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Started by Suspension, Nov 03, 2011, 03:18 PM

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Tnx for the info YC.. however, the simplified effects of thot is too much though it is nice. I would have been like to woe with effects. What i need is just the simplified stormgust and the like...Hope anyone can help me.. Tnx in advance


Is there a new download link for what Triper posted? The other ones are great but I want to keep my WoE Map the way it is. Thanks!


I think this is the file up'd before[not 100% sure since it has the original name of the mod but I found it with more size then the one I use at my offline server so probably this is the currect one ._.], someone check it for me and if it's wrong I will fix it asap]:


I've made my own GRF (now than I'm able to use RCX on another server) just for lag and some needs. But I made it from other GRF's, so now I don't see BG/WOE flags, and they are useful.

Anybody knows the path of those files?
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If you think casting quag is a good idea you or your guild heavily failed to create a viable guild rost.


Quote from: Thoth on Nov 06, 2011, 06:33 AM
yeah, RCX is a must, and many use ahk and romedic althought its "illegal" on many servers.
I dunno if people copied the monster size stuff from me or not, but I certainly copied some of the ebosher stuff and used bleu's guides. guilds have had a history of keeping this stuff to themselves, which tends to put new players at a greater disadvantage and hurt the RO scene overall.
I didnt do the "see unided items" thing because it tends to interfere with custom item tables and cause nasty crashes. (see reply below)
--if you have problems on woe and bg maps, use the /lightmap command, or enable lightmap in RO setup.
--to make this work, put the grf in your RO folder, and then open DAT.INI or whatever the file is. some servers it will have some random filename to hide it, but its always there.

========this grf has:
--barricades and guardians stones will die instantly, instead of fading away.
--spellcircle is now squareshaped when casting to better identify affected areas.
--blueish notexture(reduces lag) for woe and bg maps only: I did not want the entire RO world to be colorless. if you want notexture for pvm maps, you will need another grf. I gave it a blueish tint as I found it less offensive to the eyes than grey.
--leaves removed from the trees found in geffenia and odin temple.
--stun status now has large stars.

--reduced effects for wizard spells storm gust, lord of vermillion, meteor storm
--reduced the size of barricades, flags, guardian stones so people can't hide underneath their sprites and be unclickable.
--unlimited zoom, anywhere
--altered the size of monsters to assist in targeting the following mvps instead of their minions: ktullanux, pharaoh, osiris, fbh, ifrit, gtb, randgris, kiel, vesper, satan morroc, doppel, ghostring, mistress, darklord, eddga, evil snake lord
--replaced the huge emperium graphic with a treasure chest. generally I wanted to reduce the size so people couldnt hide under it, but might be a little offcenter
--sleep status has big red ZZZ to make it more obvious.
--most all minimaps for dungeons, buildings, quests, bg, woe
--slight change to manner.txt, but the most vulgar things still censored
--tarot card pictures changed to be more descriptive
--most bard/dancer songs cut from 30 secs to 3 secs to be less annoying when spammed

example of monster, barricade, etc size changes:
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

example of square spellcircle and blue notexture:
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Please let me know how to edit magic target. i wanna edit it. does it have certain size?


re-uploaded grf and fixed link.
mm got bored of the mediocrity of LoL, ?RO woe servers seem to fail still...? at this rate I may end up making my own.

Quote from: mashedpotato on Mar 24, 2012, 05:42 AM
Please let me know how to edit magic target. i wanna edit it. does it have certain size?
best way to know, as for any such thing, is to check the file within the grf (magic_target.tga). the darker the color in the image, the more transparent it will appear in game (same for auras and many other effects.) so if you want it to appear as a real circle without the squareness ingame, your image must be completely black outside of the circle. the size, type of image you put in place must likely be exactly the same as the original.


@Thoth: Could u please show me how to edit the size of a monster (e.g. slaves of MVPs or MVPs theirselves). I tried to use actOR to change the size but it didn't seem to work :( if u can pls post it here or leave me your contact details (yahoo, skype, etc. ) Thanks a lot!
P/s: If anyone know how to do that could u please guide me in case Thoth's busy. Thanks 4 read


use actor2. I think one of the lua scripts it comes with does this (magnifier.lua ?) and you just have to alter the mag value or something.
this method lets you change the size using act files alone, without bothering with the spr files.

what monsters are you messing with anyways? I tried this method once on orc hero but it bugged out. the sprite seems different somehow for orc hero, and I couldnt be arsed to figure it out.


I tried on the slaves of Queen Scaraba (the files' names are g_rake_scaraba.act and g_antler_scaraba.act). Yep I did use actOR2 but I dun know how to change the mag value for the frames... Whenever I tried all the parts of the monster are not stick together anymore but seperate some how o.O such as arms and neck and head are not stick together but flying in the mid air like a boss! I tried to zoom the view by scrolling the mousescroll and it actually looked smaller but when I saved it didn't work. And are you sure that actOR2 can open the .act files without .spr? Because when I tried open the .act files alone it said "Cannot connect to SPR".


you can't open act without spr. but a modified act file is all you need in the grf.
to change the mag value you just open the lua file in notepad... that really should be self explanatory...
try it again with the spr files in the same folder.


ahhhhhhh........ ok now I get it ! Thanks a lot Thoth :D !!!!!!!! Tons of attempts and finally I can do it now yay xD Thanks again ^^


Hello thoth. I stumbled across this forum. I'm having problem with the magnifier.lua. I can't really seems to find it in data.grf. I would like to edit the size of the monster all mvp/and mini boss for easy target I am playing in private server. I want as bigger as Wounded Morroc Sprite.

thank you.


^ It's in the actOR 2 folder, not in data.grf.


oh btw Thoth, do you know how to edit maps to get only grey/black or blue just like the woe maps in your grf ? :-? If yes could you guide me how to edit them ? Is the tool called "BrowEdit" or something else? Or is there anyone know how to do that? Thanks
P/s: Sorry for double posting, it's been a long time so I want to pump this topic up.


dont know honestly. I've heard of 2 map editors- some command line thing I can't remember the name of and browedit. browedit doesnt seem able to do it, and given the nature of the task I'm guessing its some kindof script using the old command line editor.

when I changed the color, I did so merely by changing the texture file, tex81.bmp. you can easily change that to make the notexture pink or green or something if you want.