ROpocalypse - The Untitled Project

Started by Naruto, Apr 21, 2019, 09:02 AM

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not posting anymore



not posting anymore



not posting anymore



im actually quite happy this time around dont get me wrong but I shouldnt post my stuff anymore

also just figured this out

are people just dumb, i know if you use nodamage in src you can do the same thing but with a simple change in the data grf you can skip the whole damage numbers not appearing when you kill the monster, + seems to be a way to add all sorts of styles like self and ground...

it wasnt even a problem before but now my options just tripled and dont really have to worry about ugly skills ...

hah i might switch back to my 2015 client . . . .

the thing i was getting slipped up on was packet editting but... maybe there is a way to add more skill effects in the grf... f*** dumb no tutorials anywhere...  i mean theres a few useful things like custom status icons but for real hell a useless community

anyways I finished a bit of the bike

I just think its sad that we have such a sweet engine, i mean its half made for us... just take it and do something cool

I never looked at other game designing engines much but considering ragnarok is an mmo .... its just waiting to be played with...

jeez thats annoying

Im not dumb enough to waste that much time on things though but if we had some real tutorials I probably wouldnt have had to do everything myself + people act dumb whenever i ask them things so i d k whatever or just totally jump around the question.... im under the impression that in order to actually add new effects like the old heal and stuff that arent already part of the str groups, youd have to reconstruct the client, which has all the effects? when i see total effect folder size = 40mb and client 11mb makes me wonder where everything is...

there is still more....... must.... figure.... it... out...

Ill post again some day


Also anyone trying to sprite but just cant get the feel for it... its all about perspective.. understanding your 3 dimension
Ignore detail and stuff thats probably what models are for lmao

but thats not all of it... its pretty hard getting it perfect

sometimes I just start shading it out and just trying to make it work...

And even if its a bit thick or wide or w/e... I usually thin things out last and just design it as best as I can first before trying to scale it down... literally my last step

then i eventually get lucky



maybe post a little less

tfw zombies stuck in tires

maybe ill just make an invisible unt and use cartboost if I cant get the sound effect on + custom unt

trying to balance light is annoying but using lighter colors will be enough... f*** iRO




workable sprite, leave a small blood trail but cant see in gif obviously  /kis

best i can do without killing myself

apparently player sprites... the actually base jobs cant have more then 1 layer. . . so were gonna have to compensate for vehicles a little bit.

Sounds effects do work though.

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

actually i just realized I can use the invisible head slot as my animation for lights... HAHAHAH



so uh the idea of this vehicle skill is that when you use it you go faster but you can knock into monsters...

so without it you can drive through monsters without hitting

and reverting... maybe just knock back stunned monsters who were hit by you recently while driving... . . .

still playing around with movement skills... too many would be hazardous... mobs trying to walk back to where they were before and stupid s*** like detection is horrible...

Backslide was fine and my custom gs from IRo is fine so its non issue

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.



That vehicle running into the zombies looks funny, keep up the good work.

/hmm what's with the previous edit.


Quote from: yC on May 19, 2019, 08:10 PM
That vehicle running into the zombies looks funny, keep up the good work.
still need to add effects to these 3 custom skills, and just figured out I can use that invisible head animations as head lights  O_O_O_O_O_O

also got this weird crow fetish going on

No head lights on the multi purpose bike but added smoke to exhaust

next step is getting some jobs together, itll be a bit awkward being able to design sprites in the way i want them but us using things like gx and ht.... but whatevs idk looks like ill be pouring my life force into job sprites lol

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Maybe today I will remove the scarf from ranger sprite  /no1

playing around with ranger sprite and such....

wtf is with the lack of weapon ids, and having like 50 different bows...

Im probably just gonna swap bows and daggers for guns...  see what the next problem is

... this is awfully suspicious but worst case scenario is = make an invisble gun sprite weapon ID then make the actual gun sprite, in like a middle head gear or something.... /lv problem solved

flipped animations, and made a new one for rifles... just trying to think about future jobs... probably not gonna be an issue ... worst case maybe a few less hair styles to compensate for the people who chose the demonic route... so probably horns and stuff... doram will just be replaced with the zombie master



Jeez  I know i said it was clear skies for me, but every step forward is 2 steps left another another 2 steps right.

Increased range on normal attack since ranger apparently shares daggers and fisting sprite lol maybe its something else  . . . for Mercenary//Ranger in particular youll be given a handgun if you have no weapons equipped ... I would have to cleverly hide the pistol under every rifle though lol

Changed the arrow animation to a bullet.... who knew it shared the same spr/act as skeleton archer arrow? Guess it makes sense.

Maybe Ill change it to a red dot tracer sort of thing so people can tell where others are aiming  /hmm /kis

. . .


