ROpocalypse - The Untitled Project

Started by Naruto, Apr 21, 2019, 09:02 AM

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Well Ill be busy for god knows how long and probably have 0 time for any creative work

But ill be back hopefully >_<   /swt

See you later  /no1

tiny update:
Ive cleaned up my grf... no more iro npc or monsters, items or anything... all backed up and good to goo...



Hello, Im not dead, and i still have internet.  /no1

I have been working a bit today on a few things seeing how i have nothing to procrastinate over ( seriously doing some server things is annoying)

So with the help of the people at Turbosquid, they provided me a beautiful model , that of course, wasnt painted for ragnarok and i had to go over everything very carefully... needless to say it went perfect

Also ignore the floor, I need to triple the size as it didnt work how it looked in the modeler

It looks AWESOME

My new sand though... Im still learning some tricks, i could move to blender maybe with a bigger user base and tutorials... but I have this thing down for ragnarok... still learning new things every time i open it though  /heh

Anyways i need this park stuff done, even though most of the basics are completed for the town it is lacking finer detail ( Although ALOT of things look great [ because i am importing REALLIFE textures into ragnarok ] ) Some things like the traffic light is a bit meh... but i wanted to add effects to it

gotta push the doors and windows in...  The windows are fine... but i think ill have to make a different door, not see through.. no idea why i made the commercial doors for residential...  /hmm

Thats it for now, I didnt plan anything for tomorrow but probably just gonna add a swing set and maybe fix the doors... not sure

Seeya!   /pif



Lazy day today but i did do a few things :

I finished the swing set to an acceptable point

And i was screwing around with bromedit and the seesaw... unfortunately i wasnt really paying attention to borf when he was showing off bromedit animations, apart from how to make things move..... i didnt figure out how to change textures IN the software. So next time i make it i have to seperate the seat from the base like the swing... this isnt a AAA game so idk man i can still do it though  /heh

btw the see saw doesnt keep knocking back and fourth cause i only made it 6 seconds long and i need to like triple it or so for the next version

No sand? Well apparently the new version of the sand pile i made was crashing my server, no idea why but ill just not do it that way... apprently the hardest thing to do is the sand

Why am i making animated park stuff? Meh seemed like a good place to start

I have a theory for making animated stop lights , that arent just blinking effects because, if you spin youll see them... we can dig up an example but it doesnt look too good

Thats it for now, after i finish the see saw and sand, i need some park benchs which is simple af and then we can finish the town and improve a few things

I tend to do the whole rough draft thing... i mean it could just be me being lazy but whatever lol

Seeya  /no1



Today I finished the animated park stuff but still need a sand pit and a park bench  /ho

After I wanted to figure out a way to make my bricks brighter and balance out the darkness between the models and the walling... its super annoying balancing it out but... we'll figure something out

but i took a break today to do something else dont kill me


I opened unreal engine and tried to figure out some things,
I did get prontera opened in it but... my computer is at risk so lets laugh about it...

I did figure out basic character manipulation... its so weird but i figured out a bit, im using my right mouse click to launch myself around and i land if i let go early ... figuring it out.. was gonna make a dinky little sci fi game or something that only i can play

i spent like 2 hours trying to figure out how to double tap my wasd keys but realized how stupid i was when i stop moving when i let go the first time........................ please kill me



see ya later  /omg

hmm i guess ill go draw for a bit  /ok



So i wanted to make a boss actually the biggest boss ( no joke ) using models... and animations

if you remember these sink holes

Ive decided to go with a

A demon so heavy the earth couldnt support him, It crashed down and hangs on for some reason... his foot steps reek the city

so im gonna have to break it up but heres the plan

He punches through the area and his other hand CRUNCHES UP A BIT LIKE A FIST all systematically

It hammers the area 3 times

So if i replace a trap with a huge donkey animated model... i can have all the attacks coming in a pattern right

And the area would have indicators cause you wont be able to see his other arm too well .. i have an idea

so smash smash crush crush

so if i add it to a trap itd be like a spawnable instance sort of thing... ready up and trigger the trap and he spawns on a timer with all the groud attacks...

Might be possible... I can see it but we'll see i guess >_<

He'll be one of the strongest bosses in the first era... so fighting him will require the best characters in the time... so lets say you looted real military equipment or some gizmo... probably not gonna use a fire axe on him ...

since the first era will be a bit more basic, while the job advancment will be retarded...


nope wont work properly



boring day today

I changed the bricks and went over the lighting and cracks...

