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Pet Colors!

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so a while ago i got like really really bored so i made up some pet colors.....
(im not sure if i posted this before or not lol)

anyway tell me what u think of them

i do have a bunch more but i never did finish all the pets.... that and some look ugly imo XD

The pink bunny is really sweet.
Ever made them into sprites?

^^ was gona but then too many ppl insulted me for making a pinky bunny that i never did bother to

insulted you for the bunny? xD i would insult you for making that pig instead! 

it looks so cooked! yummy! and well grilled!

Very nice imo, all of them.  The rocker can go onto the RMS banner lol (no plz ;p).

lol by insulted i mean called gay over and over lol..... i kinda gave up on having a pink bun bun >.<


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