Only real choice is to give everyone hand guns, except that wont really work for the pvp zombie master race/hmm
and change the fisting sound

I could just use the same bullet firing sound for all rifles but that wouldnt really work.

Guess ill go with A and deal with that problem later. . .

Kinda silly that fist has 4 different sound effects... could find a practical use for this,.... CHINGG ... CHANGGG...  /sob

Tweaked slugshot and got rid of that start up and echo

Sounds great... gimma a minute here...

Im not sure how pallets work ... but I changed my sprites around maintained the ability to change colors... now I made the pistol the same color as another piece so it changes color.. gonna go over this later..

heres a gif

and a video link if you wanna hear the sounds

those hiccups are just my idle animations between being hit.. lol

next is make my skill tree, then a gore effect, like boom head shot.... and a few skills to play around with, got my car / morphing / revert .... haywire driving... looking good . . . some guy once told me "I see +8 Hunter bow, and I am happy"

then its back to mapping

Im a bit lazy on my work but its mostly a just establishing myself sort of thing, its easier to make edits then to try and get it perfect the first try  /no1

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

and it begins again...


Dont really know what that blending crap is though

I thought this might actually be a challenge hahahahaha



Well I figured out what that blend crap was rather quickly...

Anyways I whipped this up real quick.... little more emphasis on blood and extend the frames before the final fade out...

Just concerned about how its gonna look when you get like 10 head shots... however I plan it :P

The head thing works... Im just using poopy old re colored weapon perfection for blood, maybe just add a bit more opacity to it and make it a bittt bigger... and call it a day ... might try chunks but the head is already solid soooooooooo

I see a good future for this... honestly can see myself making three more projects haha... /hah

I think of other game engines and theirs no reason... rathena/herc arent that bad lol.. Maybe I could write a story quicker but it wouldnt be really fun.... I mean final fantasy gets away with it along with other titles but that sort of thing doesnt really age well imo  . . . you know what I mean ?

anddd... I did a bit more.. but im gonna go to bed see ya !




i was gonna start mapping again but im gonna play around with the src some more

I re wrote the old brandish spear to work with directions... on herc

But I still need to make unts cast of direction... ill probably figure it out eventually

I never looked at earth strain before.... some pretty interesting applications to be made with this... just gotta re write it

Im just waiting for some r tard to pop out and be like hey look i did it ... thats how it feels being around you people ... 0 fun

but as for earth strain.... i start walking while casting and my unt moves with me... that means i can probably get some headlights working if i can figure out how to re write this damn thing

my favorite thing about problem solving is that you generally dont make the same error twice. . . god damnit

ah well i guess i figured it out.... dunno if im gonna be posting any of my content today though...

holly s*** have you seen this skill before? :



Changed my name

Stumbled upon the infamous debugger folders.... I wish they just lined all these things up for me but nooooo ... who needs instructions

Gotta look over a plethora of lua tools... but maybe I can do something neat..... mmmmm it wont be till a little later after next week  /heh  /kis

Got a few ideas for custom skills but besides that took a break today

Might post something later tonight...

Seeya  /ho



SO lets recap while I get some of my things running...

  • Ranger Job given new animations
  • Multiple guns... sounds effects and planned future content consideration done
  • Basic Modeling and editting
  • Many textures ready, just wanna re size a few things... gotta make everything proportional to each other otherwise were gonna have brick walls thats are really un even
  • Primary Bike thing... completed with working skills
  • Got a few sprites but... NEW PLAN > design sprites based around existing raganrok job sprites... otherwise ill never finish lol
  • 3 maps designed / planned
  • custom skill effects are good to go

    I think thats all the productive things...

    Time to enter the next phase....

    Gonna be finishing my second map, rocky start

    Then design some monsters.

    Maybe have something playable ish

    Yaaaa.............  /wah

    Progress note :

    Making a perfect brick wall... a structure and balancing it with ro size.. really hard... Im just gonna have to do every piece.. piece by piece like I did in my city scene.... that looks great and no issues.....I was hoping It wasnt gonna be like this the entire time but s*** thats the plan apparently............

    anyone familiar with browedit can probably see what I did...

    Its the whole... making a size in my modeling program... adding the small house bricks that we usually see... then adjusting it for RO in game...

    Maybe if i took some really good notes I could figure it out but screw it lol

    Andddd its all gone

    Relax. Those things took like 5 seconds to make.

    Another annoying thing is that if you add a thinner wall as a window in model program, and then keep it as a seperate mesh/material or whatever, and load it into browedit with a transparent window... it doesnt show whats on the other side... placing a seperate window seems to show though,, dunno

    I guess I could probably get a few bricks walls to look good but.. consistency is key and the more abstract buildings would stick out a bit

    Anddd I just figured out how transparency works.... apprently if you try adding models behind a window, thats already placed... it like doesnt read them or something... So i have to add windows/transparent stuff last