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Started by Decist, Oct 22, 2012, 11:41 PM

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Hello. I know I'm a bit old here, but I have never gotten the chance to improve my knowledge in eA scripting.

I am looking for a mentor, who is willing to answer all of my questions about scripting.

I am a BSIT student, and pretty knowledgeable enough in C++ and Java. But eA scripting kinda gives me a hard time.

Any help would be appreciated! :)


Did you try the wiki?


I think they can take you a long way when learning eA/rA scripting.  Most people look at other existing examples as reference.

Knowing the general programming languages should give you a logic advantage.  As for scripting and me, ha haven't write a single script for years so I can't be a mentor =/.


I know how to do the most of the stuffs, all I want is a person who i can ask when things get too difficult. Like, someone who can explain functions that can not be simply understood by me. lol

Sorry for posting in the wrong forum too.


I think you could stay and idle in the eA irc (not too active) and rA irc (semi-active depend on the time of the day or date of the week).  When you start to make some friends it should be easy to get answers when you need.  Or just go in at random time, ask question, wait for answer xD a lot of people do that and get ignored.