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Started by Naruto, Apr 21, 2019, 09:02 AM

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So i made this handle but its so f*** big, and i decided to say no doors, not happening... i had planned from the beginning to not use doors... just see through windows and stuff, i simply just removed them...

Wait didnt i say something about a keycard to get in ?

A f*** me here i go

Anyways its all done, I just gotta do the second floor elevator... but

Some places i simply cant think of anything to fill it with, except for adding another 10-15 models... that i can reuse but its un necessary and ill just start using symmetry more often

After the second floor thing, ill just be doing the gat,

Then the brick

Then were going back outside

I was gonna restart from scratch now that I know how to use all the software available to me

Im still gonna steal textures off of google, but theres many small things that i can just get myself in real life

I had plans for some huge train yard map, but we need to get some of my city going

I dunno how were gonna do this .... but its gonna happen in the next few days

Seeya nerds /kis



Finally done with the last few models..

Tons of phase 10 stuff I wanna workon like chemical bottles and other things like food and stuff but itll keep going for now...

I still need to do my brick and gat but ill do it later, i feel like playing around a bit


hmmm now what...

Filmed some stupid seagulls i hang out with!znQShaqA!TI0x77ekCMoBoPni2_yyrA6LRMjtP5fr_MlPr70A-Rw

using alien technology ive takens some wicked cool pictures

i grabbed a pack of flashlights and painted them

maybe i can make some cool loading screens now

look how cool that is, 600x400 pixels



Hmm the scaling is fine and all, and i think itll turn out great

spacing between the street is still questionable

But i took a bunch of cool pictures tonight

I also finished the alphabet in neon ish setup

Some are just bits and pieces but it will work

Especially well with the black back ground.. maybe...



I did start the out side today,
I did make the road to big but .. we caught it early

this is from the dark side and the brick on the bright side looks like

not so glamorous yet... gimme a minute

these blinds need to change the targa doesnt work well with color... not for this anyways



So i finished the apartment building and started drawing out now that everything is nice and scaled, b
ut ...
I need to plan my town out ...

maybe ill do more and see if i regret it tomorrow... i had issues with my parking but i fixed it so far

not exactly sure what direction to build but.. maybe make this apartment central a little gay and green and surround the rest with kerring city ish...switching to gray brick instead and just work on outskirts...

hmm its more annoying then i thought planning a residential district,

I wanna do sky scrapers but... can i build my way there? jeez...

i sacrifice a bit of detail for speed, necessary...

Instead of show case windows, ill just cheese it and place a plank of objects... followed by a black background, curtains or whatever

then slip on a door and call it a building

( Still need signs and stuff, cant necessarily rip those off )

Now im not looking to limit anything but for the purpose of the primary storyline timeline where the survivors pick their first job advancment

but the idea is this

the blue zone biggest star is this apartment and

if you move towards the green itll just be the end of residential and itll be high way military blockades or something... i took civics but barely passed

then the bigg star in red will be the police start in the middle of times square sort of place

and the smaller ones are bus crashes

I have stuff planned -

but i was thinking about my art style...

for sprites top down is easy for me

but i could always make lame ragnarok isometric sprites but just use less frames....

meh for now ill just finish this area... then we'll decide on that

by this area i mean im gonna get the entire first time line completed....

then we decide on sprites >_<


Im done for the day... I should look in game though

But once i start adding more models... itll come together,..

The spacing and realism is perfect size/scale

I know itll look good once im done, but considering everything... I think itll work out

and im testing my new shop windows but ffs the black isnt showing

but using all my new techniques and stuff,... itll be good



so today i was gonna work on my bioshock map, with underwater and big daddy suits

then maybe some sci fi s*** sort of deals...

maybe set up a scene on mars...

So i did finish a block piece

when i said i sacrificed detail for speed, it was the whole building and bricks..

if the map was light itd be visible... but then i cant control the diffuse without constant tuning... this is very late phase 14 stuff that im not concerned with

but with this i can easily... achieve something i would like to play and write on...

we'll see what i do tomorrow

so playing around i figured out an easier way to add my advertisements,

its through the hex editor... works like a charm

this light map was the best i can muster up in the darkness areas sans effects



Finally done with alot of basics, I still need some mail boxes, and street lights + signs but that aside its looking like my old stuff... except for the retarded Ambient light vs diffuse light alien software tradeoff

Wont be long before im back to doing gay interior maps for like some of the stores... but ill try not to over exagerate it... i am satisfied

the building is pretty fast :

10 minutes of it here



the map is over half built,including bigger points of interests like shipping depot for the district and other things... but the deeper we get the more inclosed we'll end up... im getting curious

I worked on my light map...

