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Author Topic: ROpocalypse - The Untitled Project  (Read 151040 times)

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Re: ROpocalypse - The Untitled Project
« Reply #120 on: Aug 25, 2019, 03:47 pm »

So i finished up that other map, and i just wanna put together a few indoor pieces for train stations sub stations ? whatever those little buggy holes with power boxes and stuff... never been in one because we dont have any underground trains where i live

one thing i do... maybe im just lazy... is leave my first art works in the map... as a reminder of how much ive improved... like these signs and the news stand... the newspaper looks like a 10 year old made it but... whatever lol

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Re: ROpocalypse - The Untitled Project
« Reply #121 on: Aug 30, 2019, 02:14 pm »
So ive been working my butt off this week doing a few things

I finished the first round of skills, summons, grenades, and my rifle skills....

I gotta put that together then i can start writing again...

I did make a set of playing cards in RSM form to fill some spots around the map... instead of just food ammo and dishes... everyone likes playing cards...

I made a radio and some ammo crates ... also made some new newspaper clippings, and ill have to replace all my old ones with these... like i mentioned above ^

I wanna make an effect for floating music notes... or something staticy, not sure what...

But i did finish the sub stations, and like everything else i make it will be IRO friendly, where the isometric 3d/2d view is used rather then my top down focus...

Not to mention the outside of this particular sub station,

I think it looks great, but ill leave the rest ( as you can see on my minimap I am making FIELDS ) a secret

And of course the first area I made has been completed and split into 2 sections, the infested bug zone + these tunnles....

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Oh and a little peak at the actual infestation :

Like I did earlier, I came back around and replacing things with new stuff I made... I wanna slowly remove all the iro models im using and replace them with my own or custom textures, but I would like to go back to the surface now...

Im feeling a little claustrophobic

Anyways you probably wont be seeing too much of me anymore... but im not quitting

Seeya! /pif


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Re: ROpocalypse - The Untitled Project
« Reply #122 on: Sep 05, 2019, 10:03 pm »
I finished most of the animations for my first sprite for humans

Now i can just replace them all...

now ...

I think im gonna go make a vehicle or something... gonna be kinda lame trying to match it up with the in game vehicles though..

Unless I mmake them destructible... and monsters like instead of plants , cars that you can blow up ?

that sounds like a good idea actually

this one goes out to my new best friend

seeyaa /wah


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Re: ROpocalypse - The Untitled Project
« Reply #123 on: Sep 08, 2019, 07:50 pm »
Im trying to develop a vehicle system that will work and be non retarded mechanic

This is what I came up with..

I place a trap, that only effects myself, it last forever and when you trip it, you mount up  in your whatever vehicle level you have it set too


you get a status when you place it,

Status is = PARKED CAR

Ok now you cant place any more with the status up...and the only way to remove the status is to pick up your trap again

-lose trap and maintain status on log out
   I will make a kafra sort of npc that tows your vehicles

this will also apply to the other drawback

- lose signpost when you switch maps
  simply enough, drive everywhere and park when you know your coming back for it or whatever

This will work fine

Next i make my non test vehicles

and thinking about the surface a bit, ill probably will make cars as sprites in game so you can blow them up among other things... once i get a car ready itll be back to the surface...


Had to figure something out about what happens when you log in and you already had your status removed because you logged out in your vehicle

the only thing i can come up with is to just stick you with a 30 minute penalty if you log out in your vehicle

with that in mind ill have to be careful and place a new map flag to deny the placement of it at all, and removal of it in certain maps... no biggie
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Re: ROpocalypse - The Untitled Project
« Reply #124 on: Sep 09, 2019, 06:26 pm »
So today im moving back up to the surface seeing how we have completed all this :

-Reversed 90% of the skill database... few big ones i havnt touched yet are earth strain and rolling cutter
-sprites all aligned perfectly, clothing, helmets and weapons are ready to just be copy pasted and replaced in act editor
-figured out our new mapping style, usage of effects and lightning, and shadows

Now... I begin with my kitchen seeing how its crucial and will prove weather or not I should keep trying to make my own stuff or just learn how to uv map something with high poly...

so i just whipped it all together, threw in a light and said lets see how it looks

I made everything except for that fridge but did have to paint it...

but good news...

i figured out how to map sections at a time  /no1

I even made a sink

Besides making everything smaller
I need to fix the counter, and make corners for it

