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Started by Naruto, Apr 21, 2019, 09:02 AM

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Hello ... The past 2 weeks or so i was moving around IRL and working on sorting and pasting all the sprites onto organized sheets, completed but unusable... I mean i can place them in my game and stuff but they just do the animations... unusable

But today i took the time to start my adventure into the mapping on the unreal engine... geting off topic

Ive figured out alot of it, cliffs, painting and pathing, trasnparency and practically every feature of browedit but on unreal , dont miss it but i still need it open to view the maps:


feels a bit desolate in first person, but ill figure something else

besides that it looks pretty much like it... the cliff could be a bit darker but i need to play around with this alien software


If you dont close me i can post more  . . . indoor maps should be a snap but ill need to make my own ceilings

Moving inside i realize the walls arent totally made flat top for ceilings... but i quickly figure out the collision and things going ok

but now i figured out many collision and importing tricks, things are easy. BUT there seems to be issues with the bigger builds, they arent showing materials propeerly and i gotta go through some of them... Its a good things ive stared at these textures for 3 years , but there is a way to locate them exactly... pretty convenient

next up i build the floor texture for prontera, should be okay... the problem with using the imported floors is that you need to make a new back drop either way, and if you do, its pretty hard to f*** replicate what ragnarok had without making it in browedit and importing it... kinda defeats the purpose, so im trying to build it myself, even if i gotta make tiles of it >_> probably not

finished prontera mostly just gotta do the colision and the back drop, but gonna build my way to glast heim now... gonna be sick, mostly done with the bull s*** too



Oh the past few days have been horrible,
Not that bad but holy s***

I got my animations in and im starting to grasp it, luckily the sprite flip book is kinda useful and i dont need to even look at the 3d animation stuff till effects probably

I gutted the fps stuff and fixed my camera to lock the rotation

Major issues with compatibility, its almost non existent and buying stuff seems to be merely like buying a tutorial... but i got one and i should be able to get the head and hats incorporated, as i did see the sockets for sprites too..

The combat i planned to have it obviously first person, using physics in the projectiles among other things.. it should be cool once i get on board

Just imagine when sonic does his woosh woosh woosh in the air, we'll use the weapon effects and hopefully that should be easy too

Just curious cause some games the FISTS and KUNCKLES of a giant boss are solid... but sometimes they arent which makes me wonder how that works. . . .

anyways im not dead yet  /no1

oh with all that in mind, its obvious that ill be able to add my own animations for jumping and attacking... alot of stuff ive learned in ragnarok doesnt really help me since i joined and got familiar with src quickly, stats and stuff were in everything... but all ive done is pixels art and painting textures... im just glad we got that going lol



The past couple days have been exciting but ive been trying to calm down on a chemical level

I havnt done too much in unreal but im looking for some more stock resources, on top of everything i had prepared for ROpocolypse ( LOTS )

But now i can even consider more abstract things

Got a few good ideas from some un reachable textures , and hopefully we can make nice use of the sky box and everything

But besides that i plan on preparing the rest of the ragnarok sprites and getting them into a nice importing style

We'll speak again soon ,

Seeya! /pif

Hmm another thing that crossed my mind when playing through some of my favorites was the usage of menu screens and stuff... I really liked it but i didnt plan for that...



I looked into the particle effect system,

The lightning looks pretty classy and ill probably elaborate on it a bit more

I wanted to make chain lightning balls but quickly got side tracked . . .

Its a bit better then ROstrviewer  /heh



Figuring out the effect system, seems fine to me except my black isnt transparent for some reason . . .

No idea but ill figure it out tomorrow,

Now that thats out of the way I can easily replicate most ragnarok effects, but first thing i need to set up some sort of stylist just to have something to stand on and maybe an npc if possible  /heh

but im assuming this is how its mostly done, its 360 view when centered is probably half the effects you know with a trail attached

a few skills i liked are the ones that use tree roots and tree branches... and we look at grim tooth how its a model or physical object, I cant tell if they drew it or made a 3d animation... pretty sure its 3d but ill have to find out or maybe suffer the brutal 3d modeling programs

but besides that using the particle effects i can make it rain and add a cloud to make it seem 3d , we'll have to figure out a way to orgranize skills and a hot bar eventually after we get a few npcs going



Hmm I was working on the menus for a while today and sure it half worked... Gotta figure out whats wrong with this

I did design a rough idea for my menu... just getting it to show is being annoying, gonna have to look through it all

but idk what else were gonna do today

/wah /omg

definitly getting intresting... now im probably gonna spend 50 hours trying to get my menu looking dank ( yeaaa i have to reduce the reflective-ness of the light )

and done with that,

not sure how were gonna do the windows tho but next i have to make a layer for every button so we can hover over them for a bit of glow, then again on clicked, and whatever else they do

Finished mostly, gotta flip the stupid graphics and prolly change them

but the windows will be the same i guess

now to customize my sprite....

and i managed to attach a head, need to make it like a character selection though hmmph  /pif



Today i have been preparing sprites for the transfer but also thinking about the attacking style

Like I initially planned for the basic left click and right click will be similar to :
a simple blue slash wave . . . and maybe block or alt attack

but for spells besides projectiles we need a grid

So since its an fps my grid is locked on my which allows for directional spells

Gonna use the same method i used to attached the head to build a grid we can do s*** like fire walls and other gay stuff

Reminds me of the herc brandish spear tbh

So after I get a menu sorted out along with all that crap ( actually i realized how much of the game is played in the menu lately )

