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Started by Necroz, Jul 31, 2019, 09:28 PM

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Good night. I would like to ask you a question: the visualization of the miss skill on my screen during WoE is ugly, and ends up polluting videos / images, like this:


So, I've been researching and found a video, which this "miss skill" gets a "small star" format, resulting in a beautiful aesthetic and just polluting the image of GvGs, etc:



My question is: How do I make it equal to the video or even disappear with this pollution of "Miss skill '? Would it be some edited grf or something? Can anyone help? !!! Thanks in advance !!!!


It's most likely an edited GRF. I looked through the data.grf in server I play on, and found the Miss effect in a file called \data\sprite\ÀÌÆÑÆ®\msg.spr

If you know how to edit GRF at all, what I'd think to do is extract both the msg.spr and msg.act, and then open them up with some kind of SPR/ACT editor. You can edit the "Miss" text and replace it with whatever you want.

So if you replace it with stars it'll look something like this i guess, with my best attempt at making stars q_q

Anyway if you're too lazy to actually figure out how to edit it urself and ur ok with the stars i made, you can extract the file I attached and put it into your "\data\sprite\ÀÌÆÑÆ®\" folder in your Ragnarok Online folder, if your server allows GRF edits.

If your RO folder doesn't have those folders, make new folders with the same name (so open up the data folder and make a sprite folder, and then open up the sprite folder and make a new folder called ÀÌÆÑÆ®") and throw it in that folder.