And made a bunch of models too today

Now the only real concern is trying to copy a building style like mcdonalds... grab a few red blocks and call it a day.

wont be too long until the survivor time line is completed.... or at least the maps

Plans :

You pick one of the 3 starting zones

apartment : Not sure about the stat point gains yet... but i was thinking something leaning towards success rate for crafting skills and sp...
bus crash: more hp , more dex... if you pick bus crash and find a gun, youll be really good with it
riot control: starts off with a bunch of gear and high stats,

Now i was thinking about the next part,

Of course i wanna figure out a way for everybody to pick their next job advancement

apartment start : you are aware of everything and had a surprise attack on yourself by your neighbor in the hall way, your new goal is to get to a evacuation site without being infected

bus crash: aware of the hype over the epidemic but still trying to keep your normal life going, you are caught off guard... you start off with a house key, random, and you can go back home for supplies... or your equipment ... something.... or you can try and get to the evacuation point on foot from where you started

riot control: survive the onslaught and try and push through the maps without dying/getting infected... simply 1 way map on the street with a few scenerios from being surrounded or in tight places..

So why not just pick riot control...

Well I would pick riot control right away...

But ill have a few things in town to do... along with special loot you can carry over

I was thinking about another option instead of job advancment :


ontop of lossing the buff you get for you starting choice...

you make it to evac and you get some dialog

-you insist on joining the military
Mercenary job
>start you in the tunnels on the next time line
>you cant keep any special equipment or items from previous timeline
however you turn it all in for survivor points or something....

-friends still alive at the entrance of the evac center and suggest we try to clean up ourselves
Brawler/Knight job
>Start you somewhere.. maybe a bar or hospital... at this point the military and you dont interfere with each other as they are more or less in charge of the border and transportation... some hostility due to cruelty with infected
>start with high disposition to normal people still stuck in the city
>you carry everything with you to this time line
>no survivor bonus points

-turn around alone and tackle to apocalypse solo
scout class
>start at one of the bigger local parks with other stragglers
>quickly have access to rare loot... everyone scavenges in this area
>you keep some equipment, and can trade what you want for survivor points

-they told you that you carried the virus, but not showing any real symptoms.. this is uncommon but they cant take the chance with you.. they offer to kill you, put you into quarentine or shoo you back into the city.. you chose the city
mage class
>you start in the same place as the knight class
>no disposition bonus and get different dialog then knights
>you trade all your equipment, for new equipment, this equipment is different depending on how much/how valuable the carried goods were
>no survivor point bonus

and another option... assuming i dont make more starter classes

>you made it uninfected, and passed the check...
-ends this characters play through
>exchange everything for survior points including a saved survivor ...

I dont know how to add this part into the lore... but changing characters and having them clear for certain purposes sounds like a good way to learn my game and get rewwards,,, but...

mage starts with a bunch of tech -
mage deposits it in shared bank
logs on other mage and uses it...

new scout is born and checks the DAILY 24 HOUR SHOP THAT CHANGES
this means you just need to make a scout and you can gain survior points + check the store
once again he can deposit it for his other character, albeit alot quicker then the mage can deposit it

new army recruit ... you can try and smuggle your gear out and just not get involved with them anymore...but if you chose military related stuff... you dont have accesss to a storage at their camps, and always have goods and resources removed upon entry in exchange for survivor points

brawler/knight... nah they get something else

this way you can gain points and other things... depending on what you want

Now what you can do with the survivor points? No idea

but this way i can split my game up...

If you just arent ready for the second time line you can play with all the normal equipment without undead to herass you... like pvp... but you can still farm alot of diffent ways...

military can just farm non stop or knights who gain them from other ways...

smaller map and few mvps...

then finally when you switch is when everything opens up and turns to hell...  but i wanna give you a chance

I wanna make traveling short-medium distances rewarding...

there is the matter of home invasions and breaking into commercial/industrial buildings in the first time line... but as far as goals go itll be saving people... and killing zombies...

