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I havn't done many custom sprites.  Most of the ones for RO that i have done were colouring RO sprites.
This is the first one I did:

A sort of evil swordsmen with a big sword =D

The next one I did was just re-colouring a ninja sprite to make it look cooler:

I've never actually one a full sprite set for any RO characters =\

But I have done my own sprites for someone who was making a naruto game:
This just shows one of the walking animations I did.  I've done about 5 full walking sprite animations like this.

I learned from this experience that spriting takes a LONG time =P

My other spriting experience comes from making some sprite comics.  Now they wern't great, but I did them mostly as a learning experience for when I get around to making graphic novels.
You can find my GM parodies on my photobucket link: http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v462/PerfectDeath/Comics/
I did these while i was GMing for a server.  They might not be all that funny if you wern't actually there =P

I'll also throw up my deviant art gallery which has my first attempt at doing a sprite comic.  Also you can find some of my non-sprite comic works. http://chizek.deviantart.com/gallery/

Thanks for checking out my work, if you did =P


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