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Started by Kenhikyo, Jan 21, 2014, 09:13 PM

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Ok hi everyone im in extreme need of help considering ive asked my servers gm and people in my server countless times for help and none of them can help... and it really is annoying.. ok i've tried multiable differnt ais for my server  including the following Azzy ai,Miranda blade,rampage etc and everyone keeps giving me this error

followed by

i've even went through Ai.lua and changed it from saying dofile("./AI/Const.lua") dofile("./AI/Util.lua") to saying C:/programfiles(x86)/orginalro/ai/USER_AI/ i even spaced program files and even put a space between files and (x86) but everything is still the same freaking error no matter what i do.. all i want is to have my homunculus use skills fight I'm fighting monsters and my alchemist to auto heal at times. yes i know it is easy to click the skills myself but when mi fighting alot of monsters and my homu runs off to fight a random monster i didnt tell him to is annoying or if he auto ks's stuff because im running on the default ai since none of the ones ive found online dont seem to work period and considering my own admin in server cant help which is kind of sad...... but none the less can anyone help me or give me there advice on how they got theres working if they were going through the same problem?


You probably need a renewal ai if all fail. I think there was some topic talking about it here and even pointing to one.


try the fuzzy ai, it works on renewal as i heared.