Then i need to learn to map a bit better

There we go  /no1 even if its not functional i can still make stupid s***



So as happy as we were with ragnarok customs ive had to take the time to serious get used to unreal ( If you can recall all the ranting i was having )

Well the switch is 70% done... Most features have been planned and accounted for , few things mostly npc scripts and functions are obviously not the intended goal , as ragnarok itself serves a learning chair for me... not sure how this is gonna end

But today i figured out how to simply use variables in the way were familiar with in ragnarok

If ( blag blah  [true or false]
> send whatever commands

litterally the first thing i learnt here but finally got it going on unreal

the other 30~% is mostly stats, monster AI and item dropping

Should be simple enough really

Finishing up my menu now that we got this going and hopefully see something tomorrow




Again, this is all super impressive!  Looking forward to seeing where this goes.



Quote from: Xarale on Jan 21, 2020, 05:29 PM
Again, this is all super impressive!  Looking forward to seeing where this goes.


Same as always  /kis

Hmm im gonna show you guys how to pull a variable and use it. . . this was bugging me all day

1) Create and make sure the variable you want to work with exist where you want to get it from ( the blueprint you are trying to export it to, DOES NOT need it, Gold variable ONLY exists with my GAME INSTANCE and im trying to use it in my MAIN MENU

2)Go to your MAINMENU or whereever you wanna use this variable AND SET UP A REFERANCE TO IT, Litterally just type in the name of the blue print and hit the blue one where you add a variable

3)Select and drag him onto your blue print... and pull the thingy and type get, now our variable that we referenced to is showing...

4)Then you can use it

So much f*** crap on the internet  /wah

Whyd it take so damn long to figure this out...




working on the new window, also fixed the lighting so it looks like Ragnarok again

Im gonna make it a lot flashier but i think we got the base down

I can see custom windows / UIs in the future rather simply but... gonna finish this and then fill it all in with all the ragnarok stuff - so i dont need to worry about it anymore

could also be a little more 3d >->
wont be much longer  /no1



Pretty much done with this stuff, ill probably have it put together by tomorrow morning but...

Now i dont have to work with squares.... old habit

and im finally done my menu stuff

Mostly anyways, ive figured out how to get it all together... now i just need to get the character  stats and equipment slots and hotkeys ... then well be done

*dead face*

I will have to go over it again but... itll be fine for now as long as i do the contents properly actually got another 50 frames to add to the first window, wew  but the blocky stuff is a bit meh

man i sit here everyday and no one ever mentions this stuff to me, obviously i never needed it before but now i see the trick to photoshop... s*** i even asked the other day the same question but reddit potato'd out

after re formatting my laptop 2 times i noticed something in photoshop, the stupid styles...

apparently you can add a light source, to photoshop then you can raise or lower curves based on alphas... which im totally familiar with but yeah... i was wondering how to make stuff so glossy ... but now i can just flip on a custom style on my existing stuff

also did you konw you can add a shadow to layers? I could do it by hand but with the accuracy of a robot. its amazing



Hmm i made more widgets ( sitting on about 200+ images atm )

Not sure exactly what im going to do but it seems like we can hit 60 fps and maybe ill put these 2 things together

the 3d style is a bit experimental and lacking fine texture but if i decide to continue we'll have to see  /heh

but the menu is the most important part of my game, so its gotta be good... pretty sure i said 40 hours ? maybe more >_<

( for the right i was thinking of having them fall in like a strip, and rotate around in 3d, turning into a button wheel.... but It needed a base)

So im finally done with photoshop, litterally impossible to get any better at widget construction ( visually ) , now i have theorized a bunch of things to do tomorrow,

Its a bit silly how much there is to a template... but making progress is nice  /lv

So far everything is looking really solid though, gonna be screwing around a bit the next couple days but in the mean time will be creating a few assests for my demo



Well after playing with a few different projects ... I think its really alot of work trying to build a database full of functions relating to inventory control to interaction range...

Im gonna have to pay 400$ for a good one, its pretty much ragnarok -
Where ill have an entire client with its own build and stuff... then just readd my own s***

Well I quit until then

Nah well Im gonna put everything together still but no real reason to keep you posted besides boardom

Im just glad i didnt waste any money trying to get ragnarok server put together... lmaoo.......

Anyways feel free to donate to the cause :

[email protected]

good luck with ragnarok  /omg



I think it would be statistically wise to update this but pretty irrelevant to ragnarok at this point

The internet is like a river....

Just kidding but Ive been working hard on learning the Unreal Engine and Blender 3D modeling havnt quit but havnt really made ANYTHING until the other day...

I made a bunch of rough drafts and crap but all that aside

Not gonna show off much more then ive developed a pretty decent traffic system that can take further commands likes cars crashing and stuff

This scene in particular is taken from the tutorial area ( but we do re visit it later )

So due to the weight of VFX and lighting and everything trying to get 60FPS in a zone like this is easy but at the cost of 20 frames it looks 3 times better.... not a big deal


I was thinking about how I can get monsters and enemy AI to interact with a HUB zone like this , and was thinking of having another light... red yellow green but Orange right for emergencies?

Peds could follow the same system leaving their cars on the streets where they were and running away

So that said yeah i learnt the rest of the "Basics" of coding or whatever even if its just through the blueprints and tools

Vectors are dumb

And still i dont really believe that its not flawless? But no idea how to test for errors in code besides hitting all the buttons

See you soon!

That almost took me an entire year........ /wah