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Started by Naruto, Apr 21, 2019, 09:02 AM

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I have returned with another post

The pawn shop in this area is closed but that sign will probably be reused.. i like it

My buildings could use some more polys but im not gonna bother with it right now

Im gonna be working on my characters from now until god knows when but clothing man idk maybe im doing something wrong or its alot of work getting it right

we'll see how it goes...



Well I got that out of the way actually i had these prepared I just decided to take the same route as every other game...

Feels like maybe theres a template i would want to follow for armor and clothing... sounds like alot of work to set up and not necessary right now

Soooooo next up ill be getting the character creation organized and going over my code

You may be thinking oMG this guy has prepared content for an entire year

Nah... You dont wanna see all my practice work.. But at this point its all cake and chocolate

Lets not jinx it.........




Things are slowly shaping, easy to upgrade and its pretty much just gogogo now

A few things I can show you guys

Thats just stuff i made for a bar but subject to change

Thats around the time after I made a bunch of skyscraper pieces and put it together. although THAT is the way I should be modeling with you know textures,

for these buildings I have 3 different levels of details for them,

Just duged out windows with lighting in the MAIN scenes
as we get farther I replace the skyscrapers with flat versions of them
and so on less emissive less rendered

playing aroud with the shader in its default state, looks pretty sweet

I made this dog ( the one of the right ) a long time ago and felt OK i got sculpting and rigging its time to move on........

The one on the left is from one of the resident evils, I was just kinda looking at it

Notice it has a little doggy pee pee

Man theres alot of s*** but dunno when ill have a new post for ya'll

Maybe when im done? Not much longer anyways




Experimenting with building vertically... for obvious? Reasons.

Not exactly realistic, nor abstract... but practical.. it will remain this way until I start working on the game mechanics

These randomly generated cars make for some real nice screen shot filler though  /heh

Ill probably be done with this street by the end of the day also in case your wondering about my code and stuff

Everything is set, I got this jigsaw inventory i need to accomedate for , if you remember one of my last posts were talking about how there is just so many functions and all this crap that yeah... I can deal with now but its really hard to copy

I dont really like the idea of using it cause theres bound to be some bug .. .exploit.. If you saw what I had you may understand my concern

that said ----- that 400$ pack ?  All those functions and stuff... Not to mention multiplayer replication? I dont even know what that is yet but it should be fine lol

This is getting even more off topic but I have plans for a Pokemon game some day, it should be cool and all these hours i put into designing these sort of scenes will be useful when it comes to rebuilding pokeman'z, Although they exist already and many dream of it... its still alot of work


ah s*** edit :

Theres actually a scafolld piece here you can walk on i just forgot to highlight it, it branches across the streets and stuff



All these were taken from my editor view port so no vechicles and alot of things are rendered that are usually procedurally removed ^_^

So I finished my street and you know making a store front is a snap now
Although im not using real life textures, Im making these 100% however im not gonna show close ups of anything really  ( I am using cement and metal textures though to physically make the materials
Lots of editting

We did add a bit of variation to some buildings

But it seems im gonna need to add a bended sign or something? Smaller doesnt sound too good but maybe change what this store is totally

Since the mapping technique is 70% complete we can descend down into the alley which is blocked by fog...

At this point the game becomes procedural as this street just serves as a major point of interest

If your wondering about my shader settings well this is 100% no post process besides a little added bloom and saturation to bring out the colors , the material shader I have is completely code based and super light weight... I dont even use unreal light bulbs that much besides interior maps WHICH ARENT SEPERATE LEVELS

I put together my jigsaw inventory similar to diablo and such but still gotta think of how im gonna build my skill trees.... Maybe ill mix my s*** in ( not s*** i learned it from a JRPG and minecraft template )

We'll see...

