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Started by Scars, Feb 18, 2009, 04:44 AM

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Interesting Scars. Guardians are more or less kinda pointless for WoE on big servers, where guilds are constantly taking those baby's out. I am glad to see a good use and creative idea put forth with those! <3<3!

And your able to summon that many at once o.0! No faiirrr!! *whines* You cheated!!
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awesome.. /no1

those BioLab monsters - are they also Mercenaries? I heard that on some official servers, you can hire a Doppelganger as a Mercenary. /ok


Yes, the guardians are the beginning, we trying to develop different monster for every base class.


very interesting :O i like :D


cool, like the idea :)


cause after all the drama, I still slain em.

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