ROExt - mouse freedom and some tweaks

Started by Ruri, Sep 18, 2008, 02:41 PM

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Saw that this isn't working like it should under Vista/Win7. I guess it has to do with ThreadPriority? If you want I could rewrite that for you. If your interested, pm me a url to download the source from or something. I'm currently running Windows 7 myself.

Almost forgot, thanks for a great "add-on"! Works like it should under XP ;)


I just registered to say thanks



cinder, it works for me with renewal client, don't know about the latest though.

argp, it works as intended on Vista/Win7, i'm not interested in them and it's not a trivial thing like ThreadPriority.


Just wanted to pass on my gratitude for this fantastic plugin. I've used it for some time now, and highly recommend it.
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 ;) Very good tools! thx for sharing  ;D


I will forever be thankful to you for this. It's simply the best thing I've ever seen in RO. Thank you.
By the way... you mistyped the url in your post - it definitely isn't http:// .


Renewal client support for binding skills to 3-5'th mouse buttons.
Heavy CPU usage reducing mode now works on Windows Vista/2008/7/2008R2.
More options in dinput.ini.


Hi can i see some screenshots?

on some features of this amazing tool?

Features outline
1) Mouse freedom - in window mode you can freely move mouse cursor out of RO.
2) RO window can be set to any size and to be borderless or always on top.
3) Key remapping - 4 extra direct keys for skills, access for all 3 skill sets without /bm and ability to use skills from 3-5'th mouse buttons.
4) CPU usage reducing features - for better multiclient performance.
5) Overriding used codepage - allow client to be truly international and support all languages.

like Keymapping.. i am really newbie about this<<<< and i dnt know what do you mean by keymapping is it like autoclickeR?>


Nice work Ruri, glad to see you have used some of my suggestions. :3 Just came back to check after quitting and returning to RO. 14k+ views on this topic! Grats~

Lampz, Key remapping is not autoclicking. It simply makes one key do something that another key (or combination of) was supposed to do. It's like swapping them around, or something like that. Screenshots can't show how amazing this extension is. Just try it yourself. :)


Lampz, i'm not sure what you want to see on screenshots - RoExt draws nothing on screen, only changes how RO client behaves in some situations.

As Procabiak said, key remapping is not like autoclicking - it's like moving keys around. For example if you enable mouse buttons remapping for renewal client, when you press middle mouse button RO client will think you pressed F24 on your keyboard instead. It allows you to bind some skill there as you can customize hotkeys in renewal client, but it understands only keyboard keys not mouse buttons.



so its like this??

my f1 to f3 skills..

my f1 skills is zEN
my f2 skills is explosion
my f3 skills is asura

and when i use this tool

when i HIT the mouse left click.. i can choose whether its f1-f3?

like f1 zen f2 explosion then
then MOUSE CLICK is automatically f3?

like for faster asura? f1-f2 mouse click asura ?

please correct me..


I suggest you to actually use it in game and switch different options on/off - this way you'll probably understand what is going on much faster.


This is absolutly wonderful, so glad i came across this! cheers!


Hello :)

I noticed a little problem with RoEXT : it fails to acknowledge left-handed mouses :)
( i.e., my mouse buttons are inverted and I use it on the left side of the desk )

As a result, it assigns right-click to both mouse buttons, which makes the game difficult to play to say the least. :D

Disabling mouse freedom correct this - but then I loose lots of interesting functionalities.

Could it be possible to add a switch in the config file for RoEXT to take inverted mouses into account ?

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Aiko F

This is what I need... Thanks for posting this things!!! I love it xD

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