Then ill be finishing the rest of the city

oh yeah and if i ever get assassinated i took a note :
- have to switch to 3d
- lose a few maps maybe half idk why  but models are safe. . still keep same idea and field style tho... technically i can save my map lay outs
-all 2d art goes into garbage can <- sad but no real use for it after wards

still got lots of textures though.. guess it could be worse mabinogi 3 will be out soon anyways



added 20 models today cars and garbage

filled the streets up, soon ill be done with the maps i got and they will all be pretty and ready to be copy/pasted some more until this sector is completed

got a constructino site / worm hill over the sub way and then a school or 2 with a few other random buildings

then i can do another tile set  /pif



Hi besides real life things i have been working on something

I finished the ambulance, Its pretty good, i dont need to make any significant changes but I wanted to open the doors and get a table for bodies on wheels going scene

we need more lights... smog and smoke i can fill the streets with only so much garbage

things i need to do :
police car
fire truck
fork lift
and a few other things like generators and steel girder things ( im thinking of a mini dungeon out of the building being built.. but an acrobatic dungeon we'll see

then i can finish building this city...

itll be really nice to have something to build off of, i could make a bunch of cool things but no real point IMO, easy to replace a block with a point of interest and not easy to improve without slaving in the 3d editor

but itll be fun to do underground stuff again, laboratories, and stupid s*** like bioshock remake... it wouldnt take long either just being helba isnt enough you know



I finished the police car, and ill convert an ambulance into one too

screwing around with effect tool... sometimes it looks good but i dont know how to work it .. maybe its impossible

i could line a shiny-ness with the lights on top but f*** it  /swt

and i also completed the fire truck mostly




a bit of a bus crash going on

I finished the firetruck, leaving it at that, no ones tipping over a fire truck

but i did finish the public bus, maybe ill change the cockpit i was gonna morph it up but i didnt really >_>

Need to add a bottom to my civilian vehicles,
need a taxi and school bus

and a bunch of glass


finished the school bus today

need to change the bottoms on the small vehicles tonight  /wah



Hmm when i first started, we tried a bunch of things and now we got it all completed

just a few tiny things and ill be done with this... for now I wanna do some spriting and other things.

Every map is the size of prontera field

So I wanted to double it using all the pieces Ive made and then make a DOWN TOWN tile set... I drew something a long time ago and i know what i want

along with that we got the apartments mini dungeon and the other field, the subway tunnles infested

With over 100+ new modern models... we can easily build alot of interiors but, i actually got millions of pictures for textures for use

Also we went over how horrible the client graphics are set up... i wish i knew but its not easy to edit  /pif

Our warp will be sort of blood fire flies ? lmao it looks fine but its shared with our existing blood splash, the other pieces have to stay transparent

And last notes regarding this project, ive decided i think were gonna use weapons in hat sprites definitely, ive barely started :P and use weapon sprites as effects... im thinking arrows and other stupid things

So if youve followed you should know im a fan of dot hack and prepared lots for it... I wanna open a server soon, next year anyways... like this:

-Pre renewal Rathena server ----------- Ill be doing things and adding some third job skills to pre renewal LIKE I STARTED AGES AGO but, less touchy touchy on the main features, I want this to be familiar to people who played ragnarok Woe and other things... but generally split the two until i can manage a few players
(me? I dont really care much for pvp ragnarok I love it but i dont woe so i need sheep, ive rocked assassins and soul link tank in woe emperiums for lols but thats it really)

- main town will be, not sure yet :) but maybe a NEW mac anu...
>key word system for randomly designed ( but man made ) maps, chunks of existing gravity maps and stuff i steal can be added as a key word from other people, even if i gotta balance it, itll be simple

>BUT, Mac Anu/dot hack will be SEPERATE, meaning the home town will be PRONTERA and you can start the dot hack stuff by hitting the portal there, or use normal wapra stuff ... itll be balanced

>completing gravity content, will reward you with usuable key words, so completing gravity quests and stuff will give you key words related to that quest  /lv /lv

My ROpocalypse is pretty much the NETSLUMS tile set, itll get a bit of work when that day comes but, itll all be re used in the end game of my DOT HACK CAMPAIGN

That leaves us with a ton of un used Renewal graphics that i can play with , I have a ton of minigames in mind and not just poring catcher.... elaborate monsters and skills etc

Someone has asked me to split with them before but i wasnt interested... im gonna have to figure out all this server side nonsense though and then figure out what im gonna do but hopefully we can get a kicking ragnarok server

99 but this will depend on weather or not people wanna pvp with me or just be gay

"What do you plan to do about unexpectedly OP items in your pre renewal server"
-turn it into a weaker version and remove it from the drop table, then release the new version. Depending on the situation, can be traded for the real version.