Im kinda cool with my s*** stove though so lets just keep going

I didnt wanna think about bumming out on my work because SOMEDAY ill upgrade to the same sprites as ragnarok... maybe... depends on how many monsters I design

so the kitchen is nice and everything, i planned the rest out and probably have to make it all myself... gonna make this a huge apartment building maybe split it in 3 ? maybe 2 and add stair wells in between

elevator??? its possibly but thats stage 7 stuff with hback drops and blue screens

so after testing with some furniture and walking around...
I cant use the built in walls for the inside walls... no... im gonna have to use the airship style of walling on the inside

That is until i upgrade my sprites... but that depends on how much i decide to make in top down ... if that happens ill have to go and change all these walls cause they do look good as a gun slinger...
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Re: ROpocalypse - The Untitled Project
« Reply #125 on: Sep 10, 2019, 04:35 pm »
So i finished the kitchen mostly

Instead of using airship walls with models i just made half walls and will accommodate changes for closets

Started my living room and got a few models ready just having issues finding something I can use online, gonna have to do it myself >_<

But all in all it looks pretty fine with my sprites and ill keep working at this scale

gonna make another apartment but flipped and change the lay out a bit then fill it up

thinking about scavenging now . . .

While im still awake though i finished my TV and a remote for it,

looking pretty good... Im curious as to how im going to change the surface though...because the brick issue is still persisting , but i havnt showed you the shower tiling....  /omg

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Re: ROpocalypse - The Untitled Project
« Reply #126 on: Sep 11, 2019, 04:55 pm »
I finished a bunch of the smaller models, but had issues with my bed and replaced it with an iro model for the sake of the post today

and i added wires but hardly noticable

Once i finish furnishing the basics of the residential apartments, ill end up copy pasting them a few times, then mixxing up the models a bit

Once of the issues with using IRO sprites instead of making my mown is that MANY/MOST of them DO NOT have back sides, meaning icant just turn them or flip them over

Sure right now it looks like a model home ( exept for the clothing i threw all over and the jumbled wires)

Once Im done I can just do what i said earlier about time lines

Im still a little curious on how im gonna do it

And the whole idea of Time progressing as you move farther out doesnt stir well with me...
But like i wanna rip the apartments up... but not every room, but why would a single room be not ripped up etc etc

Besides that I was thinking about the "life skills"

I already have things planned out from old projects but in regards to now:

Lockpicking >
... Examine a door will leave you with rng choice
30% - Door is jammed and youll need to smash it or use proper tools do to it without making a bunch of noise
70%- door is locked
-- difficulties for pick are presented

bam exp for lock picking

Besides that im not sure...

But for looting and keeping it nice and random=

using the current spawning mechanics I can make sre to only spawncertain items in the rooming, and if i wanna get complex food specifically in kitchens.. easy stuff

i plan on making them tiers.. 1 small box of junk... med box and so on, same with food art, ill probably stand them up... itll make it look alot better then top down sqaures and banana shapped stuff

Now im just thinking of ways to implement more then combat stuff... thats the cake walk... same with designing monsters...

and for staarting im thinking a few selections with buffs... but all start with the same job...

- Bus crash survivor :
+3 skill points or some general thing for a plain citizen start
"Crash Survivor"
"Youve experience the shock of a near death experience already"

-Apartment Complexe resident
- spawn you in a random CLEAN apartment
"First Blood"
"You fended off your first zombie encounter first hand and up close early on"

-Police force
-start you in the middle of a riot in the city
"You were used to this stuff before the outbreak"
... probably just give a huge buff the falls off like i mention below

not sure about the stats but maybe this will add some flavor and eventually fade away on your job change

now im thinking progressing through time lines should be a matter of what job you are... that could work...

woke up and getting more models out of the way...
finished bathtub,fire exit, fire extinguisher box...

kinda nice knowning how to make dented shapes and mapping it properly

need a new bed... toilet.. bathroom sink and a mirror

then a few roomy things and then i can finish my walls

I raised and moved everything into place on my map

Now im gonna make a city scene... gonna wait till i finish and make the exit though
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Re: ROpocalypse - The Untitled Project
« Reply #127 on: Sep 12, 2019, 10:27 pm »
Gotta lift a few things was adjusting my height and never checked in ghame... still gotta be careful some things I dont make myself are buggy as hell...

I know which ones are broken but im gonna probably clean up my models and textures soon..

finished bathroom just need towels and curtain

playing with back drop, forgot i need to play another bulb under the floor...

and gonna go over all my glass

so the plan of seperating time lines depending on job works for me...