But then i was thinking another spin on the time switch

lets say...

we recruited

400 military
200 knights
100 scouts
100 mages

maybe this can trigger quests... but in the long run it doesnt sound too effective

survivor points :
no idea but thinking of making it super rediculous and breaks the lore/realism totally like a gantz ball that trades points with you... and kept track of all your lives and survivors or something

not sure but curious to see this get wrapped up a bit



Now i need my sprite...

Ive thought of a bunch of options but...

All im gonna do is simplify the ragnarok sprites

Ive got a decent perspective on pixel art... its just gonna take me a while >_<

After that i gotta fix my traffic lights... kinda outta proportion

So for civilians ill give males jeans, and a tank top

then a few clothing pieces will be armor and jackets... easy enough to edit on once im done with it

maybe i can just use female white smith and give girls more diversity in outfits >_>

worst part now

nvm im just gonna do top down lol



Well this is a general scene of it being 80% complete, now i just need cars... and maybe some glow here and there but

Im sad that im not gonna sprite ro 3d sprites... but its impossible for me

as far as sky scrapers go, itll just be taller , ripped posters... gonna be cool

also i never walked through my maps, litterally just test 20% of it and bam send it to japan

almost done, i started dropping all my models and its ready to be lit up with lights and effects (litterally takes 10 minutes compared to the 1 hour gat session i have ahead of me with my apartment complex >_<)

making unique buildings like mcdonalds will be easy and windows look good... its just a bit of a pain like i said... import export transfer this, and transfer back, fill in note pad stuff and check in editor... then import again and again >_> Soon though ill have so many models i could build town theme endlessly, but...

this is a down town region where i come from, we are split into residential sections and keep only few small conviences around us...

so if you ever watched the start of dawn of the dead, the whole row of 1000 house are the same is real... and gonna have to be built differently >_>

maybe ill just say nah i dont need it but why not when i implement vehicles ...



Im done raising my buildings and laying down all the parkings lots...

I also added another silent hill tear

I was gonna put a fountain there but i said hey, lets just do that instead..

Still a bunch of stuff to place but doesnt take as long as the walling... so this is about the size of morroc desert maps

maybe get 4 standard maps like these with 2 bus crashes,  then maybe 2 maps of super thick city

then turn around and drop a couple silent hill torn up maps... itll be the end game of this time zone or something

1 more small section left and then I have the verticle row of lights and telephone poles

now im trying to plan out more of the mechanics...

Im really confused with the spriting for weapons...

knights can use spear on attack2 and sword on 1 with no attack for fist?
meanwhile some classes use dagger in fist slot

its so f*** messy....

Im planning on just making melee weapons for humans a side arm thing... visual most likely

Like the mercenary has a dagger effect built in... its reserved for that class

Its impossible to plan without going through all of it...

and ill need more then 1 job prepared...

I might have enough effects for me use if i just :

give baseball bat its own effect,

its a matter of switching weapons and sprites...

Really dumb... but Im just gonna pray for 2 weapons....

the only issue is... having no weapon = animation

having 2 is easy to deal with since i think knife is always linked to fist

and use the other as gun...

starting to plan quests too... its getting interesting

also 1 thing i know ill do for someone like knight whom i understand its spriting, ill turn him into the vampire...

having claw animations being interchangable is gonna be hot



Finished all the extra work like gat movable tiles and effects / lighting

Wont be long until im sitting in game trying to get npc scripts to work

I was how network extensive that would be to leave online


Thats gonna wrap my thread up actually. By now im sure alot of the ragnarok community is aware of this, and perhaps are building their own things in regards to what i will be publically releasing...

