eq for magic ninja?

Started by Calamity, Nov 10, 2009, 06:09 PM

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please read my question first.
server middle rate for eq low rate for mpv/mini boss card 99/70 custom item only all stat +1

i know the weapon for magic ninja is bazerald but what i must wear in shoes,garment,aksesoris[vesper is hard],and head.[eq and card please not just the card]

have search but in other post they suggest mvp cards like fallen bishop etc.i prefer eq build without mpv or mini boss card because it is very very very very hard to get.thx
update:prefer eq from normal monster not mvp or mini boss thx



Shoes: Vidars are pretty much the best shoes you can get unless you can get your hands somehow on a +9 sandal or shoe for firelock.  Go for +7 on the Vidars if possible.  If you want SP go for Sohee Shoes of course.

Garment: Ray or Nox in Muffler or Heavenly Maiden Robe, if you want more SP you can do Morpheus Shawl

Accessories: Um not too many choices, but earrings, morph bracelet+ring.

Headgear: Ulle's hat with isillia is nice, feather beret is pvping, Morpheus hood if you want to just finish out the morph set.

All these items should be obtainable within a reasonable amount of time+zeny :]


err i think i didn't need morpheus set because i have ton of blue pot in the game.and why feather beret?ninja have cicada so any normal meele attack wont hit right


You are going to get hit, it's inevitable.. and it's not wrong to tag feather beret / ulle around.

Also, a gangster mask.

earrings.., gloves, + zeroms and smokie.

Garment and shoes, tidal/wool.
Might wanna get anti ele wool scarfs since magic can still be a pain.
Green ferus for the tidals.

Skin of ventus muff for the mdef + anti ele / raydric.


Ninja can't wear tidals XD

Ah, fun times on RMS~ http://www.paste-it.net/private/u6c168b/   (Added more~)
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Woops XD. I forgot yea..

Reminds me why I always had low HP..

anyway, I remember tagging high heels [1] for the mdef when facing magic classes.
not really sure what kind of footgear I mained on Ninja, probably vidars then.


Hm maybe I'm weird but I never really saw a need for zerom on ninja, most of his spells cast really dang fast.  I forgot to list Phen last night as part of the arsenal should you fight someone or something who can find ways around cicada.  Vitata is nice for those being cheap on white pots. :P


I've always tagged zerom glove around.. + a hiding glove. It doesn't hurt, and really.. if you don't need another card in accessory, you can always put a zerom, lower dex by a few and invest more into int/vit.


Ah that's true I did not think about that. :]


Hmm. what's better, fast cast or more damage?


"enough" cast and rest damage.

"enough" is very subjective and will depend on the players/mobs you're up against. so, do some research, find the right amount of cast you need, and rest goes to damage.
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