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Author Topic: ROpocalypse - The Untitled Project  (Read 151491 times)

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Re: ROpocalypse - The Untitled Project
« Reply #45 on: May 27, 2019, 10:26 am »
Good morning rms

I woke up today feeling lazy and praying for a lazy way of finishing my buildings but thats not happening...

This is what bothers me

I can fix it... but Id rather just spend 30 more minutes in browedit... cause id have to calculate everything every time... so whatever.

I did finish it though.

I love it... Signs need some work but thats a matter of color balance and light maps.

When I think about quanitity over quality or the other way around...

I think about how , how many MMORPGS that are open world and never work out....

You guys usually just stick to your 10 maps your familiar with... abbey...pay dun... unles your looking for a certain card... or just trying to kill a certain mvp.. like abbys lake mvp.... no one ever farms that crap on the lower levels

But sometimes you do see randos doing random things...

What im trying to say is... Im aiming for something real..... not just an open world map that can be filled in with trees and rocks lol.. and i think we'll all agree  ( how many of us actually walked from pront to geffen before :P)

So yeah more work on buildings... not just square blocks and stuff...

I guess i could haul some donkey and just copy these textures/models

but theyre unimportant... and we just walk by them , 90% of prontera is un used unless your doing eye of hellion quest or a iRO job change like swordy walking up to the NW gate etc etc.....

I think you know what im saying

However the only eye sore i get is this

I could probably just make some bigger walls lol but its annoying when... not all sides are equal and you have to scale them properly each time... not to mention iRO models are really fantasy ish .. besides einbroch stuff

So i gotta do it all by hand.

Not like you can really tell unless you stare really hard at it from certain angles

Oh yeah you may notice those black strips... Those arent textures... its cause the curvy-ness i tried playing with just dents in too much and doesnt map the light how i thought it would.... I could probably fix it though :P

Sooo yeah like we saw in my city scene.... Ill just put more emphasis/work into buildings... points of interests...  not just a bunch of empty streets ( or fields like iRO )

I like to explore but id rather be goal oriented.... vehicles exist for a reason yeahhh... I mean ill probably add some highways and country style field maps dont get me wrong

Thats it for this post  /no1

editor note : damn thats good

"do you know what a door knob is ? "

"I think you can do your city scene better"
-Agreed I rushed it mostly just to show you, Those lights are annoying but I was just keeping it simple.

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Re: ROpocalypse - The Untitled Project
« Reply #46 on: May 28, 2019, 08:58 pm »
"why havnt you posted yet"
busy day

annoying issue is:

adding models in windows instead of just plain old flat glass

its annoying when we wanna go into that building and the models arent the same...so i gotta plan a bit more forward in an  AWKWARD way... because now i cant place windows cause it wont show whats in side.... i mean its like 2 more clicks and will make my screen shots nicer but its a bit annoying

I considered roofless indoors but mehh i can play with lightmaps way better in its own map

"how many models do you have have so far"
about 150... 40 from old re renewal ... and maybe 15-20 not gonna be using

Hmm the color needs a bit of work... and gotta push a few things to avoid dumb clipping but its getting there...

(click to show/hide)

need some signs....

thinking about rooftops is a waste... the last image is probably gonna be the height you get restricted too...

"holy s*** thats not even ragnarok anymore"
yeah i know... these 2 buildings are actually pretty much the biggest buildings besides the town hall... the rest are dinky little stores

Like I said the idea is to make some really goood maps... then split it into time eras
Evacuations >>>>> 20-30 years later The Return Trip >>>>>>> 50 years or whatever The Time Era Where Player Choices Made In This Ladder (6 month or whatever) Are Taken Into Major Effect And Change Everything Time Era

So 1 : nice and calm little blood... simple infection nothing too nuts ez mode
2 : medium..... everythings ruined no humans left besides you guys
3: I have no idea yet

Then of course side things... that arent really involved that I just do for fun sort of like instances

So its not too bad Ill get to re use all my maps... itll just be a matter of dirtying up models and adding blood and gore scenes and stuff in later eras... I just realized I cant quickly replace all my models... maybe with some hex editting its do able as i did see entries for every single model / bmp used.......... SO there is hope my friends

Hopefully finish the gambling den by tomorrow, and i know i could easily finish the dinky stores in a day... its really just a matter of advertisements.... lmao

and I took a few minutes to change the texture to something a little more real

Straighted in out ... Im just taking these textures off of google lol
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Re: ROpocalypse - The Untitled Project
« Reply #47 on: May 30, 2019, 12:29 am »
texture process :

Might be crossing (get it) the line between reality and ragnarok but i think it looks fine

However... I think the grid is all f*** up or SOMETHING

So i made everything really small

Fixed it

I have this persisting issue.... Its annoying but its not like we need to sit in chairs but itd still be nice if it didnt shine like this

I added a stage but IDK what to put on it... maybe some NPCs will un dull it out

Still need some more advertisements and signs but ill do those all at once some random night while I play something....