3 starts for humans

bus crash > +dex until advance , lots of random loot in streets , finds guns , melle, all sorts from dead corpse
apartment > +int until advance , lots of supplies, materials for crafting and headstart
police riot > +str +dex until advance,  lots of shooting, more skills

Then you can pick and choose them...instead of boring tutorials

generally gonna have them all converge on each oher somewhere.,..

then use my military tunnle as the advancment for military . . .

which means electronics, throwing and medium / large firearms...

stealth... will include lock picking... and other rolls..
cooking, contruction and farming probably all together in the first job tree and make the rest job specific.. not entirely sure yet

not sure about much didnt plan my job classes yet didnt think it would work out t b h

or.. the other way around, floor on the ground and my balcony as a model, derp
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Re: ROpocalypse - The Untitled Project
« Reply #128 on: Sep 14, 2019, 06:20 am »
Didnt do any 3ds work yesterday at all,

Im thinking about my classes


Citizen/or something >
(beginning of timeline)      (Normal timeline)                >Spec Op
                                   >Mercenary/Recruit/Private  > >Sniper
                                  > Knight                          >

Havnt thought of many because im mainly thinking about the 1ST advancement

Assault rifle skills
Knife Skills
Then equippable gear for throwing, electronics
Few masteries and electronics prof

blitzkrieg - Knock all targets off of you and give yourself endure + movement speed buff.. not sure about the cool down
-foresight > enter defensive stance for a few seconds lower  movespeed, unable to attack and can be toggled off
-rapid recovery > sacrafice your flee and movement speed, but gain increased hp/sp recovery
-blade / blunt mastery
-conditioning - increase hp / movement speed and reduce impact of move bonus in foresight  and rapid recovery

so the idea is to make a GOOD base build, skills that are ambigious ( mercenary receive training in handling gun better certain styles.. and depend on masteries)

Thinking about the Mage, Scout and something else... but im not sure what skills to let the mage use since itll be mostly converting Junk into spells... >-<

Oh I do have alot of undead skills planned, Skills, chains , impaling spikes.... all sorts of cool stuff and ill have huge MVP style job sprites for some of them too..

so taking these all as FIRST job and the BASE of whatever we advance into, gear will have their own skills that take masteries into account

i think i like these
Mage /

Whip mastery
>Pull placeables around with it ( gas tanks , propane, and other things)
>Reap - huge aoe in front of you 3x3 and stops them for 2 seconds but knocks you back and you lose 30% of your hp
+Thick Skin - Reduces the amount of hp damage you take from whip attacks
Free casting
Pyro Mastery, Electric Mastery, Explosive Mastery
Traps Mastery, Bombs Mastery

he can make throwing grenades for all classes except knight tree

Scout /
Starts with a dog homunculus

Shotgun mastery and Small Fire arm mastery
dog suffers from the loud shotgun, and prefers you use small fire arms
>small arm rapid fire .. dex/hit bonus to style
>small arm single action.. aspd bonus to style

pyro mastery
dog hates your fire skills

throwing mastery
back step - jump backwards a few steps
nimble feet - increase move speed

Mechanics mastery - good with vehicles, building and tools

undead :

Fledgling / Vampire

bat form - super fast
bat cloak - summon bats that circle around you hitting targets and interrupt cast time.. cannot use bc or bb
shedding - release bats and hit targets all around you, but unable to call them again for 60 seconds

blood cycle - jump towards enemy slashing all targets in path and drain your hp..
prepare viel - boost your flee rate , but unable to attack
cloaking - simple cloaking that is removed on hit
blood blossosm -explode and slash targets around you and drain your hp
frenzy - change weapon form to deadly claws that drain your hp every hit
feed - only usuable on humans , restore hp and sp 


Tantrum - Start smashing the ground around dealing high damage to med - small monsters .. toggleable..
Running - start running forward (taekwon). .. activates a status that dissallows Tantrum
+tackles through targets ... can push and carrry targets if placed perfectly
Slam - usuable while running for increased damage, slam and send target flying
Backhand - can counter attacks and send the target flying

Still thinking about the rest but gonna go back to mapping a bit now...

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Re: ROpocalypse - The Untitled Project
« Reply #129 on: Sep 15, 2019, 04:48 pm »
Im done the basics of my residential homing stuff.. id like a few more things but leaving it there and gonna build more

So with all the things considered im thinking this is the best option :

- Civilian Timeline > Everything is still pretty un touched , nature windows and buildings were just evacuated
> Pretty big map.. mostly just preparation phase with your chosen class, maybe some secret loots
>So if you go do your advancment they say the training will take a few years , but you can bring all your items with you, but cant turn back... so youll have to make a new character with no storage system in the first time line

Pretty much just gotta find someone who'll train you, military at military check points, and the others mentioned below...

