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Started by Bimbal, May 21, 2008, 12:51 PM

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Sinergy Vid :
-First song did not fit. Not that I did not like it, it just didn't fit.
-As much as I love seeing random chars run around, I can't even see what direction the battle is going. Try zooming in a little.
-If the battle begins to drag, don't be afraid to speed up the video for just a portion.  All the more reason to since you're not using in-game audio.

Sons of Liberty Vid :
-First song does not fit.
-Can't see whats going on. ( no not due to quality but rather zoom )
-Kudos to you for using a lower resolution to get a better FPS while recording.
-Your second song fit very well. Video could have sped up a little more. The song seems to progress along, but your guild seems to be gaining ground too slowly. Broken arpeggios usually signify progression.
-Third song was the best out of all of them. The song begins slow where you show your small stalemate / regroup process, but progress to a push.  Your zone into the next area of the caslte also happens to line up nicely.

Couldn't download the rapidshare one.

Nice job guys. Makes me want to play your servers. :]
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thanks for the tips  ;D

server info:



Videos make me want to join a server just to see if I can make better ones. xP

Show me more. :]
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