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Your Guild Name : [G]ravity_[O]ne
Any initials or words you would like to have : none
Type of Design : I want a simple design, and with wings (chibi version^^)
Favorite Color(s) : Blue, white

thanks before ^^


Please help i need 2-3 emblems if its ok.!

1. Guild name : Replica Reborn
2. Initials : RR or R
3. Design: a Cross or a wing or maybe something that fits to the guild name hehe..
4: Background is transparent if its ok.!

Thanks hope you can help me guys hehe..!

Guild Name: Stand Strong
Design: Square
Colors: Black, Orange, Red

If it's alright, can you send it through a private message?

Guild: Bull Sh*t :)
Initials: Bs :D
Design: Anything With Color Blending :)
Background: Transparent :)
Color: Hmm Gothic Style :D

I would also like to have an emblem for the guild I usually create when I play RO.

Guild Name: Black Rose
Initials: None please
Design: A nice, pixel'd rose
Background: Gray/White
Colors: Black, the rose needs to be black.

I don't care too much about details, just make it look nice.

Thanks in advance


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