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Pet Colors!

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I know they look different, but the male thief bugs, and the normal ones look just about the same, but different colors too. ._.

Maybe the white can be male *since theres a blue one, Eclipse* and pink can be Female.. ^_^

Just an cool idea throwing out there, no one else would ever have it. :D

They're very nice, you should turn them into a sprite and release them ^_^ I'm sure they would be quite popular.

<3 Pink Bunny!

lol i did a few more but like i said most are kinda ugly... ima remake them when i have time.....

and once im done with them i'll post em here i guess ^^

If you want more exposure you could release them on rune too (http://ro-enhance.net/)

You should really do it J. Your sprites are actually better than some other recolors in RUNE. :P And the pink lunatic is soooo cute. Sprite it with that ribbon on it and you can call it a she-lunatic. ^^


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