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--- Quote from: Loki on Jun 19, 2008, 02:23 am ---You still haven't fix your link  :P

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Really? weird.. because it works fine for me O_o


--- Quote from: JackSaintsworth on May 30, 2008, 02:24 am ---Hello folks! I can't even count how many times I've come to this site, and never joined the forums.... But anyway, I've been makin RO vids for some time now, and I love sharin' them with fellow RO fans, because I believe we gotta stick together! XD Im currently playing on EssenceRO but I've been on numerous servers, after playing the official for years. So without further delay, I present to you~ LoLs castle, based loosely on our ingame characters RP-ish personalities. It's being made by me and a friend of mine.

LoL's Caslte Act 1!The main protagonists are introduced! Let the explanations begin!

LoL's Caslte Act  2! This time a genius plan is concocted. Let's see how it unfolds!

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These are the broken links.

Oooh I see. THanks.... how embaressing  ::)

NP. Hmm, do you play in essenceRO?

And when's episode 3 coming out :D

Alrighty folks. Just felt I'd fill you guys in on the status of the series. Currently, Episode 3 is finished, and episode 4 is completely scripted, meaning we just actually have to MAKE the episode.. The reason why we're so behind, is that our quest for new voice actors has been rather... bumpy. Lot's of unreliable people lol. THat and our lives kind of interfere sometimes .... Stupid responsibilities, GOSH!

 Anyway. Me and CLemente plan to get back in gear in the next couple days, and hopefully get this stuff out there. For anyone who's been waiting, thanks for the patience, and the interest~ So again, I inform you that LoL's Caslte is not dead... And this is just a... written intermission XD

 And to Loki, I'm not entirely playing EssenceRO at the moment for various reasons.
Posted on: Jul 09, 2008, 06:32 pmThe 3rd and 4th episodes are out! enjoy :S

LoL's Castle Act 3

LoL's Castle Act 4


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