Mob Spawn Episode 5

Started by Wosi2, Dec 10, 2020, 05:07 AM

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Hey guys,
I am searching for a source for the official episodic mobspawn. Especially episode 5. Later episodes would be a nice input too, but episode 5 is most pressing for me.

Any information would be very appreciated.



Episode 5 is very hard as there is no official leak for that episode and Tharis didn't have set up his bots counting spawns yet. But on episode 6 the russian server files leaked which should be really close to episode 5.

Honestly if you are aiming for full official experience, probably going from leak to leak might actually be better than episodic progression (don't state that publically). But it can be a pain to dig out all those files you need. Spawns files and database is still easy, but all those NPC scripts and getting the old client files... yuck! Might as well check out the SVN repository of eAthena, you can always jump back in time there, but it was always a mix of various episodes based on data available.

I'll pm you in regards to the spawns.


thanks for the help,

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