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Started by vhan45, Mar 30, 2022, 12:05 PM

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I am late to rejoin the game but nonetheless started editing grfs for lighter woe gameplay.
Could someone tell me how to show the devotion line even if effects are turned off. i tried through the plugin for LGP but can't find the skill code for devotion. I have a reference from the NovaRO grf with force render but i can't seem to make it work. tia


NovaRO's forcerendered devolines is some custom thing that they did via their own pseudo RCX thing, iirc they had to bug the dev for a long time before they added it in.

I don't think you can forcerender it normally.


thanks for the reply, i was thinking about it for awhile since it was really NovaRO's custom grf. the only solution i can think of is to manually add devotion in the plugin.ini for the lgp and make a custom bmp file specifically for devotion, the only problem is i can't find the skill code for devotion to include in the plugin. i would really appreciate it if someone could send me a link for skill code reference for RO, tia

edit: lgp is based on rcx right? so upon digging, rcx does not support single target skill, ergo, even if i nclude it in the plugin, it would still not show right? i might as well create a separate grf to remove spammable skill effects, enable lgp and preserve devo XD geez, all of that jsut for devo lines to be visible??? XD