-Main Timeline > Windows broken, fires everywhere, signs of stuggle and everything is messed up... Your allowed to play again but youve advanced jobs with whoever is the job masters...

Military - Probably got some base on the high way or some actual building for an hq somewhere else
Scouts - Local parks. Nice and open... maybe find a few wanderers here a there
Knight - Everywhere, local parks and at military points.. we just call them knights
Mages - Libraries, Churchs... other odd places like antique shops looking to preserve valuables

Then ill balance the undead for this timeline, and keep things.. a little more cool...

Then the plan is to throw down another point of no return, not sure aboout storage... but next your find your new job master... some pro wandering.. and proceed to the next time line

Final Timeline - No idea but maybe some temporary thing... not sure yet

After I use all the skill effects I can for the main timeline, ill decide what to do after

Like alot of stuff will be attached to equipment, but its either that or just buff up the archtypes or add more... not sure yet

But after I add the lobby and front door, its back to the out doors


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Re: ROpocalypse - The Untitled Project
« Reply #130 on: Sep 20, 2019, 12:44 am »
So ive been away for a bit

I found a few textures to work with

But they turned out really big

thats 10cm x 10cm

Im gonna have to shrink it down to 586 and thats 1/3 of this and maybe i can retain some glow

After I find a suitible apartment texture, Ill have to get some counters ... a backroom... elevator and maybe a washing machine area

Add some split doors with locks for entrance, Im thinking for those who dont pick the apartment starting position,
Have to either find a apartment key to the BUILDING , like a swipe pass from someone....

Or get it traded ?

After that ill build out and position some bus crashes maybe 3 of them

And decide what to do and see if its worth it


Bye /ho

IDK when ill post again but trying to get the old flow of things going
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Re: ROpocalypse - The Untitled Project
« Reply #131 on: Sep 23, 2019, 09:12 pm »
working on the apartment lobby , actually looks like i forgot my elevator but maybe i can sneak one in...

so like i said im trying to make field maps... bigger maps..

but of course i cant fill empty spaces that easily...

so i just made a pit with chain flooring beginning to swallow the map

and in future timelines it will be the center where an mvp spawns or something

gotta add carpet and glass, then a new effect for the pit


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Re: ROpocalypse - The Untitled Project
« Reply #132 on: Sep 25, 2019, 08:12 pm »
Well im still working on the lobby

Its all good i just need some more models :

so at the top ive added a washer/dryer and some elevator stuff

interior elevator ? WELL sure i can make it work... but i was thinking of saving that for some endless elevator instance minigame... so for the mean time we'll just be placing the stuff down along with the laundromat area

I have a payphone on the way, totally forgot to add a phone, as i dont use them

But working on the outside, i simply cant just... make it all black

So like i showed earlier on the balcony im working on the surrounding walls for it
... then re do the bricking, i have a plan for it though similar to how i stacked 3 blocks or 4 ... itll be annoying but after i do it , thatll be it

Im scaling it up 50% from the exterior maps, looking into the interior...

can i scale it down half outisde? probably.. we'll have to wait and see whatsup though not sure if i want a line of parking lots... probably through the trash bins on one side but whatever

I also whiped up a .hack//quarentine video


f*** hour long bosses are annoying
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Re: ROpocalypse - The Untitled Project
« Reply #133 on: Sep 27, 2019, 11:51 pm »
Man i threw my light map off the grid and almost had a heart attack when i looked in game...

But i finished the one half of the lobby entrance, next up is the bell thingy to ring in apartments...

Ive spent alot of time standing in front of payphones and very familiar with the ergonomic set up,

Personally I like to drag a chair over and just sit on the waiting line for hours just to get my way

Honestly it only works like half the time

Anyways almost done......  /lv


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Re: ROpocalypse - The Untitled Project
« Reply #134 on: Sep 28, 2019, 10:28 pm »
Man i hate modeling, it looks good and all but its time consuming... transfering textures, editting them.... transfering them and flipping them... inserting them into browedit...

But its all good...

This was an important model, I had to get it myself,

I also got some new mail boxes so i might just interchange them or maybe save them...

and i had to fix it... had to build it differently due to limitations in the software that im using

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