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Very nice tweak! Just a suggestion if you plan to write the next version: key mapping really needs some customization method or selective removal (like -nk, but for each remap you put in). Maybe you could make it read off a text file so others can change it to their liking, or something. I kinda don't like any of the remaps except for the Ctrl + Alt hotkey switcher (cool + doesn't affect /bm).

For now I will use -nk. The mouse freedom + default resize is just too awesome to remove ;). I probably will give the CPU tweak a try, but I have a Laptop to multi-client slave chars anyway so it's not quite needed.

Major update. You can change default settings in ini file and inverse them from command line.

Main addition is full unicode (UTF-8) support hack for the client that allows using all languages at the same time and require no additional support from server. For it to work consistently all clients on server should use this hack (or they are going to see strange symbols instead of non-english letters).

UTF-8 works perfectly everywhere in game (chat, vending titles, log,...) but note that since non-english characters require longer internal encoding they use up text limits faster and can cause line breaks earlier.

Nice add-on.

Thanks. If you can, please post on how to directly enable/disable/edit step-by-step.

Thanks again.


*Registered just to reply here xD*

Could you add settings for X, Y Position and Height, Weight to the ini too?

Settings in ini file can be edited with any text editor (like notepad.exe). '= 0' means disabled and '= 1' means enabled. This and some short comments about each option you can read in the file itself. What you set in ini is considered default and used if you add nothing to rag/sakexe.exe command line. By adding command line options you can inverse your defaults and run several clients with different settings without re-editing ini each time.

I thought that X,Y,W,H are not very useful in ini: as default setting (that are in ini) you are probably going to use either full screen without taskbar or regular RO windows. If you want to precisely place each of several clients in their places - you need to specify different X,Y,W,H for each client and so have to use command line method.


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