LGP with concrete colors and alternating them randomly

Started by Necroz, Jul 31, 2019, 09:58 PM

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Good night, one more question lol:

In the video below, the person's LGP is as I described it: with concrete and random colors changing.

Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks in advance



read the video's comments. there's a link i believe


the video link is just for the grf download that the video guy used. :/


it's the grf that modifies the lgp if your server has the plugin. otherwise u need ddraw


I don't see a link to the GRF in the video description or comments, but am myself curious about certain GRF edits seen there. Does anyone have it?
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it was just deleted but here is the link since i visited the link


its those files that modify only if the server has built in lite graphic plugin



thank you very much for the explanation! But, this program would be the auto pot cheat, correct?

Do you know if it works on Gepard Shield?