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Started by Hybridize, Apr 01, 2008, 07:43 PM

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Before i start i am sorry if i have posted this in the wrong section. But recently i have decided to undertake the task of creating and RO database much similar to that or RateMyServer's database.

However i have ran into a few problems and despite my best efforts i was unable to complete the database. As a result i have come here with a few questions which i am hoping to get answered.

Please note that i do not wish to provide competition for RateMyServer or any other RO database, it's simply just something that has taken my liking and i would like to see it through.

So here's the list of questions:

Firstly, where does everyone obtain their data? I've heard its through the use of item_db, mob_db and others alike. And if so how do they manage to convert all their data. If not then where do i obtain this information.

Secondly, how on earth do they manage to link every item to one another, i.e. zombies drop skulls, the skull link then takes you to the skull page, and this applies for every item so how do they manage to do this.

Finally i would like to ask how they obtain item descriptions and mob information. Ive heard its from the GRF themselves and the file named item_desc however ive tried this and cannot extract it.

So any answers would be appreicted