Next up ill be building a website + including a link here in my next post

And Ill be looking for another way to use the ragnarok engine... I mean ive considered other engines... but i would imagine you would make a good mmorpg on your own if it was that simple... so i really wanna look for other ways to use ragnarok since ive gotten used to it... but such a fragile emulator might blow up someday and that would suck but by then i could just conform i guess... cant be that bad..................

here are some options  =

continue ragnarok renewal renewal.. that means i dont need to make a fantasy game myself

rune factory/harvest moon mmorpg... would be rather simple gonna look at some other games i know that are similar... and i can keep it cute  /heh . . . ill probably maintain ragnarok sprites here... the difference being the dramatic change in skills and effects...

megaman - something.. maybe ill save megaman for my just in case my emulator blows up

Some sort of card game... but idk this is what im thinking about right now... Im trying to think of another way to use the emulator but not just the whole mouse control top down... we'll see i guess

Back up link for archeage launcher!qioiiKjZ!ASwbjbnOnP9cMNjyGyV4Lwmfi0IxEFSv6epPppkh2aY



The past week or so has been annoying but..........

Everything is put together and ready to be expanded...

I had to deal with alot of spriting issues ... this whole palette business was forseen but............. i didnt expect so many issues

Making my plad shirt variants proved troublesome due to the nature of the resources and had to be worked on but i could make all sorts

The plain shirts were simple...

Getting my weapons together was easy enough but because i actually know how to read I got stuck in an izangi but after fighting for a few days I solved all my problems :)

editor note : the one direction needs to be mirrored, gotta go do that i just forgot >_<

So with that, sound effects are being worked on too .... however being a solo developer with a tight wallet, i have to get creative, But luckily your god isnt a noob and loves the horror genre (duh) Im just gonna take a stroll through my old games and extract sound effects and edit them in audacity (which i have been learning, infact i have figured out how to split L and R audio and make them mono again  /lv.. on top of amplifying and everything else i need...)

But... this is just 1 batch and I need less zombies so i gotta go play some other things >_>

Lots of stuff are worth editting.. its gonna be a long haul

I would need some real equipment to get any sounds in town myself, so scratch that, the only thing i can do irl is grab textures and models... and a few pictures... I wanted to show off a few things... spooky pictures but ill hold onto those

I got tons of neon stuff to work with, and ive also been playing around with fire dancing sort of things.. maybe i can incorporate it

I got this idea from naruto, when kakashi gets chained and ripped apart near the begining on their way to meet zabuza and he litterly melts in the air with a fountain of blood and gore...

Where i Fill a bucket with colored water and sponges or towels and drop it from the sky...

Sure is getting interesting... I have 0 time to work on my website because I need a few in game shots... and just adding a minigun and boss doesnt really float my boat and i progress as i work

SOOOO yeah im not dead and everything is going great

See you later  /kis

Oh yeah... Everything has red blood, its impossible to change... I know bugs dont have blood, but now they do

And Future animations were taken into account, I wanted to use sitting as a POSE... and a few other things but we'll deal with it later



getting back into it

I wanna try and get the middle area completed which consists of most spawning starts...

Since im gonna be splitting timelines, the present  being a preperation phase... or partake in other activities that might benefit your "future" where all the abstract stuff will be filling in...

Like present day:
More oppurtunities to raises your mechanics skill, more cars that arent destroyed..
More chances to find books and knowledge stuff.. like recipes that you can bring to the future
unique mvps to the era

But, the map will be narrowed to my main city..schools, apartment builds, churchs and residential homes are planned... smaller buildings will be ignored for now but once we get a bunch of models itll be a cake walk..

The the Future will have a bunch of random stuff.. mech suit robots... crazy vehicles and PvP will be enabled... or some form of it

Vampire/Undead race will only be available in the Future timeline..

I havnt used any animated models yet though  /hmm

itll be like rebirthing on a bigger scale  /heh

Ah right and the top right outskirts will be seperated by those sink holes i introduced, acting as a natural barrier "natural" more, "invasive", and the top left center outskirts will just be forest and impassable, gotta follow the blue line as main road ... but lots of side streets ... not like im letting you out of the city in the present day era though

and going down town... im thinking of just filling the streets with lights and billboard, no windows, or buildings like in the stuff above, ... then where i need a point of interest i can just stick it in but... Not too many..



Something i shoulda done ages ago but you know

I made my corners and added blood to side walks

Working on the subway entrance part of the easy part of the city, ill have to go over everything again then i can go back to copy paste, just need a little variation with the seeding ...

Just need to slap some windows and doors on the old block where the apartment was then go over the side walk again

then just cut pieces off and copy new ones