird scenerio it might generate wierd but we knew that already...

sooo ill have to put together the generator hopefully tonight but still need to retexture everything zz

alright now were using our brain

besides the usual I was like Well if i place a skyscraper here i can block out 2/5ths of your screen and made the other one taller another 1/5 when facing the direction OPPOSITE of the horde that is incoming...

Soo.. Now we go in the opposite corner of the map and block out another 2/5th of the map from another direction

there we go lol



Is all this done with the RO client /?