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Started by Naruto, Apr 21, 2019, 09:02 AM

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time to do skills and gameplay stuff

need to slide that giant worm into place though

Working on my gun animation

nothing i can do about it, I wanna do this realistic angle thing... doesnt even matter cause if i didnt itd would look like ragnarok

Thinking about a few mechanics:

If i use autospell to activate skill effects,

using perfect dodge as some other thing... its 2 sprites so i can change it to something else... not sure what though

So if I set up a LOW HIT, and consider THAT HIT a CRITICAL and have SUPER CRITICALS with LUK ? That means I can apply certain gore animatinos to WEAPONS ON HIT... USING THE UNIVERSAL SKILL ANIMS I BUILT INTO THE SRC... I think that effect is seperate to weapon type or something actually, but still


Another thing im looking at is using sage autospell for ammos.... i think that would be immersive, and allow you to not strain over the hot keys but a quick mouse click... ? am i rite ?

playing around with desperado rng and a small area... obviously just kidding



Working on the first few skills to start your mercenary with

Gonna start off with a fire mode change, although a pretty awful example need to get it sorted

I removed the bullet wounds and just made the bullets pass through with a bit of splashing >_<

This mode will shoot in a straight line WHENEVER YOU CLICK

This one is a concentrated spray in area whereever you shoot, I need to make the AoE smaller but whatever... next time

So along with another mode or 2 i can think of for the base

I wanna drop molotovs at our feed and spring forward , along with a normal sping ... maybe a frag grenade instead of a molotov for the first area

Theres that one skill effect for the duster or something ? I think i wanted to make that look like you butting with your gun or whatever

Sooo realistically :

F1 Frag grenade jump ( or normal ) F2 Gun smack for stun and knock back F3 empty F4 empty F5 Ammo swap

I wanted to make a decent base.... then add more skills I mean, we can have you summon maggots and beetles if you wanted ... it would be cool too just not really planning a maggot mancer immediatly...

I can doo things like, sprint forward and shoot targets in front of you in a cone or something

I was thinking of using the frozen or sitting animation for a Leaping / jump to prone thing
Where in this position you gain increase stats... obviously you cant move anymore... its an idea anyways

Theres a ton of skills to do but I need to make a game out of it >_> as much as a i want robots and turrets and stuff ...........

Not exactly sure how to progress the job trees,

I liked how the eden group was grouped with a bunch of different characters... maybe just to that whole job quest thing again ....

maps arent even an issue.. it would really suck to lose them all though due to freak accident though  /sob

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And a new post for this

Practically done but heres a web m to watch:

working on a movement skill but its really annoying. . . gonna find a way to make it work though



I was taking a break,

But I changed the sounds a bit

When mobs are stacked and you shoot them with aoe, sound stacks

So i made them lighter

but the same sound on single target skills is really quiet

so i made a copy and kicked up the sound and attached it to the single targets

I picked a sliding function

Cant get any better then thief back sliding...

Even when i get bored i try to do the moon walk with it... with a HIGH cast time there is no error in direction however the window to cause lag is huge...we;ll see

but for now im making the first partner and finishing the skill tree for mercenary

hmm i was thinking for the general mechanic of the first partner :

super low hp, litterally 1-2 hit ko from zombies and really OP

Something you have to repair and main tain

Although its your pet aimbot you gotta take care of it

Or play a more aggressive play style that I offer

Well after looking at my materials i realized that homun sprites are the same as player sprites and CANNOT have multiple layers.... unlike mobs

But mercs can equip items....

back to the src . . . .

I didnt wanna say anything but i was thinking something as corny as your shadow... but i did the same thing in my renewal renewal with crusader and its spirit while casting aura skills hahhhhhhhhhhhhhhahahaha

wait a minute... did i use plasma as the sprite ? wait what

Oh thank god i thought about that a little bit..............................

really well hidden

and still working on my animations for the aimbot partner you start off with :

I would LOVE to make more ragnarok sprites but its sooooo muchhhhhhhhhhh workkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.... this is real and i can actually make my maps

last update, i just didnt wanna worry anyone

just working on the death animation ,

its an explosion...

but did you know that all the explosions in ragnarok are the same? looked through most robots haha

since im changing the view point... i have to deal with this awkward mutilation of sprites... I can fix it ......

also gotta make him bigger,
shadow size needs another tweak, dont think i can change them... still need to look a bit more cause i can use shadow for something :/

the issue seems to be that using many small pieces in general can cause distortion

So i can still use smoke and mirrors stuff really well but im gonna have to put all the body parts and other solid pieces together so they arent sliding around >_>


lol i just learnt how to rotate on the pixel grid



So I went over all my choices...

