LF Script on how to put a mobs name on top of the monster.

Started by itsmevincecee, Jan 22, 2021, 12:30 AM

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Hi guys,
Im just wondering if anyone has a tutorial or guide on how to put a name on top of mob/monster?
Thanks in advance


must be a way to do it in the SRC all the resources are there just gotta find out where to do it and how to call upon their names from the mob db



The topic Ara linked has the code to edit the sprite, if run correctly in an Act Editor?  The OP can continue research on that.   
You will need to put the name on each sprite as the topic pointed out, since monster image displayed in game is in the client not on the server side.

Or based on Triper's suggestion in 2015, someone might be able to change/hex the client exe to show the name on top of mob + without mouse over .. something like that.