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Started by Naruto, Apr 21, 2019, 09:02 AM

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Man I know no one one really replies to your thread but I just wanted to say across the years I have been reading every post.  It's been cool to see your project turn from an RO mod into its own game.
Your enthusiasm and dedication is freaking awesome dude.
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Quote from: Tenuguu on Feb 13, 2021, 10:10 AM
Man I know no one one really replies to your thread but I just wanted to say across the years I have been reading every post.  It's been cool to see your project turn from an RO mod into its own game.
Your enthusiasm and dedication is freaking awesome dude.

Thanks lol, but its not like you can say your awesome everyday without getting a little annoying lmao..

It hasnt been easy but im getting comfortable at least..


First off  ive been working on creating a system to procedurally generate ... well vending machines, not so much the shape but the design on it... as it is i only have 1 back ground but 5 stamps for them

right so i though these were already PRETTY good ( that waterfall one needs to be fixed xD )

But i was looking at all my other ads and realized i needed MORE then just this.. so i learnt how rendering worked and instead of going out to buy some coke and make some icecubes i learnt the bit of blender i was ignoring and made this one :

Although the design is a bit iffy i think itll pass

im probably just gonna STOP at this and move on to other things,

ATM is next, along with the new telephone design

I really hope were busting some donkey by the end of the month...

see you guys soon and thanks for the reply  /lv

Oh right and my problem... turns out you gotta use this elaborate system to display mp4s in game.. so i mean you look at fallout 4 and obviously they have a TV so i mean its been done.... but like you see it all the time in source mod servers...

not really sure how heavy it is and itll require alot of testing... its just i wanna stick an MP4 on those things but was too time cramped past couple days... maybe just ignoring for now

Actually its kinda funny i designed a new font + language and im starting to learn my letters and it looks pretty dope

its pretty sweet tho, remember years ago i was just shopping and cropping s*** now i can just recreate it.... totally... not stolen ( mostly? LOL )

its actually really insane... i cant really explain it yet



Alright so the past few days ive been working on finishing these models a bit.. more like... getting them nicely fit into the code and cleaned up....

I got these in game and organized them + added over 30 different brand named goodies to the pile..

Most of it looks good, but i kinda wanna move forward a bit more

Remember a long time ago i made blinds for the apartments that were cyan? totallly lazed out and made cyan and bubblegum colored chocolate bars

lots of little things i wanna do... now though we can actually deal with them since my code is all organized and i got a little more room to edit and not stress over the problems i might have been avoiding   /no1

sooooooooooooooo the next day or 2 i will still be making assests and branded good

hopefully by the end of the month im back to working on my character animations.. still need a character creator though, that will come in when im done with this place though

wont take too long lol

e: Oh and im also reviewing my map and looking over my errors in geometry so we can hopefully rebuild the next map without any problems, cracks or sneaky mistakes.. im still thinking about what to do with the world... doesnt take long to actually build a scenerio you have pictured but... I dont have any combat finished so were not really gonna know what its like until its over :(

And this is why we test things troughly

my mesh got destroyed for some reason

So moving on a bit ive been looking at a bunch of videos and absorbing everything i could and already learnt a bunch of new stuff today... awesome

So i needed more potato chip shots and was like well couldnt i just make a particle editor... anyways f*** that i added a funnel and enabled physics and boom we got this awesome stream of potato chips

and i finished up dealing with my materials blueprints... everything seems to be in order... back to making these things a bit better and get some more larger assests in place...

but we do find some s*** within the alphas... fixable but ill have to go over these until we find a nice balance

and done



So the past few days ive been practicing blender and well we have another set of rules to follow and i managed to clean up everything

Got fridges, stoves setup and they looks great

the vending machines are perfect

ok but i feel that the map looks a little TOO good ?  Its kinda awkward right now but i think i need to do a little research and look through some games...

Also lets take a look at the town ( without traffic )

So now i really gotta make the gameplay... like i know WHAT i want but i need to design a system that flows well and interacts well with the map

But the 3d modeling is going awesome.... im supe satisfied with my map so now we just gotta you know make it procedural

This month is going to be dedicated to character design and movement . . . although we spent a good 2 weeks on it this month... well its ALL going into it next month

I really wish i could deal with my materials a little easier but whatever... a few more minutes

and its like clear that the programming and animations are there ... lots to think about ...

I think we might have to step down a bit because im aiming WAY to high ...

we'll see we'll see we'll see


sorry about the GIF quality i guess my PC needs a restart cause shes been at it the past couple days...


Kinda funny sitting here tonight looking through the stuff i did 4 weeks ago and its like ah damn its already half done i just gotta tweak it... feels good man



Well nothing to really post just been looking over things and thinking about the future... I did try fixed camera positioning and it looks great and super smooth

So about the game

Pretty sure im gonna say Hold your horses to the shadowrun bladerunner city .. looks good in my portfolio tho

Why? Well its cause theres too many animations to deal with

So im gonna make something a little simpler.....

Im thinking State of Decay style, with mini dungeons that are procedural....

im curious how big i can make the map tho

Realistically speaking a BIG CITY NYC style city...well building 100 blocks of sky scrapers is a huge pain in the donkey

this makes me sad

Not really sure how were gonna do this but im gonna start small and keep going

Have you ever seen the game called " Days Gone " ? LOL...

Anyways i pulled out the scanner and drew these plants up and the style is there and looks good but i need to work on the leaves

what sucks is like OK i can photoshop stuff but mixing hand drawn accurately with filling in shopped leaves... wew another level ..

ill probably just practice drawing... ?

we'll see

So i finished the bigger shrub wall but i was looking at this one and idk what im going to do

right now just remaking everything ... would be nice to use premade stuff but just gonna practice

So i got up today feeling like a million bucks and made some landscape textures

they look so f*** good....