Anxious to finish this area... the rest of this road is just shops... then itll cut to a warp

Then theirs the other side of the high way which we've seen but thats a strip mall.. and 2 more little stores... then the subway behind these 2 and then across the road 2-3 homes... with the town hall

Probably get alot more done tomorrow but today was a sleepy day

Cant wait to do some interiors and get some zombies spawned...

Here you wanna see something really cool ?

I actually know what im doing ;) 
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Re: ROpocalypse - The Untitled Project
« Reply #48 on: May 30, 2019, 06:43 pm »
I did a bit of mapping.... but i needed to figure out how to get these custom effects that were mentioned in the browedit discord.... I never looked at effecttool because obviously never had a reason... cause i thought everything was packets.... but it isnt!

So good news.

Im just using Rathena logo ... really sloppy settings but ill figure it out...


but in other news

just finished the road... gonna spend the rest of night playing with this crap....




Better then nothing though
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Re: ROpocalypse - The Untitled Project
« Reply #49 on: May 31, 2019, 08:28 pm »
HMMM I was thinking about things

Like I said... the 1st part of rocky start will be one side of a bridge, with the town, then the other side, country wilderness...

Then the roads lead to the church on one side

And the other side of the highway, on the other

Probably just gonna take stores Im familiar with and not try and copy everything.... that would be ridiculous

"can we go in all these buildings"
-Yeah im not making a rng paradise... everything is gonna be put together... maybe some places will be accessible but I hate that crap in these style of games

Ill probably just have you walk through the glass doors... I think that would be the best way because.............

1) You can see where your going
2) Much harder to mis click the warp if it was sticking out in the street

Theres a feature built into the emulator where monsters can use warps.... I like this feature but I hope the path finding will work  /ok

"How many players do you think will fit"
- Well idk about that but I said i wanted to give it a single player feel... so that means im not gonna ask you to farm anything too hard as the game takes place over 6 months or so then rewards given out for next season... and accomodate whatever changes I include or whatever... but I can see how defense and pvp game modes would work.... maybe we'll have to instance the fields and make player limits... As long as I enjoy it thats all that really matters ;)

As much as id like to just make it open world, and just keep expanding, and using the international subway anomaly as a way to "out of place" areas... IDK maybe ill fill in the gaps in between citys and town, and keep it fiction but based on real world areas.......

But I like the subway . . .

Its just I wanna access power stations, dams.. power plants etc etc and I cant group these together really -

It would change the direction of the game.. I wanna keep it "arcade-y" I cant really think of any other way to deliver it. + I think I could make some pretty sweet subway scene...It wouldnt be the HUB IDK we'll just have to see later lol

* I was just mapping and writing/brainstorming... So the asretix involve the system where you collect goods and securing them for the future like valuables... food and water and non perishables... some being sent into orbit and non perishables for the future... all have some sort of scoring

Sooo... I made a Bank... Maybe have some crazy a****** demanding their cash be transported as a mission * Valuables

theater/gambling den .... maybe this will be where everyone gathered while waiting for military and itll have some stinky mvp hiding in there

hair dresser... not sure ill probably just leave it

book store.. * I guess this could fall under valuables / knowledge
"I remember you posting alot of "life skills" like farming, fishing and mining"
-Probably not gonna happen here... Like I said I have a lot of projects I wanna do... I mean i got nothing else to do.. so ill just do it later

So this place is probably just gonna be another side area... Ill think of something

Antique store... * I guess this would fall under valuables

I mean considering my story/lore im trying to maintain, this isnt a scavenging game.. were in an army.. Ill have sp diminish over time probably and easily countered with consumables and not really interested in eating rotten food.. but I think ill save this for another project :)

era 1 : mostly quests involving survivors / people trying to escape / securing roads and escapes etc
era 2 : will be leaning towards gearing up
era 3 : will be the endgame

Some areas of course... will be separate from the timeline.. or you know only take place in certain times.

Trying to think about why I would include a scavenging thing but personally think that would be too much micro management...

Maybe Ill just have it set up where you gather water... food ... not for yourself... but for your survivors and launching them into orbit with everyone else lol ... and securing valuables.... and locking them in a vault underground for the future...

all these would add to some global statistic that will change the outcome of the end game or something... or perhaps... your final reward

(click to show/hide)

Man i wrote quite a bit.. mostly cause I allowed myself to start planning more crazier things due to effecttool.. I probably woulda gotten around to it but being told about it really helped lmao

anyways heres the usual

Looks good... need to fill in the space between at the beginning with a poster or ad of some sort

Street seems fine, no issues with rotating like my city scene, probably gonna go with a single side for the city not sandwiched between sky scrapers .. and like being able to rotate around the blocks... guess itll have to be designed on a block to block basis for that to work... Not sure yet ... I wanna change the mapping styles and take advantage of the viewpointtable we have

These buildings should be 2 stories, but screw it...

