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Author Topic: Natsukashi Design and Scripting Services  (Read 97 times)

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Natsukashi Design and Scripting Services
« on: Today at 02:28 am »
A blessed greeting to you! I have a friend named Natsukashi, a Ragnarok Game Developer and an Artist.

→ He usually do all artworks on our 2 servers (NostalgiaRO and EpicRO) which He have decided that maybe he can make a simple RO art business. And He can also offer some hosting and scripting services because He has a team that can able to do that.

→ Natsukashi Designs offers you a cheap concept themes that can be used on your server such as Logo, Login Screens, Loading Screens, Banners, Animated Banners, Patcher Themes, Website Themes and many more!

Official Facebook Page:

For more info please join the discord server!