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Started by Naruto, Apr 21, 2019, 09:02 AM

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Finished with another section, got a grocery store, and the subway here... pretty easy cutting things in and out and adding new models...

still kinda annoying placing lights and effects >_>

for the residential area i was gonna give houses actual roofs... and yards, being clearly, visually different from town stuff.. .and down town city stuf

finished another corner and will probably finish 2 more sections by the end of the day...

getting closer to being able to play and make stuff in game... as easy as it would have been to just use gunslinger in a nice map with custom sprites.. no point really... almost that time

and finished the first real house, i think itll turn out nice..

throwing down a double row of these and thatll be it, need some back yard stuff... and maybe wooden fence for it too




cutting up city blocks and adding real houses.. got another spot to fill here, probably a police station

but as far as "new maps"

Im thinking "new tile sets and themes"

Not sure... but this will be part of the largest main chunk of land anyways... so far spanning 3 prontera fields and for dungeons, 2 more fields

I can see myself adding trash and other things in the future though, but trying to speed through it a bit now

Done with that part of town , included a park.. need some benches and have to make a better sand hill, ill come back with some higher quality park related stuff.... someday

and a few step north we got my houses

the realistic size is awesome... man its gonna be hell playing this

The past few days i was thinking about other software i could use... but i really wanna do something with ro... but ive played a few good games that were simple just not really expanded on... the whole idea of creating a chess board to creating an fps confuse me but probably just a bunch of tools... but yeah... you stick the sprite on the act editor and shove it in the client ....

almost there




The northern section of town is completed, ive got... 1,2 ,3 ,4 ,5,6 more sections then i can change tile sets ... a few things i will need are the buses and a few bigger vehicles are a little more difficult, like fire truck ...

I need to trash cars up and use both sprites and models for them

the few places that werent moved around are hardly noticable but i need to make visible changes to my minimap

still thinking about other software i could possibly use, maybe not for my apocalypse game but a few other things... i mean i look at some strong examples and try and make stuff up but my biggest complaint in videos games were the lack of the usage of status effects and skills the interacted with them... i cant imagine the devs are complete potatoes for coming up with things to begin with but the lack of effort that is made kinda bugs me... wondering why they dont just keep doing stuff... maybe its just an mmorpg thing cause i look at things like fallen earth and fallout 76... ai are so stupid its retarded so then your dropping tons of money on graphics since you can barely hide the simple coding or whatever

this is slightly a concern to me because 3d modelling is alot easier then drawing sprites... not top down sprites, thats simple but im not really digging the whole using top down sprites over the ragnarok sprites because it would be 100% perfect but i simply cant

seriously once you design a texture you can slap it onto the shoddiest arm or leg and itll look like a master piece

i saw people posting pictures of skeith

then you slap this onto it

lets ignore the fact that his style is perfect for animating with, you could always add the spaces between the arms later, not sure this is what concerns me

then you got something like this

still... ive played rpgs since i was a tadpole and always found older stuff 100x harder , while now we do get super hard modes, mostly just being MEAT BAGS AND HAVE TO BE PERFECT FOR 10 MINS NOT JUST 2 MINUTES... which im ok with... but still why did everything have to be so different and why could things get more elaborate end games?

im not sure... and ive followed many devs and thought about it most of my life... like how the hell is a game boy game made... or a digital camera for that matter

idk but the point is i really need to go look at some other things... maybe not now but in a few months

but for now until i get assassinated I will just use ragnarok sprites and just try and match it...



So im quitting making my own sprites, for the time being ill just keep trying to make them as close to ragnarok as possible, not too hard but... itll take a while getting things to look good

First off i need the first job sprite,

The one in the primary timeline, note there is no undead players ( but i am replacing doram with a god like race that is maybe invisible and you can just spawn zombies and activate traps... I wanna include this in the first time line though )

Since were almost done mapping wise, i wanna do that now

Replacing and editting the existing sprites will just look better all together, and a new thing i wanna do is make graphical changes to the armor, like spikes... padding and other thing, the only downfall is the whole palletes never matching your hats... the only choice really is to have items released or obtained as a non dyed version and just craft dyes...  I gotta think of some hats we can use though

so yeah so far i removed the stupid ribbons on the thief sprite

Almost done, but thinking about hats and clothing... I dont see a point in useless cosmetics like a plad collar or a rainbow bow tie... I do like designing them but the plan is to seperate visuals between head/body/other as planned but when your wearing armor, you just get some beam-y aura that states the armor rarity and possibly extra glow for extra things, making the ARMOR slot a slot you wanna REPLACE with your COSTUME SLOT... I see it adding a bit more incentive to my game.. but pretty sure we can disable the costumes for certain events,  revealing the original armor auras

Heads... well i can make a few caps and stuff but maybe ill have to change my lore a bit, make up , bandanas, and stuff make ok costumes i guess ... so ill leave it empty mostly, and just add my heads, possibly improved realism...

then if anyone plays we can add our own costumes :>

then ill save garment visuals for other things,

not exactly sure how were gonna go with gear but biomods/implants will fill up half the slots like this 1 major implant , 3 minor implants...

Im just pumped for my custom skill effects >_<



Finished with the sprite, and the weapon templates, i just wanna experiment with swing effects and different bullet things, because the ARROW is connected with ARROWSHOWER graphically... im gonna save these 2 for something else

So the 1 down side is no indiction of where im shooting other then the blood, and the bullet animation that we normally see attached...

