ROExt - mouse freedom and some tweaks

Started by Ruri, Sep 18, 2008, 02:41 PM

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Hello and thank you for this file, it really made my days back then. :)

However, since I've switched to Windows 7, I can't seem to make it work properly.

Ex: "C:\Program Files\RO\ragexe.exe" -w100,100,1024,768 -altf4

The window covers my screen except the task bar and it still requires me to do alt+printscreen to close the window.

It worked when I was using it on XP, so I don't know what could be the problem. Any help would be appreciated.


Left-handed mouse support.
Corrected case-insensitivity for -altf4 command line option.


Always correcting « improvements » instead of testing them beforehand on the test server ;
Always misinterpreting what we tell her, then yelling at us because we are not satisfied with the outcome ...
Always hungry for MOAR PLAYERS ! at all costs without any regards for their honesty and behavior ;
Another great server that's being destroyed by her creator after she fell to hubris.


Any chance you could make ctrl+w minimize behavior optional rather than always on?

Getting in the way of keybinds set to qwer :\



Thanks a bunch Ruri for making this.
Hopefully you'll find to keep it updated into the future !!


I hope you could still fix this, Ruri..

I started using ROext and there was no problem until a few update to the server has been made. It seems to have auto-sit and auto-minimize bugs. I replaced my old ROext with the new one, and nothing has changed. I tried debugging the dinput.ini by changing the value 0 and 1, and I found out the problem is at MouseFreedom (if its value is 0 then nothing wrong, except the mouse freedom).

auto-sit : whenever I use skills and click it with mouse quickly (ex: healing, holy-cross), the character sit automatically
auto-minimize : same situation with the auto-sit, but RO windows just disappear and shows my desktop, the status of the client is in active condition (not minimize) but i need to click on the tasbar to show my Ro windows again

Idk if it just happen to me, but I would be very grateful if you can fix this. I'm using windows 7 64-bit though..


nice extension  /no1
i like it very much. thx ;)


how can i use this? i just dl'ed it and idk how to use the ro window size syntax  /swt


Open the ini and it's all there, easier then go with that if you don't know how to use the syntax way.


On the off chance author or someone more versed in winapi, dinput and disassembling than me is reading this, would it be possible to make a version compatible with 2015 client? You can test it on Or maybe someone know similar program kRO players use? I'm most interested in borderless fullscreen mode. AHK solutions seem to have issues with window stretching or resizing.




how to enable with gepard? gepard is deleting dinput8.dll


nvm i did it myself haha