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Started by yittoo, Apr 19, 2019, 05:48 AM

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Quote from: yittoo on Apr 25, 2019, 05:25 AM
This really is an interesting and I might do it sometime if you allow me to use your idea :p
Don't get scknowledgement from me to use math, graphics and general programming skills. Feel free to implement whatever you find reasonable. But get acknowledgement from your users, so that they won't feel weird when seeing too buch about themselves.

Quote from: yittoo on Apr 25, 2019, 05:25 AM
Also Zereges did you check tomb system I have? You might like it  /gg
I also had ideas for the tomb system, but since I always played a server where tombs were disabled, I never got to the implementation.

By the way, if you are aiming for high goals, you could go for something I just thought about. When the player kills the MVP, he would press PrntScr button. That would (apart from saving it as screenshot in ragnarok folder) make a screenshot in clipboard. Then you would press ctrl+v in the tracker and it would analyze the image, would found out the map, position of the player and also would know the time (based on keypress) and would update everything accordingly. :)
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- Added action logs for each tracker individually (as requested from users), stores last 100 actions.
- Fixed some visuals.
- Tightened security of app as users are flowing in regularly.

Soon to come:
- Additional security for accounts via an additional keyphrase set by account owner. This key will be used for severe actions such as delete account, delete tracker and add tracker so that trolls & weirdos among guilds will have less power over the account.


Well Yit, you've done it. And I couldn't be more proud. It's pretty much functional as I hoped it would be and I'll still throw my suggestions via PM.  You still need to tweak that drop down"animation" in Firefox since it still lags like hell. And hopefully we'll get those stats feature soon since my autism loves it.

I guess posting this would be the best time.

>there's a developer
>on the internet
>on a s*** old game
>he does it for free
>he made an MVP tracker that will only have 5-10 users using it
>he gets roasted from his fgt users from time to time
>he says he hates weebs but is very tsundere about it
>he clearly knows that Ragnarok Online is a weeb game
>he still plays it
>he secretly loves chinese cartoons and smiles when he sees one posted
>he is a closet fgt when it comes to chinese cartoons
>he will never introduce us to his 2D waifu
>he will never find solace in his denial

Nevertheless, I'll give you the highest approval (probably the only one that matters)


Ma mafakin weeb  /kis Thanks for the seal  /lv

Fixed the firefox performance problem today /ho . As of 2days ago 100 registered users. Geting higher up on search engines (1st page on most relevant searches and top 3 on some).

Started working on design on how statistics should be, so far total MvP kill count week-by-week split to contributing nicknames will be added that counts automatically. Also counter for bio3 mvps are going to be added to keep track of spawn RNG.


The idea is good but what about the variance? and a suggestion maybe simpler design might work better.


Hey, I don't know what you mean by variance. As for simpler design I think design is simple enough maybe the complex part is the control panel but I tried to include guidelines with question marks for each items there aswell, anyone with okay level of english should be able to use the application without an issue imo