And ill have to work with the cute pet system

homuns are gonna be used for vehicle stuff...

elementals are gonna be used some how...

mercs will probably be used for interaction with NPC

and the other 2 dont really matter much and will find a use maybe ill make mercs the vehicles so we can have equipment on them or rather another layer

anyways heres a bit of gameplay, i screw aroud with hp and stats while playing... its liek 3 minutes of webm

So rather then a robot ally, im just gonna use the first summon skill as a nanobots thing that effectivly counter all the insects,

still wanna do more ofc but gotta get things together

next up im gonna re work groud drift animation since it is directinal based in the act editor...i wonder how they all work ... anyways im gonna use one of them for a knifing animation

as much as i wanna give you a katana right away... you just cant have one

im just gonna assume at least 3 or 4 of them work the same and plan around that style for certain abilities. . .

editor question :

"what about the weapon tiers and things like crow bars and other non weapon based weapons being used at weapons"

- nothing of the sort, i cant waste my time on junk im still going with the whole score based resource gathering concept

i dont really know if i wanna use the bow arrows for the guns so i have to go flip some sprites around

I wanna use katana as a auto attack weapon sure...but the issue would be making the weapon sprites and effects blend... instead just add is a a side slot and show a katana on your back and you just whip it out with ground drift stlye SLASHHHHH

with this idea... I can save my view ids... or rather the important ones for special job sprites...

I should really experiment with these sprites as soon as im done though

"Have you thought of any more archtypes or class extensions?"
-no i havnt, mostly thinking about how to fill up the mechanics ... I have maps in mind but were just getting started

need to use doram for something though

wonder how itll look once i get it in game....

lots of reason why id skip melee weapons for mercenary/human characters and just give them 5-6 skill sprites that are so valuable :P



I finished the effect but i was thinking about normal weapon sprites, probably can only use 1 layer on them too... will have to try but i can probably re produce the same thing . . .
but either way i would have to design the 8 directions we use for animatinos

SO either way i look at it, i can just copy and replace these if it turns out i dont need to save anything, win win ill probably use these sprites for melee weapons from now on but I DO have to do the exact directions and frames sadly...

So its a little limited but its 4 directions... still good as i planned it to be aoe

I finished another skill and figured out how to get movement skills to be casted properly...

"what does that mean"

- It means I can actually use movement skills.................

So now that that stuff is done... I can put together the mecenary

Ammo  swap -
Burst: Single Target - High damage and it slows that target

Suppressive: Hits all targets until your skill hits your selected target ( sharp shooting ) but it knocks
enemies back 1 cell. So if you click a strong monster, he gets knockbacked and anything trying to get in front of you get stuck in the cone of fire now

Spray: Aoe, around the target you selected more damage then suppressive

> controllable with menu, and you can use the hot keys if you want ? maybe ill just add a cooldown to them if you try to use them that way

Lunge :

Jump at your target swinging your knife hitting enemies in a 1x1 cell(everyone stacked)

Swing Knife:

Slash at targets in front of you... same thing 1x1 cell if they are stacking ( cant change it without turning it into an oni giri server)

Then the first equipment will be this back pack we start off with that drops nano robots ( they are designed to kill the little bugs in the sewers and will probably become useless on the surface except for distractions or a few kills)


Grenades and stuff...

Maybe we should make them consumables... like spell scrolls never seem a storm gust consumable though

... with gear granting skills and consumables being able to cast skills....

I guess the next wise choice would to add

throwing mastery - no skill ideas... except using it as a requirement
mechanics mastery - then add repair,and maybe a simple upgrade you can cast 2 skills
Melee Mastery - Obviously gonna be a pre req for mellee focus branch extension
Gun mastery -

.... Ive only done my mercenary and its about the same as a typical flash game... just give the 3 ammo styles a few tiers in level and you got the new knife skills

bam may aswell release it

But idealy this class will be my novice for the human side ( I think were gonna call the other side the Undead )

Not sure. Havnt thought about my life skills too much since thats all i did in my renewal renewal



Probably not gonna have much to say today,

But working on filling out my mercenary, that means get a back pack sprite and get some grenades together....

Im just glad i dont have to make any source modifications to get consumables to place aoe skills > _ <

So im going through my skills I can edit....

