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Ragnarok Online: LoL's Castle (Final Episode)

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wow nice..  /no1

i really want to make video like that, but i think will use spirte

Can't believe this is still stickied! Updating the first post.... Also, even though that was like 4 or 5 years ago now, I have no idea who the hell that "JermZ" guy is, and he has nothing to do with the show, and we are not affiliated with anything lol. It's just me and my friend Clemente slowly making the show over the course of a decade when we have spare time.

Interesting timing, I was clicking around youtube few days ago and I found out the show ended.  Then I came back to check this topic but saw all the broken images.
Hey nice to see you update this topic, I was planning to do that sometime if you don't come back.

Once again good work on the videos. /no1

Thanks a lot!  /ho I'll come back and add images and stuff again when I have a little more time.

Good watch mate! By the way, they I believe essence was remade to a new renewal server which was released 2 weeks ago ;)


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