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Started by Naruto, Apr 21, 2019, 09:02 AM

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I went over a few things, kinda annoying but i dont really think i can do any better then this

realistically speaking there really isnt MORE unless you really wanted to tweak the lighting

the maps and models are fine but my post process shader needs a play with cause its a bit bright right now but was just playing

idrk what were gonna do but ill finish the resources and think about it later

anyways i went through so referance photos and ya it looks good, just needs some garbage blood and deco really



Double post zzzzzzzzzzzz

Over 100 models completed. Looking good too.



Happy valentines everyone

Curious how its going?

So last week we finished the "base" for my clothing except we didnt go uv map it or texture it...  uhh sorted wanted these done first so i can sorta work around these textures instead of having to restart in a week cause my characters were too cartoony

also i was looking at some bikinis lol

To achive a good skin tight clothing, its normally just painted onto the mesh itself... but a low poly model really cant support it without making it very pixelated.. weighting it, not so appealing but well see later

Bit of bleeding but thats just blender hopefully... looks fine in the other viewport

got about another 25 models mapped

im probably gonna finish all them this month because photoshop is expensive :P

Although ill still need to set up the clothing...

Oh ya, most of those models are mapped onto 1-2 textures files to reduce draw calls ( whatever that means but )

In most 3d software we use those 3d material balls and slap it on the area then we bake it down into a texture

im actually just making them as i go because well, id need a material for each and the amount of actually need... not really sure but the idea is to reduce draw calls, and textures take up space too

so like ages ago i was practicing with materials, and  when i tried to back them up my usb would crash so i had to reduce them to 1 master material but that was too big..... and when i updated it id re compile 5000 shaders

feels bad man but whatever it looks sweet



Tnx for update. What is the furniture for?


Quote from: BaphometRag on Feb 18, 2022, 05:29 AM
Tnx for update. What is the furniture for?

well to be honest you might see them for sale before you see them in my game but my texture maps arent exactly triple A lol

but these are very low poly models and ive released a set ages ago before ... let me go find it

This set in particular got 3 times more downloads then my poke center for some reason, but ok

but a couple hundred dollars to release my game myself without credit would be nice



Tnx. Did you make them?

I read a long time ago RO was supposed to have houses


Quote from: BaphometRag on Feb 22, 2022, 04:01 PM
Tnx. Did you make them?

I read a long time ago RO was supposed to have houses

I usually just build on top of geometry I can find for free/bought but.... if i cant find anything i can use / remesh i will make them myself

building polygons is kinda boring especially for generic props like pylons and fences

as for the Ragnarok Housing... It would be impossible to do it with the current map system since you cant add/bake models//lighting after the map cache has been recompiled and stuff

However someone did show me their lumber system using the Granny models for Trees, its nice but unfortunatly the mouse cursor still only reacts to certain areas of the models

Right now i think ive collected every single model ill need to rebuild my game, still gotta go over vehicles, advertisements and some lighting but getting there



Had to take a little break from my game to settle some business with pokemon arceus legends, its been driving me nuts but we went and ripped everything we could just so id be quiet

so i ripped every pokemon 1-725 ish and it took 2 days straight
I wrote a journal

#201 28 unknown, 2 punctuations but they all share the same texture so its all good just grabbed the mesh
#369 Relicanth, looks like his body pattern is similar to that of pangea, look closely it sorta grew out from the center
#493 Arceus, this guy has 30 forms lol
#555 ma boi darmantian ive used this guy so many times but never his zen form
had to go make sure the skeletons were usuable and uvs were fine...
treading into unknown waters now...
#597 checked the pokemon count and were only 150 more pokemon away from the end
#638 ...less then 100 pokemon left , running out of music to listen to
#649 genesect... has.. no
#650.. them ###'s started at 720 in the data dump but we should be at 650, kinda makes things annoying but will spare you
#710 ........ive never seen these pokemon before but better grab them
#720... this dog has 40 forms or something but that seems to be the end of it thank god its over

.......... what is happening i thought that was an event pokemon... what he actually isnt an event pokemon wait
x and y only added 50 new pokemon
so i have to decrypt and dump everything again to ensure i got the horror pokemon which are weirdly placed near the very end

such pain but a job well done


Anyways you guys can get these models over here if your interested >>>

As for my game i need to finish the models up, and then organize them a bit, maybe rename some folders and i procrastinate to the end



ive been working on the textures and they looks sweet as hell excited just looking at them through my browser

youve probably seen the real life render pokemon flicks and thought about it but just improving the textures... might be cool to see once but no real chance lol



now i have to put a game together the best i can

sticking to original idea who brought back the first biome i made 100 years ago

havnt added any green to it yet though but if you ever looked at gore how its shiny well the thing about that is nothing else is shiny so it sorta just sticks out

anyways im kinda thinking about thieves but mostly cause i sorta just seen a million game resources and know they go to some lengths to protect their work ... and well i dont wanna give all my textures on a plate so gonna half my release and see if there any interest

also removed neon lines and have over 20 weapons fully skeletonized...