Seeya later n00bs


Filling out the we already see possible alternate routes.... Edge detection shouldnt be too hard but not sure what to do next... I think i need to do the movement NOW but i also need to do the CLOTHING both will take a day each.... :|||||||||||||||||


Im sitting here trying to make some simple clothing templates and holy s*** its boring as hell



Downloaded a bunch of s*** to play and look around a bit, dont wanna set my standards TOO high

One major thing is that im too lazy to learn how to make realistic textures in a Substance Painter - like program

But thats not so bad....... Actually I think this next one looks great but i may be risking my posting rights


So with that... would obviously come this

Its pretty dam clear that is NOT my skirt but it is now

There was a time i would pay 20 dollars for an  UNRIGGED sweater/hoodie , you know how STUPID youd have to be to accidently buy that? Not stupid but kinda silly.

I havnt even been modeling that long but i mean its logical so...

Luckily all this stuff is easily upgradable... Might have time to do it someday right

Seeya later  /no1


So i was thinking about my Icons and was like WELL lets see how this goes

First off the big issue here is Clothing isnt supposed to be an Item you find but i figured hey they are merely BASES to build upon someday

But i have another idea... maybe something a little more . . . abstract

I guess i dont really need sprites for the bras and boxers now Do i? LOL



So i doodled up some Item Icons for the Jigsaw inventory,

In case your wondering that is a inventory like in diablo, titan quest and path of exile

SO i needed my own Icon right and well....

Im sure you can tell by now Ive never picked up a pen and drew much in my life...

I have a few more and i mean for some reason im pretty good at drawing in 3D... but its just those tiny details i never really fill up.... Reminds me of something i red in a One Piece manga 

Someone asked the creator what Aces happy/sad face thing meant... and the reply was its just filler.. These things are hard to imagine but i mean... whatever lol

Long time ago i spoke about how i wanted to set up armor in ROpocalypse and we wanted spinning colored crap well... all those different shades of black/white will change colors depending on weapon skin ( patterns? )

Then we'll see about the borders and stuff... need to research a bit

In case your wondering about the combat well I have everything prepared but its gonna be fairly simple with a really good skill/learning curve

Kinda a balanced Warframe... 

So actually i finished the tux mostly

Dont really spend more then an hour on these things ... really really easy to upgrade like ive said 10 times already

Since all the textures are organized its just a matter of re mapping the UV onto the new textures, GG

Wanted to give him a Tie not a Bow but ill deal with it later... after im done this i have to re organize my code and we can move on


Still perfecting it takes a bit of time, My shoes could use a huge make over some day...

Actually I was thinking about how to do it... Weather to snap all the verts together or what... seems like professional work is all in 1 right... so most things are snapped mostly just tight clothing but

if you look from the bottom you could see through the backface ... Not exactly sure what thats about but i mean if you took a bit of time sure...

and the female variants... could use a skirt but not this version

Accessories will be visible but not set up yet



Today I begin coding the combat and stuff

If i never post again its cause i quit

See you.



Right so id be lying if i said I was just starting these things... nah most of it is actually completed just has to be put together

Animation based combat, notice that little block its just a representation of the hit box ...

I mean send an attack function once with multi hit or splash enabled? Just like the emulator... I mean... Im sure itll turn out fine.....

A shooter is Easy , just gore and popping off heads doesnt really see much animation usually...

Also incase your wonderinf I do have the inventory set up sadly... It would take me a week to fix but im not gonna touch that until i get this released AND if its a problem

Everything looks good , the head stuff needs more work

Black tuxedo is pretty visible

And no noticable flaws in the underwear...

So like I do have to play with the lighting a bit but all an all its starting to look like a game without the use of anything weird ..... 

Im just gonna keep working on these animations for this weapon set. ( dur are you about to make some weird donkey dmc game ) Nah . . .  not really

Force Knuckle :
3 Stages depending on how much its used while its equipped with ways to hit the last stage for a quick burst of damage

Special: Meteor Impact
Only usuable while in the AIR and TARGETTING something
Crash to the target location dealing moderate AoE damage with some other added effect ...



Soo that was stressful ( not really but annoying )

Upgraded my database and changed a few things around...

The whole interaction between players and monsters is completed, next up im gonna be finishing my map and a few more visually things...