And surprisingly there isnt a skill that hasnt given me a graphical error....

but some UNT floor skills just dont show anything ? maybe its the skill but ideleted the effect folder and they dont even work ?

Why doesnt anyone tell me these things


So all things considered,

I started working on my skill animation for throwing items:

wait is black gonna work . . .

testing looks good , just gotta add the pin flipping with the falling grenade next

i finished the pin, i added the flippy effect and had the illusion of it bouncing off something...

perfect :)



Spent the day and a bit working on my code for throwing :

Its good, havnt tested it but i sohuld be able to seperate by level....

but i dont think i can make it a consumable q_q

however i can now make the visual flash.... blind for a few seconds or other things. . .

and i made it seperated... as expected must be used as gear... 1 at a time but thats ok

I was thinking of some new skills now that i learnt how to use this and came up with this

drop a waterfall on top of a target, and then cover the field with water... simple but awesome



so i can edit alot of effects but some things tend to be linked...

I glitched out my whites thats why we couldnt see my warp portal, wasnt sure at the time but ive confirmed it

now im working on my base elements, I picked a fire sprite already, and working on lightning

first off was testing how it actually worked and picked a super hot angle... cant wait to map some more

but in the end looks like this is what im settling for, for my lightning element...

so for the file im using it edits the CAST color for BLUE and deluge, maybe a few other things

The casting animation can be removed just by changing skill ids....

Meh its ok i guess maybe i can use it somehow but the land effect is as good as i can make it without wasting a sprite or something more valuable

I also made my fire land, i just made the animation for ninja fire smaller, maybe i can link the flames

and i completed my ice element now too 

and im done my fire

Im saving the good things for my undead abilities... well im putting them high priority on the high value editables :)

and i made this for lols

finally got it to work ...

i having issues with the flag though where i could only get the flag to land on 1 unit ? but when i raised the layout it just offset my unt... i loaded my back up ( actually just undod everything from the day) and just flipped my layout right away and it worked.... holly valkyrie....

pretty awesome though i didnt think it was a mechanic id have. . . ragnarok barely used the system



trying to get my map together

like i said im going into the direction of just having field maps but my own stuff. . .



Ive been working on this piece of code... i figured it out but im having the offset issue again >_>

just dont want anyone to worrry

the only down side is i cant use my grenade, but luckily the default animations are pretty good ( i could make them blank but meh...) it looks sweet i just gotta fix the land placement again

once i finish that, it should look pretty awesome

the idea is for a delayed grenade explosion



well i guess just having delay on the animation will do

Ill light them on fire somehow and we'll call it a day

and save the other things for environmental stuff since i cant really deal with it

hmm i have an issue spamming it, i could probably fix it.... im gonna have too >_>

I cant visually see the problem here but, we'll figure it out

ahh nevermind its just the range i use



Super busy IRL
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

but i finally got back around working on stuff :

Soooo I made my nano bots skill, i could make it spawn more at once, i was thinking 3 nano bots to counter tobis 4 spawns....

I can separate the attack targets using custom ai

but custom conditions... im still working on it. I got it in game but no luck so far.

The idea is to be able to deploy 3 to counter the smaller insects

And be able to make them self destruct when you point at a target... i COULD write it an easier way but i have the time ATM to work on my custom AI stuff

besides that i made a few skill icons....

tomorrow ill decide on weather custom ai is gonna happen and finish the other 2 icons and maybe add the passives i had in mind

Balance is not really on the menu yet ( stats for mobs, and attack rates stuff )

Depending on what happens ill probably end up finishing the introduction maps




So i did finish my AI trigger today....

Umm I had alot more plans but stuff happened >_>

Now we trigger on mob status

Anyways. See you later

Had a bit more time tonight, finished the map aboves walling and stuff

Trying to place my eggs and resin stuff but only so much is copy paste able
way easier to deal with the second time..
10-15 maps of this ? probably change the models up for the other areas but the copy pasting will only get better as i make more designs with the models im using....

its good...

I really gotta go now



I finished this map

Good news is... the mapping progresses alot faster... after i make enough corners twists and turns with the resin

Just like RO nobody really plays the maps but ill give you a reason

Also i organized a new discord channel for Ragnarok Projects and mapping :

And I had to re dif my client a number a ways....

I gotta re hex my client in order to get my data folder to work.. so ill probably do that tomorrow morning

After that, i have a date with dead frontier 2....

But afterwards I should be getting closer and closer to getting back to my city work  /ok