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Started by -TestAmenT-, Nov 02, 2012, 07:11 AM

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Hey guys this is a screenshot of the rms forums that i took. could any1 tell me the names of the headgears in this screenshots?


Which one are you talking about in particular?  I think you can't put on a headgear on top of a the paper box in-game if that is what you wanted.


well i want names of all head gears :)


Time to whip out the magic of the RMS database~

So, that cardboard box thing is called Loner's Box (B)/Soloplay Box2.

It looks like the feather headgear is called Peacock Feather.

And I think the Sura is wearing a Torch Cap?

The GM character is wearing a Cap of Blindness/Executioner Hood.

The Priest behind the Wanderer is wearing a Dress Hat.

I think that's all of them o.o


From top left to bottom right.

Helm+fin helm+iron cain at crusader Paladin.
Dress Hat+red glasses at wiz HP.
no headgear at clown.
Sorin Doll hat at R.
Soloplay Box2 and Priest Doll hat[dunno the correct name of this] at stalker.
Peacock Feather at Wanderer.
Executioner Hood at GM.
Dunno the small hat name but is at the top of a Soloplay Box2 at the novice.
Ears of ifrit, Pipe and torch cap at shura.

I think that's all, someone correct me if I said some wrong or missed something ;(


I learnt something new, there's a clown in the banner.  I thought he's a thief .. misled by the hair.