*******Wtf having issues uploading images today

so far I have planned 2/5 of the map as street... 1/5 water.. 2/5 country roads... with a bridge separating that

Seriously... thinking about a few things I realllllllllllllly reallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly want text to float on screen but I more like a slider text ... or you know like you see in movie credits... that little white box is annoying and the chat bubbles arent really immersive ... Oh well </3
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Re: ROpocalypse - The Untitled Project
« Reply #50 on: Jun 01, 2019, 10:26 pm »
So uh

I got this empty space here and i threw some garbage around just for this gif... the alley seems a bit short...but itll pass

Is using parking lots cheating ? nah Ill throw cars around and stuff

But that empty space... Were gonna have to throw some npc back there or something cause I cant think of any way to fill it up besides spilling some garbage around or maybe a car crashed or something

Getting there Ill finish up the building here.,... and then cross the highway those arent any big buildings

Then were just gonna make a church, and maybe a school across the street from it in the next map

Other side of the highway will consist of a grocery store and gas station...

Gonna have to shove my home town aside and think about my game a bit I dont like the idea of rows of useless houses just for the sake of filler... but with fast vehicles... its too tempting to knock on those doors though >_>>>>>>

Also I was thinking about letting you guys make your own skills in game  /pif


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Re: ROpocalypse - The Untitled Project
« Reply #51 on: Jun 02, 2019, 12:02 am »
endless tower ?

more like endless stair case

ahh woops reserved for tomorrow

threw down some lamp posts and gave them all light beams

looking pretty good if i do say so me self
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Re: ROpocalypse - The Untitled Project
« Reply #52 on: Jun 03, 2019, 05:35 am »
I really like your work - it's unique in the RO world.
Should you ever start a Server i'll be sure to try it.

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Re: ROpocalypse - The Untitled Project
« Reply #53 on: Jun 03, 2019, 10:47 am »
Please do a tutorial on how you create these awesome models /? /lv

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Re: ROpocalypse - The Untitled Project
« Reply #54 on: Jun 04, 2019, 08:45 pm »

I really like your work - it's unique in the RO world.
Should you ever start a Server i'll be sure to try it.

thanks still trying to find a way to deliver it all lol  /pif

Please do a tutorial on how you create these awesome models /? /lv

Im just taking models off turbo squid and such

Then for things that arent already mapped I find textures off of google

Sometimes I make things myself like signs

My buildingss are like lego though I cant be bothered to fix that... only way I can keep it proportioned

But its mostly just me using lights and effects  /heh

Found some vehicles I can work with... Still need an ambulance and police cars.. maybe some military stuff but whatever we'll get there


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Re: ROpocalypse - The Untitled Project
« Reply #55 on: Jun 06, 2019, 02:17 pm »
trying to make a car alarm thing going on.... I can probably set it off ingame somehow with scripts but got now ill leave it be because im pretty sure ill have to use a str to allow it to be used in game through npc scripts

I had to make it in a triangle shape so the solid beams didnt clip into the vehicle and off scene too much while rotating...

the shape is good, texture is fine to move on

moving on /no1


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Re: ROpocalypse - The Untitled Project
« Reply #56 on: Jun 07, 2019, 11:02 am »
Some guy asked me if I was interested in doing a pirate version mod out of this emulator

I told him to go play dark messiah mod pirates vs crusaders instead

JK but

I was thinking about using talkie box and grafiti stuff... never looked at those skills before

maybe someone/i  can/knows how to make it bigger

cant see anything real coming out of the graffiti

Im practically done the Planned portion of my town except for the bridge...

Man after going around and thinking about the future ive decided to make it just an MMORPG open world...  im just gonna throw this subway crap out the window , i mean the maps are usuable but the idea flops... and just make my own towns and connect them with highways and stuff like that

Ill post what i got tomorrow
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Re: ROpocalypse - The Untitled Project
« Reply #57 on: Jun 08, 2019, 08:57 pm »
So the pace is picking up, not gonna post every building but a few things for now.......... going with the open world approach and just play around with it all....

spoilers be cautious

(click to show/hide)

Anyways, Ill be back later with updates

editor note : comon you can do better then that

finishhhh it......
(click to show/hide)

fixed the smog.. i think it looks ok like this, need some trash in the streets, signs and some dirt/blood but i decided to do my effect... or at least start playing with them now ... its pretty fun :P

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Re: ROpocalypse - The Untitled Project
« Reply #58 on: Jun 09, 2019, 07:35 pm »
Didnt think about this... but the angle at which the main light cannot circle objects .... that is kinda lame but its ok

It just means for dark/shadowed areas i need to play with more effects and different lights

Luckily I built everything on an angle that doesnt require me to restart lol

Another thing I could do is make maps in pieces , like we see most interiors... this might be ideal but if i build accordingly i shouldnt have to resort to this except for ( which i had already planned) my big city maps... I was just gonna do block by block and make them warp... now i just gotta compensate for that stupid angle

if anyone knows how to fix it that would be cool

anyways here are some test

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Re: ROpocalypse - The Untitled Project
« Reply #59 on: Jun 10, 2019, 07:09 pm »
Ok people

Im going to be taking a break from this stuff . . .

Because I wanna see how this will look :

She needs her own custom effect... Effect tool just aint pulling off what I want for some reason, maybe its just my settings.

Can you guess what im doing ?
(click to show/hide)

"wtf this is your second time you quit"
- third times the charm my friend

Anyways, dont close this. I might just keep working on my MMO of this doesnt turn out how I want it too.