Ragnarok Offline 3 Upgrade

Started by ahrjhay0021, May 19, 2009, 01:42 AM

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Can someone send me an upgrade files for my ragnarok offline3?
My "Database Folder" is obsolete and needs an upgrade for the following files:

> item_db.txt
> mob_db.txt
> ele_db.txt
> exp_db.txt
> exp_gld_db.txt
> jobs_db1.txt
> jobs_db2.txt
> make_arrow.txt
> mapinfo_db.txt
> metalprocess_db.txt
> mob_ai_db.txt
> monster_ai.txt
> pet_db.txt
> and so on......

I've been playing it for years whenever i get bored with my online gaming... i really need an upgrade for my personal RO @ home.... /wah someone help me please... /sob


the files you are looking for is at the eAthena svn directory: http://svn.eathena.ws/svn/ea/trunk/db/

but if you are looking for full functionality you might want to get a new compiled version i.e. from here: http://www.eathena.ws/board/13786-Compiled-Eathena-Svn-t59143.html

we provide no support on this, you can ask in the eAthena forum topic if you run into trouble.