How to make a chibi act files?

Started by itsmevincecee, Jun 09, 2022, 10:24 PM

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Hi, I just want to know how to achieve a chibi character? I have a little knowledge on how to use an ACT Editor but I don't know how to do the chibi character. Please someone help me? If it's alright. Thank you very much.  /kis  /kis  /kis




Hi, I have the file of chibi but I still want to know to make it. Just curious. I know how to make a larger character but I still don't know to make a smaller/chibi character.



Are you trying to run it off a command like size or job (change to adopted)?

Or physically change the files in the GRF? If you resize the sprites; this will also affect the child and job commands as a knock-on effect.
Alternatively, replacing the Doram Sprites with your desired frames and sprites then changing to those classes will also work. 

ACT editor comes with a ScaleX, ScaleY On every sprite added into the act per animated frame. You can scale them down by using a value below 1. (like 0.5 to half their sizes respectively). This value then needs to be added to each and every frame in that animation, then all 8 directions for that action, then all actions - idle, attack, take damage, die, pickup and so on..

Hope that helps!