You guys should follow me here instead

easier to upload videos using voice commentary now

thanks for your time

Its split up where
The Thirst

You guys can ignore it, just a summary

then the rest is new really....



So i was playing around with my datatables and exported it into a familiar format and its kinda cool thinking about modding my own game ... things going good though



Be sure to catch my latest video and tune in next week :)



About to start laying down some buildings

Be sure to check out my latest post!

See you guys really soon  /ok



What i think about my foilage folder

probably going to take a nice long walk someday and get my own



So ive finished up the last of my coding... well preperations

Now that i know how to use everything ( everything ? )

I successfully wrote a system for my 3d models and it looks great ... gimme a little bit and we'll really get going

So your probably wondering why i havnt done too much yet well

we really needed to learn how EVERYTHING WORKED...

Something about browedit was it took like 2 minutes to load up the textures and models then accessing the textures were pain all together cause it was laggy as hell

ancient software what can you do but even the browedit2 still doesnt do what i just finished

I wish it could be better but sadly a bit limited for some reason but not a huge deal really i just have to set stupid limits manually ( lol ironic )

So thats dealt with ................. still a matter of furniture gonna be a big problem unless i buy some so we'll deal with it later

Ill probably be screwing around with models i find online for a bit and then we'll build a small scene.... or large idk it doesnt really matter when i get what in but w/e

see ya soon



So im on REALLY bad internet for the time being

Actually i have no idea how im going to upload my game on steam without upgrading....

God and I also cant even back up my data for some reason the materials are too massive which is unbelievable

Just a few problems I cant fix without money q__________q


Rendering Scenes & leveling on runescape

Funny im looking through what i can re use in my game from my little project with lights and china town and all my s*** has neon strips on them x_x



Alright so ive been pretty much trying hard to catch up to what I was working on before code wise and mapping wise and... Well im pretty dam close just dont have so many textures to edit due to limited stock i have access too

these are from my blender scene

and once added to my unreal itll look more like this

So whille digging out the underground parking instance area I realized i never added any basements

looks good really lol

but i probably wont be posting anymore ... for a while anyways because i wanna get this together and stuff

probably just gonna use the same idea as before .. thinking about everything i hate about the zombie survival games i play and making it all good

hopefully doesnt flop in game....

see you soon


Quotebus crash: aware of the hype over the epidemic but still trying to keep your normal life going, you are caught off guard... you start off with a house key, random, and you can go back home for supplies... or your equipment ... something.... or you can try and get to the evacuation point on foot from where you started

You start off in a random crashed BUS with a random HOUSE KEY... great idea past me

That said though the rounds would have to start on day 0, or its own difficulty all together right?

I think this will work out

Huge problem though is monster sounds... actually really depressing

6 hours later, we got 500 Zombies running around w shadows @ 60fps

Thats good but we can do better ..



/trying to get top of the page post

Alright so things going good right , building data as we speak smoothing it all out

Dealt with some knots, but i got hundreds of zombies spawning in 0 lag 40-60 FPS with FULLY carved out buildings that look dope as hell

Thing is i can save some peformance at the cost of size... apprently a fully coded scene isnt the best approach due to some limitations... kinda stupid but nothing i can do about it...

Also having trouble posting videos and gifs rn on this internet... my map map is about 60MB's not sure how the game will turn out when packed up and ready for play

sooooooooooo next up i can go a few different ways and kinda just chillen thinking about it :

1) More textures / Dirt / Torn up /   just making the map look good  ( trust me this looks dope )
2) Doors ( was leaning on this after my character was done? )
3) Finish up the current block / section ( Im like half done this section but I wanted to detail them and walk through them and change things making them perfect )
4) need and translucent material ( lol )

Generally speaking they all kinda just fall under 3

But i got a bunch of sound effects and things i wanna get working

I dont even have my characters or guns ready just some pissed out models that were just made for filler

well i did place and prepare like 20 guns ~

Actually let me show you an image really quickly


The actually difference in the players/monsters and the back ground models are a bit significant

I gotta think of an art style that suits how GOOD my map looks... I mean i could force the resolutions down like it looks in hell gate london.. its not even bad but its noticable

Not sure what were gonna do....what i mean is I could make something simpler with more custimization but it would look like junk compared to my map

ughhhhhh we'lll figure that out soon since everything is fine

Well.... Talk to you later

here we go... actually since i cant download anything that sucks but luckily have like 100 gigs of samples in my hd lol

confused already G_G

but instantly makes things 10x easier...

Litterally just made a footsteps system dependant on the material type stepped on in 30 seconds... lol



ALright so i got into the development of character today and we finished all the placeholders and its pretty good but

I finished a system to have 3rd and 1st person

So you the player can switch and others will see you in third person

Not sure how its normallly done but i did it as clean as i could and it works well just gotta deal with a few kinks

I actually started a new chapter today short video on my reddit

I just walk around and show you what ive been testing my performance in

Gotta  think about the map design a bit not sure how.....

No idea why im keeping this updated but whatever mayaswell

We were thinking about the classes and probably just gonna avoid trying to attach any armor to my characters now, like stupid shirts and sweaters i mean i could rig them once and get it over with but mehhhhhhhhh

ragnarok dyes and strict jobs with hats and accessories sound a bit easier to deal with

going with the old idea

i kinda just wanna hole up in a 20 foot sky rise and snipe zombies for some reason xD....

so i hammered out this fps cam animation so theres no sway... i was curious why it would ever end up stuck like that but i made a dumbass mistake...

anyways moving on!

just realized you cant see the clouds... wonder why they arent rendered.....