I dont really care since itll be mostly obvious

Next issue is the head problem, If i change 1 head i gotta change them all and i had to flip them around

wasnt sure if i wanted to split the character creation between

male = undead, female = human

then the heads are all shown for undead and seperate from human... whatever it should be fine, just gotta pick the head you want... but then the issue is the preview being the original gender <_< wew fantastic character screen i love it

the streets are so empty and im changing the car thing again... gotta do that maybe ill just use my models or something easily found online

also need some more trash and filler

fix up the 4 maps i have and finish the rest of the town  /no1



Working on my zombie

zombie master had a good base so im just gonna build on top of it after i remove the mohawk and tattoos

20 frames at 25 ms secs? thats nuts but its not that bad....its my favorite part but as expected gonna have to keep ripping off ragnarok

andd just before bed ima update this :

almost done, half way done with my attack sprite, I wanted it to bring up its arm and swing it horizontally, might add a red clawwing effect with it

I wanted to make a few different death animations, although very possible to link animations to skills.... by transforming the monster...I might do this for a few things, but for now im gonna smash its head a few different ways and stuff like that

I thought i could make a 100 frame death animation, would the monster just lay there dead for 100 frames? No idea..

Anyways that its almost done



done with the front now for the back . >_<

trying to make 2d sprites half 3d is way more painful then 3d only >_<

was looking at spikes, it looks meh with a s*** 1 minute texture gonna have to try more , might be more suited for wood

and those cloaked foot steps could make a good blood dripping ... way to lazy to do these things now though



finished with that just need to do the death animatinos, the recolor it... looks nice and filthy..

sprites are all on the way, i dont mind but i wasnt an artist before all this...

I could .. raise its arms and throw its body into it but idk i made it weak, maybe ill add more variations to the attacks and call it a variant



I finished another half of a sprite, mostly spent the day familiarizing myself with these new tools

I can finally make them animated and not all twitched out

After i finish this thing up , ill add 2 more bugs and the lantern guy again

Then back to the mapping... dogs sound good but to early for them imo..I have a ton of ideas but, im still trying to think of a way to put it together >_>



Working on the other sprites into the new form, its not ragnarok style... i have no idea what they did but this will be good for me

start off with pieces, seems like the foot steps will work out... maybe this will work

btw he gets a giant walking stick with a lamp ofc

and almost done that...

aftwards i gotta go and move his arms and stuff

so this will work



Finished the walking animation , well most of it once i get the staff in i can apply detail but i had issue with pallette capacity...

anyways i figured something out that reduces the density of pixels it wound up with this

it took 1 button and it considered all my lighting stuff and shading ... im kinda shocked with this alien technology

so i gotta restart but use less pixels  /no1 /omg /ok

this obviously isnt an issue for everything though...ill just have to save both in case i get assassinated



double post, but i fixed the sprite and now i can add more color...

if i cant keep my original sprite, like i was able to do for the worm (so far) its not too bad..

you can hardly see the difference unless you zoom in and squint >_>

Im starting to think this is how some were made... but maybe not

getting there, pretty lazy though

glow could use some work havnt played much with that stuff yet

Tobi: Someone, or something made the underground tunnels their home. Illuminated by a familiar glow it marks its prey and feast with beasts?

Worm: Giant worms that get about as big as the tunnels they are from, they secrete resin that infests the labyrinth beneath the streets.

bugs: NO IDEA

flesh monsters?: Victims of the beginning of the "sunset?" Slow, diseased and plentiful they are found everywhere.


i could not do my backs but its only an extra day >_>

Kinda looks good without backsides, but i am using some mobs as templates... ill leave that be i guess and continue




Quote from: Adel on Nov 18, 2019, 04:32 AM
Those monsters look nice! /lv

Thanks lol, making the backs is possible... just a huge pain

Ive been working on the idle animations for the hooded guy and finished the walking anims until i figure out some more tricks

after hes done, ill whip up a bug and centipede for his spawnings... or maybe something different all together like a gore slab of insects... then back to the surface yet again

he wasnt spawning worms originally, was merely testing the sprite on test ids

but heres me playing :

If there was 0 backs you would never know that it was a feature, pretty sure the only skill that involves directions in that sense was what... back stab? and that move sucked... but eventually ill have nothing to do but work on detail oriented stuff

I think he looks awesome, the worm needs some slime though... hmm he might be a bit too big tho or rather the worms are too small >_________<

He still needs attack/death animation but it can wait till the last few steps

So generally/comparitivly speaking :

imo im gonna lack finer detail in anything i make... i mean i could probably have thought of more details but just getting the sprite alive was enough work... ill just hold off any detail work till later ... besides that I figured out the tools and stuff...  much less an issue with 3D art though

the worm looks pretty real but thats the size, probably wont get away with too many of those though

but the zombies i made already have backs... i thought yes it would be good right away for somethings... stealth/detection related stuff... guess we'll see how it goes

move inspired by a speedrun i did, itll be locust streaming in on target, thanks to mods weve made earlier

however theres an issue with that... monster being targetable for one.. but if the target couldnt move, there would be no such issue at all



Today I planned on cleaning my database and grf in preparation to release... tons of errors, but im really hoping theres nothing sneaky i forgot... but it should be fine >_< ( already removed renewal and it seemed ok )

Lets say farewell to my old stufff...

The dot hack stuff will remain , however will be untouched... for a long time, if forever.

That train cart took me some time to come up with though jeez... first map besides the actual station ( before the infestation no pictures) or my ragnarok stuff

that other stuff is just piling up and someone one day might try using it and might try to blame borf or syouji

Its been quite a road...

Should have done it earlier but was bust with a new avatar/signature that failed

Besides that just working on the new skill effect for the tobi, since its not top down it needs to be on an angle sort of like earth quake, gotta play around but need to clean up first

seeya! /no1

damage report :
- i killed my station01 map, with the train, cant open it in editor, except the new one... so i can still use it but untidy
- now i got my apartment map with a bunch of sprite errors... probably nothing just invisible sprites used in the editor due to the changes in the name

also lots of real life pictures used as textures ... wouldnt wanna get in trouble