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Hello folks! I can't even count how many times I've come to this site, and never joined the forums.... But anyway, I've been makin RO vids for some time now, and I love sharin' them with fellow RO fans, because I believe we gotta stick together! XD Im currently playing on EssenceRO but I've been on numerous servers, after playing the official for years. So without further delay, I present to you~ LoLs castle, based loosely on our ingame characters RP-ish personalities. It's being made by me and a friend of mine.

Wow, I just visited the RMS forums for the first time in a good while, and was surprised to see the topic for our show still stickied. Kind of heartwarming to be honest  /lv Updating it to show everything that has been released since.... 100 years ago when it was last updated.

Firstly, the "official" site is here. (The episodes used to be on the site, but Im too broke to afford to pay for the weebly Pro which enables video hosting. I'll have to go through and set youtube links sometime..!

Here is a link to the playlist of all the episodes!

The most recent, and actually the final, episode is 3 parts. We released part 1 and part 2 already, but Im still working on part 3...! slowly but surely. (all together the 3 parts will be about the length of a movie, so it's quite a bit of work for one man...)


Out of all of the RO Machinimas I've seen, I must say I've enjoyed yours the most.

Script was brilliant, you did the best you could with RO pixel-y camerawork, and your editing maintained somewhat fluidity. OH! and your visual aids during the explanation were exquisite. :D

*thumbs up* nice job.

Thanks a ton dude! Much appreciated. The next one should be out soon.

Awesome. Keep us posted. :]

The brief intermission is up! Nothing special, just enough to let you know it's not dead.


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