Making physics assests in unreal engine is so dam annoying wondering if blender/maya would convert properly but guess it dont matter... but like if you want an arm to bend you gotta adjust everything like angle and the actually physical region

But an annoying thing about unreal is this f*** capsule

me trying to set up physics without google =

BTW i have used the particle editor like once or twice...

thats an old pic but visible idea, i made a moth sprite and had them swarming the lamps

SOOOOOOOO ill be back again soon seeya!

Funny i had to reposition all these emitter things on my own... really frustrating day trying to figure out how to get the built in emitter to work with custom assests.... its all good though.. im gonna have to practice a bit lots of stuff to go through but i mean it should be easy lol



So its never easy..  it has to be perfect i mean you can do something 10 different ways but wont rest till its perfect right...

been working on logic for targeting system and movement a bit still not sure how to do a few things but we'll deal with it tomorrow

Still got some kinks in the death thing... but whatever



So the past few days ive been dragging my self towards putting together the project back completely and its done and the data tables are set up to support all incoming materials... should be fine...

So once i put together some things that apprently didnt save like lamps and re arrange some signs ill work on the combat a bit more...

See you in abit



Ok so i had to fix so many things and just so much boring stuff but its finally finished

Thats nice but what about progress

Well i worked on the lock on and strafing system some more and right now its just really basic but its pretty good pretty acurate i mean as it is now you wouldnt notice unless you really wanted to bust me

Its actually in the middle of being tweaked so the inner circle is a bit messed up compared to the outer circle . . .

Also made a cooler sprinting animation

Gotta do the jumping and stuff but idk which im gonna do first combat or movement well prolly movement.

moving on ...

man its looking awesome

Also was looking at another game i played i usually compare mechanics and stuff and find it funny when i bump into a "problem" on my project and test it in another game to see oh look they got the same problem lol

*when the dust settles*

Alright well ill probably be chillen out for the next few days since im not particularly worried about anything ...

I put together my locomotive tree a bit adding over 20 animations from different speeds to jumping and running and a bunch of other cool stuff

after playing with the movement capabilities of the default engine last night for a few hours.. its not bad... nothing i really have to do... besides . . .

I will probably set up parkour and ledge collision over the next few days.. gonna have to watch some videos cause im potato man

seeya in a bit



Right so ive been doing stupid stuff the past few days but managed to finish well most of the ledge grabbing and stuff...

The still jump is really old but.. it kinda works really need alot of work over... BUT

The issue isnt totally the animation or my character but the map, i need to remake the colision so im sure after that itll be alot smoother

Cant really use the Navigation... I keep teleporting around using it even if its a bit more accurate... not exactly sure whats going on but ill test it out after i remake the collision

the animations them selves are pretty good, everything is ready to be updated at some point soon

Sooo +1 to the WIP pile lol

Moving on a bit

Im playing with 40 frames with good lighting and post processing on this map... which is fine for a HUB....but i havnt even built the main interior which will probably drop to 30 FPS... maybe?

I guess ill build the bar and get the sort of intro i had planned going along with character creation...

if i just ignore everything about this parkour system tomorrow morning when i wake up and just switch to mapping again it should be fine i mean... not much i can do until i fix my maps


See you soon  /no1

dam root motion is reliable but probably something horribly wrong with it somewhere

i was waiting for this point.. where i can just build/import and start walking around my map with SOME parkour set up... I dont think ill be adding wall run though.. I have like 500 hours in dying light and on my biggest file i dont even grab the wall run... hacked saves to make things harder FTW



Good day everyone

I just wanted to update yall a bit right now

Alright so i did less then i wanted to today but i rewrote the functions i use to fill these textures up and put together the base for this bar

its a pretty good size ...
wut about the furniture

Well wait i wanna point out this error

the moths are coming through the walls there............. kinda annoying

I do however have ALL the models prepared already for the streets and bar... hah i just havnt placed a single thing yet

Sooo after i finish organizing a few thing,... i need to clone my entire project into an importable format....

then ill do that.

Also my only live screenshot of one of those models.. the rest have never been opened in unreal

alright be careful guys  /no1