"What about bots?"
I dont mind, ill kill you and make you work on bot related items hehe like auto heals and stuff youd wonder whyd youd wear if you werent botting

i dont really believe in that stuff, but thats something i need to look into seeing how i can open my sql and do anything i want

"wut about nuked server"
ill keep personal back ups and close nit relationship with it, but ill be releasing it all in tidy campaigns like we see on rathena

no money involved, but i do care deeply about anyone who would sink time into my servers

"last words"
yeah i like anima collabs... a bit too much maybe >_<

oh my is it getting hot in here, someone please open a window

Dont matter much , besides drop rate and for woe? meh.



Got my Rathena server up and going

Since the primary theme of the server is dot hack, a few things are changing to the vanilla gravity stuff

Starter town prontera is changed to this with a removed fountain

some model conflictions but its ok

I took the time to build a real portal model, since i can now :D art level up boys

then i wanna do this

however, the area around the portal in prontera, that sends you off to Macanu  is clean, itll be clean and all map variants will be clean and considered a BACK UP OF MIDGARD ? thinking about it (Like the place you start will be infected with this , but once you get to prontera youll see the portal clean , but all iro dungeons will be filled right... but if you take the portal to macanu and start the dot hack stuff, youll get to play on the clean versions of the maps)

Obviously this could take a big of time but rather simple to fill the pre renewal world with

off topic from the primary goal but all for the same thing

see you soon  /no1



So i went through a bit of prontera and slapped on a bunch of these layers, maybe over doing it but itll probably look good once i put more work into it lol

but ill be working on this server mod for ragnarok for the next 2 weeks, in the mean time ill be gathering resources for my personal thing

go through every pre renewal quest and complete them, taking quest things like, kiehl quest, unlocks a word that might include more alices or something

do all the wapra dungeons, and make a nice infection version for all of them, probably not doing any of the new world stuff...

I was hoping to include pvp... so spliting the skill code 2 ways does work but the idea of infection then clean world with my mod ? ill split the pvp simply enough

but ima keep it to myself for the next bit and talk to you again soon

good hunting  /pif



Hi ive been working a bit this week on some things

Mostly stalker/assassin stuff since im making a PvM mod before PvP im just gonna ignore it atm

I removed and changed all the strip skills except for fullstrip

hell gatling, pretty much using smgs and the grimtooth skills

hell spike, in changes between 2 animations , one that stuns

this smg one is a 4x shot gotta change it apprently

full bloom, i have another version planned ( no choice )

they all have sound

So i finished a good portion of the rogue/stalker tree, but more about this in a bit

Working on some fallen_angel adjustments  , now it hits everyone you land on, no need to cast desperado anymore

this however will be used in the assassin tree , was simply experimenting

So first off i need to do this :
go through all my jobs, and adjust the pre renewal skills, and if i cant think of any ( only really an issue for stalker/bard/dancer) then incorporate the third job stuff right away

then once im happy ill fill in what i want if needed and use third job mechanics where i deem fit

edit: ah right, since im collabing hack and ragnarok we wanna give everyone elements... so a few things will be saved for that, but theoritically, i could make STALKER FIRE STALKER WATER, novice classes, that are grabbed before the rebirth? could work but havnt thought too much just gonna rip everyone down first
a few nice things just a bit easy IMO

and the mapping is going along fine

but 3d animation sounds really good... i wanna do something on Unreal but theres no point in making an FPS out of ROpocalypse . . maybe

curious to see what happens what i finish :/  /no1


Nothing ever goes as planned, so i dont plan much :/

But luckily the floors and models texture IDs are seperate so thats nothing to worry about... cause i do like the way the models get eaten up ( most of the time ) So its something ill have to look into a bit more... however for the fields i was thinking of filling it up with something like this, not this is particular im just showing off this mess

wonder how its made officially

So my adventure begins again, im gonna relevel all my dudes and play through their quests, see what i can do and then once i do my job changes :
assassin > first thing i get martin jur and take it to the top floor and get 3 skeleton workers(thats something most assassins would do without spoon feed or make a sniper, this is irrelevant though now) > then probably re work porcellio but thats in the other continent which is annoying...




released what i have again

hopefully not the last time we speak but I have to upgrade to something real and not an emulator

tons of fun though seeya  /lv